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Invincible Kungfu Healer - Chapter 129

Published at 22nd of March 2019 07:27:33 AM

Chapter 129

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Lin Qing did not say anything, and Mo Wen was too lazy to say anything . Meanwhile, Gu Jingman could not hold a conversation all by herself . Hence, the atmosphere became a little awkward .

"Little Brother has a good eye, indeed . Lin Qing is the renowned big beauty of Charm City, and yet you've managed to deflower her . There's no knowing how many people are envious . "

Gu Jingman laughed and acted as the mediator . Lin Qing was silent and did not care about her, as if there was a slight conflict between them . Why? Could it be that she was still jealous of her? Why was an impressive superwoman in a commercial world having the same petty mindset as a narrow minded woman?

She looked over at Mo Wen and she hmphed lightly in her heart . She did not really take to that petty attitude of Lin Qing's .

After a while, the helicopter had once again returned to the Gu Clan Fort . It slowly landed on the lawn .

Gu Jingman jumped off the helicopter and turned around to tell Mo Wen, "Little Brother, now that you have saved her, I'll get someone to send the both of you back to the Charm City later on . "

She was prepared to stop Mo Wen from taking part in issues regarding the Gu Clan Fort . What was the point of dragging an outsider into her family issues?

"Send me away?"

Mo Wen raised his eyebrows . "Dream on . You haven't given me my benefits, and you're already in such a hurry to send me away?"


Gu Jingman's eyes widened and she looked directly at Mo Wen . Currently, she really wanted to rip apart Mo Wen's brain and take a look at just what was inside it .

He had not done anything . Instead, it had been her who was busied around, risking her life just to help him save Lin Qing . Finally, she even offered to send him back to the Charm City with good intentions, and he was still harping on benefits?

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"Let me assess what benefits the Gu Clan Fort has to offer first . Once I have taken the benefits, it is still not too late for me to leave then . "

Mo Wen hugged his arms and had a look that showed it would not be easy to send him off .

At that point, Gu Jingman really had the urge to strangle Mo Wen . This son of a b*tch was so unbelievably shameless that he really did not want any of his good reputation anymore . Clearly, it was for his own good, and yet he was not appreciative .

"I don't care if you go or not . Just don't regret it if you don't . "

Gu Jingman was so angry that she stomped her foot and furiously rushed into the Gu Clan Fort .

After Mo Wen had told the Gu Clan Fort's housekeeper, Uncle Chen, to send Lin Qing back to the Charm City, he hurriedly gave chase behind Gu Jingman .

"Oh, wait for me . Don't go off so quickly . Does your Gu Clan Fort have any treasure troves or the likes…?"

Lin Qing sat in the helicopter . Her gaze was complex as she looked at Mo Wen's back . Her eyes twinkled, and an indescribable feeling welled up in her heart .

"Little b*stard, what are you following me for? Our Gu Clan Fort is only so big, so if you have anything that catches your eye, feel free to take it . Once you've taken it get lost quickly . "

Gu Jingman glared at Mo Wen fiercely . Now, she was angry at just at the sight of Mo Wen .

"Here's a gift for you . "

Both of Mo Wen's hands were in his pockets as he said this in a calm and collected manner .

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"A gift for me?"

A look of suspicion flashed through Gu Jingman's eyes, and she looked at Mo Wen skeptically . Since when had he become so generous to the point where he would even think of gifting her with something?

"What is the gift? Let me have a look . I'll keep it if I like it," Gu Jingman groaned .

"Forget it if you don't want it . Just don't regret it," Mo Wen rolled his eyes and turned around to leave .

"Hey, wait up . "

Gu Jingman stomped her food and hurried after him . She extended her hand in front of Mo Wen and asked, "What are you gifting me with? Hurry up . "

Mo Wen dug around in both of his pockets for a long time before he managed to retrieve a dried-up item which he placed in Gu Jingman's palm .

"What is that thing?"

Gu Jingman blinked her eyes and looked at the novel item in her palm in confusion .

It was a piece of bamboo that had been carved into a smiley face sculpture . It was so ugly and looked as though it had been chewed on by a dog . The craftsmanship was so bad, no…"craftsmanship" could not even be used to describe it anymore .

"A necklace . Wear it in the future and observe it more . Protect it well . "

Mo Wen nodded his head and said this seriously before turning to leave . He had yet to settle the business with the Old Man Gu Xicheng . That was also the reason he was staying at the Gu Clan Fort, not wanting to leave .

When Gu Jingman heard that, she almost bit her tongue . Necklace! This thing could be called a necklace?

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He still asked her to wear it on her body? She really had to give it to Mo Wen .

That night, in the attic that Gu Xicheng was living in, a shadow flashed past and entered the house through the window .

"Has young friend Mo arrived?"

Gu Xicheng, who was sitting cross-legged while training on the cattail hassock opened his eyes suddenly and looked at the figure before him while saying this . A look of surprise flashed through his eyes .

After Mo Wen had entered the house, he realized that previously, he had not even noticed anyone come close to the house . This was not easy to execute .

"You're hurt?"

Gu Xicheng furrowed his brows . Mo Wen was in the Gu Clan Fort, so how could he have gotten hurt?

"I went to the Zhou Clan's Manor house in the afternoon and managed to meet that old man of the Zhou Clan," Mo Wen reported .

"What! You've interacted with Zhou Jianwu?"

Gu Xicheng's eyes widened and he looked at Mo Wen in disbelief . Zhou Jianwu was a master in the Qi Nucleation Realm . It was not an easy feat for a youth to come into contact with him and still manage to return in one piece .

"Yes," Mo Wen nodded his head .

Gu Xicheng sighed and said, "Young friend Mo, next time, don't do such dangerous things . "

As for why Mo Wen had gone to the Zhou Clan's Manor house, he had not asked . However, knowing that Mo Wen had such abilities really shocked him .

No wonder previously, the housekeeper, Uncle Chen, had told him that Mo Wen was not a simpleton . He had the skills of at least a Sea of Qi Realm and above .

"Let's begin then . However, I don't provide my services for free," said Mo Wen calmly while he rolled his eyes .

"Young friend Mo is really quick in stating his terms . I can't allow young friend Mo to help me for free either . Whatever wishes you have, feel free to bring them up . "

Gu Xicheng smiled . He did not find Mo Wen giving conditions odd . Instead, if he had not mentioned anything, it would have been weirder .

"I want to have a look at the Ming Clan relics that the Gu Clan Fort had collected . Allow me to freely choose one as my gift," Mo Wen said .

"No wonder, young friend Mo also has interest in the Ming Clan relics . "

Gu Xicheng laughed bitterly, "That's alright . Young friend Mo, feel free to have a look . If there are things you like, it would not hurt you to take one or two . "

Putting those items in the Gu Clan Fort was actually of no use . If they were useful, they would not be covered with a layer of dust .

Instead, because of these Ming Clan relics, it had almost harmed the Gu Clan Fort multiple times . Now, Gu Xicheng had already accepted it . His Clan was already at the stage of death, so those relics no longer had much meaning or value .

After an hour, a scary aura had spread from the attic that Gu Xicheng lived in . The pervasive aura had invaded all four corners like surging tides . Even the air had seemingly become dense, and the suppressive aura and surroundings had caused even the calls of the surrounding birds and insects to disappear .

"Magical, really too magical . "

In the huge hall, Gu Xicheng had just stood up from the cattail hassock . The gaze from his eyes shot out in all four directions . That scary aura was emanating from his body .

Currently, there were no signs of injuries at all . Instead, he looked as majestic and as fierce as a dragon and tiger . His cultivation had improved greatly, and his abilities had improved by two times .

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