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Invincible Kungfu Healer - Chapter 206

Published at 26th of April 2019 01:40:03 AM

Chapter 206: 206

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A high decibel shriek spread throughout the square, drawing the attention of the surrounding people who frantically turned their heads towards the source of the sound .

Mo Wen was walking with Qin Xiaoyou in the square . The sudden shriek made him jump in fright .

Who is this? They must be crazy!

Mo Wen looked incredulously at the source of the sound . He did not know why someone would call him out, and calling him so frighteningly . . . . what was going on?

Qin Xiaoyou was stunned; her gaze shifted . Who was calling Mo Wen? It seemed to be a woman .

When Mo Wen saw the person, the corner of his mouth twitched as he finally understood why…

He never imagined he would meet Xu Qianqian here, it was practically…

After screaming loudly, Xu Qianqian managed to calm down . Seeing that all around were people looking at her, her face turned red . She had forgotten herself in the moment, unable to control the fury in her heart .

"How can it be you?" Mo Wen raised his eyebrows . The world was too small, being able to coincidentally meet in a place like this .

"Why can't it be me?"

Seeing that Mo Wen had noticed her, Xu Qianqian immediately ignored all of the weird stares aimed at her and walked over panting . Her eyes were staring furiously at Mo Wen, and she stubbornly raised her chin .

"Uh . . . hehe, so we meet again . I'm so happy . "

Mo Wen dryly laughed and said .

"You said you would come find me after seven days . Now, how many days has it been?"

As Xu Qianqian was saying this, tears started to flow . She had patiently waited for him every day . In the end, he had completely forgotten about her . He would rather be casually strolling around on the streets than find time to make a trip to her place .


Mo Wen awkwardly laughed, "You see, I just got back . I was about to head to your house, but we ended up meeting here . What a coincidence . "

Right now, he just remembered that he had to treat Xu Qianqian's father's illness . In reality, he had already forgotten about it . After all, so many things had happened, how could he remember such a small thing?

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Also, he truly had just gotten back, returning to the capital only yesterday; so it could not be said that he did not keep his promise .

Xu Qianqian felt wronged as she wiped away her tears . Only a fool would believe him; obviously he did not care about her at all .

"You are?"

Qin Xiaoyou seemingly detected the scent of something being off . She cautiously looked at Xu Qianqian . She subconsciously wrapped her arms around Mo Wen, seemingly declaring her ownership over him .  

"My name is Xu Qianqian, a friend of Mo Wen . "

Xu Qianqian cast a glance at Qin Xiaoyou, and fell silent for a moment before plainly saying this .

"Have you known each other long? I am Qin Xiaoyou, Mo Wen's girlfriend . "

Qin Xiaoyou rolled her eyes at Mo Wen . The relationship between Xu Qianqian and Mo Wen did not seem to be that of normal friends, otherwise why would there be such a large mood swing .

Also from the looks of Xu Qianqian, she was obviously feeling very wronged . If one could show that she felt wronged in front of someone, how could they just be normal friends?

This bastard Mo Wen . No matter where he goes he is restless, heaven knows how many other woman he had provoked .  

Qin Xiaoyou was feeling angry . If this sort of thing could happen when he was with her strolling on the street, what would happen if she wasn't around .

"We've known each other for a long time…"

Xu Qianqian looked askance at Qin Xiaoyou . Not knowing why, she subconsciously said this .

"Mo Wen and I have also known each other for a long time . We've known each other since we were in high school . "

Qin Xiaoyou pursed her lips and smiled . The arm she had around Mo Wen's elbow squeezed tighter . Known him for a long time? How could she not have known? Since when did Mo Wen know this woman called Xu Qianqian?


Xu Qianqian opened her mouth to continue, but suddenly she noticed something was off . Why did she have such strange emotions against this girl called Qin Xiaoyou? Even the way she talked to her was all sorts of weird . Why was the situation like this?

After all, she and Mo Wen had met by chance, at most they could only be considered as normal friends who had just known each other . She should not need nor be interested in comparing with the girl before her .

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But in reality, she had done the exact opposite of what she thought of in her mind .

She bit her lip and did not speak . The atmosphere became depressing in an instant .

"Uh . . . since it is such a coincidence, do you want to have a drink together?"

Mo Wen laughed dryly and said .

Once Qin Xiaoyou heard this, she silently glared at him . Before, he had said that he would spend the whole day with her, now what was up with him running off with this woman to have a drink? Suddenly, another person popped up from thin air in their world of only two, and it was a woman at that . She was not happy .  

"Mo Wen, can I count on your word or not?"

Xu Qianqian coldly looked at him, her eyes staring straight into his as she said expressionlessly .

"Of course . "

Mo Wen nodded his head . She was surely joking, did he look like somewhat whose word meant nothing?

"That's good . Then come with me to the Xu clan now . "

Xu Qianqian didn't waste any time . She hoped that Mo Wen could go to the Xu clan now to treat her father . Or else, if she missed this chance, God knows when she will see this Mo Wen again .

"Hey, why does he have to follow you to the Xu clan? We still have things to do today . "

Qin Xiaoyou said unwillingly . Today, Mo Wen's time belonged to her . Also, why would Mo Wen go to her house? She did not know anything . Especially with the way this woman acted just now, how could she be at ease?

"Because he had promised me to treat my father's illness in seven days, but now it has already been ten days . "

Xu Qianqian bit on her lip as she said this . Since she had caught him, naturally she wouldn't let him go easily, now Mo Wen's credibility in her eyes was too low .

If he didn't follow her back today, she could not rest feeling assured . Heaven knows when she would be able to find him again .

"You asked him to go to your house so he can treat your father's illness?"

Qin Xiaoyou blinked as she asked .

"Yes . My father…he doesn't have much time . . . maybe only he can save my father…"

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Xu Qianqian said after remaining silent for a while .

"I see . "

Qin Xiaoyou sighed in relief inside . So it was to treat her father's illness . Then she could be at ease . But why did she get the feeling that this Xu Qianqian was kind of odd . It was an inexplicable intuition of hers .

"Mo Wen, what is the meaning of this?"

Qin Xiaoyou looked at Mo Wen . With such an important thing like saving someone, she didn't dare to delay him by throwing a tantrum . If an accident happened because help was delayed for Xu Qianqian, then she would be guilty .

"Tomorrow then . Today, I'll be with you . "

Mo Wen remained silent for a while, then looked at Qin Xiaoyou saying . Since he had already promised Qin Xiaoyou, then naturally he wouldn't change his mind halfway through because of this incident .

"Then, I will keep following you until tomorrow when you head over to my house . "

Xu Qianqian's tears were already rolling . The sense of being wronged in her heart grew stronger and stronger . What he promised her, he would not honor, but what he promised other people, he would always remember . Why did he have to be such a bastard?

Was it so hard to follow her back once? It was to save someone by treating an illness . Could it be put off and delayed?


Mo Wen was completely speechless . Crying with or without provocation as though he had committed some unspeakable sin . Did she not see that the surrounding people were beginning to point? Who knew what direction they were imagining .

"Mo Wen, you better go and treat her father's illness . Today it's getting late, I'll head back to school later . "

Qin Xiaoyou looked at Mo Wen and gently said .

It wasn't that she had become soft-hearted after seeing Xu Qianqian cry, but because Mo Wen had promised someone something and had not done it . This would inevitably cause people to say things . She knew Mo Wen had just gotten back yesterday, so Xu Qianqian calling Mo Wen untrustworthy was clearly wronging him .

"Xu Qianqian, tomorrow I will surely go to your house . Tonight I can't, but you shouldn't need to worry . Based on what you said before, nothing will happen to your father for now . "

Mo Wen groaned, then looked at Xu Qianqian and said . Although saving lives and treating illnesses were things that pressed for time, for him, as long as the patient was still breathing and it was not any unique terminal illness, he could cure them .

"Okay, but I can't reach your number, even texting has been useless . "

Xu Qianqian remained silent for a while and then nodded her head . However, she feared that tomorrow she would not be able to contact Mo Wen .

When Mo Wen heard this, the corner of his mouth twitched . Since he returned from the Changbai Mountain Range, his smartphone had long been out of juice . Later, he had left it in the dormitory, seemingly forgetting to charge it . That's why he couldn't be contacted . It was very normal of him . If he could be reached, then something would be wrong…

"Let me give you my contact then . If you cannot reach him then give me a call . Maybe I can find him . "

Qin Xiaoyou naturally knew that Mo Wen did not have the habit of carrying his phone with him . Many times he had used her phone . Also he always forgot to charge his phone… Every time the battery would drain till it automatically shutdown . No one knew when was the next time it would be on .

She wrote down her phone number as well as her school contact on a piece of paper and passed it to Xu Qianqian .

"Thank you, Xiaoyou . "

Xu Qianqian received the paper, quietly thanking her . She knew that since Mo Wen said that tonight he would not go to her house, he certainly would not go . Although they had not much contact, she understood Mo Wen very well .

"This is my home address and contact number . "

Xu Qianqian took out a name card from her bag and passed it to Mo Wen . Although last time she had given Mo Wen one, she couldn't be at ease, fearing that Mo Wen had thrown it away . For people like Mo Wen, it was entirely possible for him to have done such a thing .

In reality, although Mo Wen had not thrown her name card away, if you asked him to find it, he would definitely not be able to do so in a short amount of time .

So giving Mo Wen another name card was a show of foresight .

"I wish you both happiness . I won't disturb you . "

Xu Qianqian looked deeply at Mo Wen, then quietly turned and left, not continuing to pester Mo Wen .

"What is your relationship with her?"

After Xu Qianqian left, Qin Xiaoyou looked slyly at Mo Wen . Her intuition told her that Xu Qianqian was no ordinary person .

"I've said, we are just friends . "

Mo Wen laughed bitterly and said . What relationship could he have with Xu Qianqian? He had only known her for less than a month, also not having any "relations" with him . What relationship could she have with him?

"Only a fool would believe you . "

Qin Xiaoyou would not just believe Mo Wen . No wonder Wang Xiaofei said that Mo Wen was a flirtatious radish . She now was leaning more and more to the same opinion .

Xu Qianqian was quite beautiful . If she was more proactive and seductive, with Mo Wen's willpower, it was possible for his soul to be drawn out .

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