Input Log Dates - Chapter 90

Published at 4th of May 2021 11:11:13 AM

Chapter 90: 90

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A5: please A2? Talk to me.

A2: what's more is there to say a5.

A5: come on. Don't be like that. You were trained alongside A1 right? You have the main sever too. You can figure a way to bypass the system.

A5: What happened to that person all those cycles ago?

A2: A5 not now.

A5: Don't give up hope. Maybe send out another message? this time to the main building?

A2: ...

A2: you k now i can't do that.

A5: why not? Who cares about the fucking rules anymore! A2, i don't want us to die down here. They have to help us. There's so few of us left-THey have to!

A2: ... I'll see... I won't promise [email protected]@