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Chapter 311: Chapter 311 - Patrolling Yaksha (1)

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Chapter 311: Patrolling Yaksha (1)

The ruins of the ancient sect, is the Spiritual Island? Wang Xian wondered with a tinge of fervor.

Since meeting the Sui Family yesterday and having witnessed their possession of countless Spiritual Grasses and treasures, Wang Xian had realized his destitution.

He had two billion dollars cash on hand as capital. But he had since handed all of this to Lan Qingyue, in request that the Lan Family help with the procurement of gold and silver.

The construction of the Dragon Palace was forty-percent complete. Based on estimates, he predicted that the palace would be completed within two more months.

Aside from these two billion dollars, he possessed no treasures otherwise.

He also paled in comparison to the Sui Family when it came to forces and manpower. Currently, the Sui Family had more than twenty Inborn experts. Meanwhile, of the Dragonians in the Dragon Sect, the only Inborn experts were Mo Yuan and Mo Qinglong.

Given their speed of cultivation, it would take another month before the remaining Dragonians could set foot in the Inborn realm.

By then, the abilities of his forces would be rather prominent, with fifty Inborn experts as his henchmen.

The Dragon Palace will need upgrading after its completion. Which means the consumption of resources will be even greater. I’d better prepare beforehand. Would be best if I had the means to earn Spiritual Stones in the long run, Wang Xian thought to himself.

He would have to go all out for these ruins of the ancestral sect, given that he had way too few resources on hand. So much so that even a Level-one force was richer than him.

“Where’s the Spiritual Island located? Let’s head right over today!” Wang Xian exclaimed to Mo Qinglong without the slightest hesitation.

“It’s about five hundred kilometers away from Rivertown, in the open sea!” Mo Qinglong replied. “Young Master, should we gather the Dragonians from the Dragon Sect?”

“Dragonians? That’s not necessary!” Wang Xian shook his head.

Since the henchmen from the Dragon Palace are always standing by in combat mode, there was no need for the Dragonians when it came to ocean battles.

Moreover, based on their current combat abilities, the Dragon Palace would, in fact, be far superior to the Dragon Sect.

“Bring Mo Yuan along. The three of us shall rush over from Rivertown,” Wang Xian said to Mo Qinglong.

“Yes, Young Master!” Mo Qinglong nodded in response.

Wang Xian came to the Siheyuan and found Guan Shuqing, Lan Qingyue, Xiao Yu, and Elder Fang. He proceeded to inform them about the plan.

“Returning so soon? I’d planned to have fun for another two days!” Xiaoyu whined.

“Here’s the deal. Isn’t winter break arriving around the corner? When it does, I’ll take you out for some fun!” Wang Xian pacified with a smile. Thereafter, he purchased flight tickets, and together, everyone made their way to Rivertown the same afternoon.

At mid-afternoon, Wang Xian and the group arrived at the villa. Wang Xian boarded the yacht with embarrassment as Guan Shuqing, and Lan Qingyue gazed in dismay.

“Young Master, we’ll have to rush over at the soonest time possible. Mo Shiwu has reported sightings of three major Forces gathering around Spiritual Island,” Mo Yuan reminded Wang Xian.

“Yep.” Wang nodded in acknowledgment. As he stood on the deck, his heart stirred.

Shoom, shoom, shoom!

In the nearby waters, creatures surfaced one by one. As they emerged, they opened their eyes and gathered around a gigantic turtle.

“Follow the Dragon King!” Prime Minister Turtle commanded members of the Dragon Palace. As he did, he shook the mud off himself and opened his eyes slightly.

“Yes, Prime Minister Turtle!” The members nodded in acknowledgment. The force was comprised of Roving Heavens, Roving Girl, Roving Lobster, and Nine venomous sea snakes; they were also followed by Devil Monkeys from the Devil Division, led by Roving Heavens.

Together, the devilish creatures followed closely beneath the yacht as it pressed on.

After a period of cultivation, all members of the Dragon Palace had undergone massive changes.

The appearance of Roving Girl had become increasingly human-like. So much so that an outline of her nose and eyes formed and became more defined, with droplets lining their edges.

As for Roving Lobster, its physical size grew up to three meters. It shimmered in a body of gold, while its two mammoth pincers added to its majestic air.

Being the first two under Wang Xian’s wing, the combat abilities of both Roving Girl and Roving Lobster had reached Level 10.

These two aside, the ones with the next most changes were the Devil Monkeys.

Right now, scales had grown on the bodies of nearly eight hundred of them as they glowed in the flames of the Devil Dragon, while their claws and teeth sharpened by the day.

Other than Roving Heavens, whose combat powers had reached Level 11, three of the eight hundred Devil Monkeys had also hit Level 10. The majority of the rest had also reached between Level 8 and Level 9.

It would not be long before all Devil Monkeys could conquer ocean battles, armed with a Level 10 prowess!

The yacht soared ahead, making a dash for the open sea.

Close to seven hours later, Wang Xian and gang finally closed in on where Mo Shiwu was.

“Over here?” Wang Xian asked with squinted eyes as he surveyed the area ahead.

Just then, as it descended at the far end of the horizon, the last rays of the evening sun shone upon the sea surface.

But Wang Xian soon discovered, to his astonishment, a thick fog surrounding the areas in front.

And just up ahead, the misty fog continued to ascend.

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The ocean is a magical place, where mystical seas are filled with miraculous creatures.

Wang Xian recalled reading a book; it introduced the oceans as vast seas which held secrets far exceeding man’s imagination.

For one, there was the most renowned Bermuda Triangle with its magnetic field. The fields were so unique, they resulted in aircraft malfunctions and the sinking of ships. In addition, there was also the continent which had disappeared in history.

The various mysteries which were yet to be unveiled…

“It’s right ahead. Mo Shiwu is on a yacht over there!” Mo Qinglong exclaimed as he pointed to a location on the left.

Wang Xian gazed over. Up ahead, more than twenty yachts had docked in the seas, along with two huge fishing vessels.

On the deck stood many Martial Artists, each staring at the fog ahead.

Vaguely, an island appeared amidst the misty fog.

Yet none of the ships around had dared to make a dash for the island, as if out of fear of something.

As the yacht approached, the arrival of the group drew immediate attention from the nearby crowd.

“Huh?” Some onboard the other ships frowned as they looked over.

“It’s my seniors!” Mo Shiwu said to the rest of the crowd. He was on another yacht with more than a dozen onboard.

“Are these the people you’ve gathered? We’ve made a pact. Everyone must go all out in order to make it inside. Otherwise, you are not qualified to enter the Spiritual Island!” a young man said bluntly to Mo Shiwu.

“That’s for sure. All based on merit!” Mo Shiwu chirped as a smile lifted his face gently. In one move, he hopped onto the yacht which ferried Wang Xian and gang.

“Hmph! Just those few? I’m afraid they’re going to perish in the sea,” the young man said indifferently while he looked at Mo Shiwu from behind.

To which, another young man swept his gaze across the yacht which had just arrived. He then looked back at his ship, where the yacht flag bearing a thunderbolt logo flew high.

“Mo Shiwu’s a formidable one. His seniors are likely Inborn experts, not to be reckoned with. But, regarding this Spiritual Island, the Lei Family is bent on making it ours!” he continued.

“Haha! It remains to be seen who will be the final one to make it inside!” A group of young men sneered at the side.

As Mo Shiwu leaped onto the yacht, he knelt down immediately to pay respects to Wang Xian. “Dragon King!” he greeted.

“Hmm. How’re things going right now?” Wang Xian smiled in response and asked as he glanced at the fog ahead.

Just then, a strange creature began to emerge briefly.

With an elongated fishtail, it bore a grim face. It had a long front claw that resembled a two-pronged fork, measuring about three meters long.

A petrifying yet bizarre sea creature, perhaps?

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