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Chapter 312: Chapter 312 - Patrolling Yaksha (1)

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Chapter 312: Patrolling Yaksha (1)

Hu Hu Hu!

At this moment, that creature let out a howl that propagated several thousands of meters.

“What is that creature?” Wang Xian asked Mo Shiwu as he looked at the vague silhouette of a marine animal within the mist.

“Dragon King, that’s the Patrolling Yaksha, a creature that existed in mythology.” Mo Shiwu looked ahead and continued, “According to records, there were immortal islands in the past. Some of these immortal islands could move above the sea, some could hide themselves and some even had divine beasts guarding them!”

“Patrolling Yaksha is a type of guardian beast in these records. They stationed themselves in a sea region and patrolled the surrounding waters. Their intelligence is extremely high and they possess horrifying strength.”

As Mo Shiwu spoke and looked at the Patrolling Yaksha, his expression turned gloomy. “Many Patrolling Yakshas are surrounding this Spiritual Island. Their strength is horrifying. When they are in the seas, even Inborn experts have to be careful.”

“Moreover, based on my discovery, this island isn’t ordinary. It could be moved. Although the movements aren’t significant, there’s no doubt that it could be shifted. Some experts estimate that this was a floating island.”

“Floating island?”

Wang Xian was taken aback and revealed a shocked expression.

Floating island… This wasn’t an island that floats in the skies but on the surface of the seas.

A stone would still sink when thrown into the sea. Yet, an island could actually float on the surface of the sea. That’s truly magical.

“The entire island spanned several dozens of kilometers. A cruise sank after trying to enter the white mist but was wrecked by the Patrolling Yakshas around the island. The number of Patrolling Yakshas wouldn’t be less than thirty.” Mo Shiwu continued his introduction of the island.

“What’s the situation now? It’s going to be night time soon. What are they waiting for?”

Wang Xian looked at the sky before turning to the twenty-odd ships a short distance from him.

“Based on what an expert has said, when night falls, the surrounding white mist will disappear. Entering at night is far safer than trying to enter during the day!”

Mo Shiwu continued, “When the moon rises and the white mist dissipates, all the ships will charge forward. At that time, occupying an area will be dependent on one’s strength and luck.”

Wang Xian nodded his head slightly. He looked to the Patrolling Yaksha and a thought struck him suddenly.

“When you receive my order in a while, enter the Spiritual Island immediately. I’ll go handle the Patrolling Yakshas,” Wang Xian said to them. He removed the watch from his wrist and dived into the sea.

“Yes, young master!”


When Wang Xian dived into the sea, he noticed the members of the Dragon Palace were hiding in the depths of the sea.

He turned to his left and looked over.

He saw several human figures within the sea and they were looking at the Spiritual Island.

Huh? They must be water attribute cultivators! Wang Xian thought to himself. Therefore, he did not turn into a dragon immediately and instead swam deeper towards the bottom of the sea.

When he reached a depth of approximately a hundred and ten meters, night had fallen. Below the surface, it was completely dark. Looking down, one would feel that the seabed was within an abyss.

However, day or night had no difference for Wang Xian considering his current strength.

He swam and met up with the members of the Dragon Palace. After which, he stood on the Prime Minister Turtle.

“Greetings, Dragon King!”

The group of Dragon Palace members greeted him respectfully.

“Let’s go!”

Wang Xian gestured for the Prime Minister Turtle to swim forward. Standing on the back of the Prime Minister Turtle, he looked at the Spiritual Island.


Prime Minister Turtle moved his huge body and swam slowly towards the seabed.

Soon, they entered the region that was previously shrouded in white mist.

The moment he entered this region, Wang Xian instantly felt some marine animals staring at them.

What horrifying senses. They discovered us the moment we entered this region!!

Wang Xian squinted his eyes and looked above him.

From above, savage and fearsome Patrolling Yakshas charged towards them one after another. There were a total of ten Patrolling Yakshas and the largest of them all was approximately four meters.

One of their arms resembled powerful weapons and was even longer than their bodies. Water flowed rapidly past their bodies.

Hu Hu Hu!


A cry sounded. From the cry, Wang Xian understood that they were asking him to scram.

Ten Patrolling Yakshas stood in a row. Savageness gleamed in their eyes as they stared at Wang Xian and the group without fear.

Patrolling Yaksha: Level 9

Extractable Dragon Energy: 38,756

Patrolling Yaksha: Level 10

This chapter is scrapped from

Extractable Dragon Energy: 155,434

“A level 10 and nine Level 9 Patrolling Yakshas!”

Wang Xian showed contempt on his face as he stood on the back of Prime Minister Turtle, looking down on the Patrolling Yakshas. “Let us into the island or die!”


As Wang Xian spoke, Prime Minister Turtle, Roving Heavens and other members of the Dragon Palace stared harshly at the Patrolling Yaksha ahead of them. From them, horrifying vibes started emanating.

“Everyone is forbidden from entering!”

The ten Patrolling Yakshas did not back off. At this moment, one of the Patrolling Yakshas drew a conch out suddenly.

Hu Hu Hu!

A faint but rapid voice sounded and propagated several kilometers through the sea. One could even hear it from the surface of the sea.

“What’s that sound?”

On the sea surface, the crowd heard the rapid voices on their ships and were baffled.

“Look! The Patrolling Yakshas within the white mist have disappeared!”

“They have dived into the sea. Patrolling Yakshas are highly intelligent. Can it be that they knew we would be charging in and therefore are thinking of ambushing us?”

The crowd was doubtful and turned solemn.

At this moment, the moon had risen. Faint moonlight shrouded the sea surface, revealing the mysterious Spiritual Island gradually.

With their enhanced sight as martial artists, they could vaguely see an exceptionally beautiful island bristling with life that was surfacing on the sea surface.

All of their eyes were burning with thrill and desire. Nonetheless, they didn’t dare to charge forward at this moment.

At this very moment, approximately a hundred Patrolling Yakshas had gathered in front of Wang Xian below the sea.

At the forefront was a six-meter-tall Patrolling Yaksha.

His arms acted like powerful weapons. When he stood up, one could see he had a long fishtail. Water flowed above his arms as horrifying vibes were emitted from it.

“Get out of here or die!” the powerful Patrolling Yaksha at the forefront glowered at Wang Xian and said.

Wang Xian smiled and looked at the crowd of Patrolling Yakshas. Among them, there were ten Level 10 while the rest were Level 9.

“Patrolling Yakshas! Not bad, not bad!”

Wang Xian scanned across the hundred Patrolling Yakshas as he rubbed his chin.

Based on mythology, Patrolling Yakshas were responsible for patrolling the vicinity of the Dragon Palace.

Since the Dragon Palace was about to be built, these Patrolling Yakshas appeared at the right time as they could become the patrolling guards for the Dragon Palace.

Nope! When I build my Dragon Palace, they should be called Patrolling Dragon Sha… Hmm, the name still sounds a little weird!

“Surrender or die!”

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