Invincible Kungfu Healer - Chapter 308

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Chapter 308: 308

The terrifying aura had barely appeared, when the next moment, Jiang Quanfu let out a blood-curdling scream . It was as though he had encountered something terrifying . Although no sound followed after, the terrifying aura did not dissipate for a long while .

“What the hell?” Mo Wen was shocked and suddenly came to a stop . He did not know what Jiang Quanfu had encountered . That aura was too astonishing and was almost comparable to the strength of someone halfway into the Golden Elixir realm .

Could it be that there was someone else in the Dafang Sect’s forbidden land? The aura obviously belonged to an ancient martial art practitioner .

Mo Wen hesitated for a bit, considering whether he should immediately turn and flee, but the next moment, he no longer needed to hesitate . This was because a dark silhouette sprang out from the oasis in the blink of an eye . An icy cold aura enveloped his body, causing him to shudder uncontrollably .

“Who dares to trespass on my territory?” The person was dressed in white, and his figure was tall . He did not seem too old, possibly somewhere in his twenties, and he was outrageously handsome and stern .

If people of such temperament appeared among the entertainment celebrities of the outside world, they would surely be the cool handsome guy who would cause young girls to scream and have countless fans .

However at this moment, he obviously was no entertainer, but rather a terrifying super strong practitioner . He was holding onto Jiang Quanfu with one hand . It was as though he were holding onto a dead dog . The Sect Grand Elder, who had just been running and jumping about, was now dying, hanging on by a breath .

“You are?” The moment Mo Wen laid eyes on the youth in white, a glint of astonishment flashed in his eyes . He had just met this person not long ago . It was Jun Wulei from the Huatian Palace . It was rumored that he was a Six stars Executor .

Back then, he had accepted the Savages List mission for Demoness Gong . Mo Wen had even come into some conflict with him . When Jun Wulei saw Mo Wen, he also frowned . A hint of confusion flashed in his eyes .

“How have you appeared in the Dafang Sect’s forbidden land?” Mo Wen said, narrowing his eyes .

Jun Wulei had accepted the Savages List mission for Gong Biluo . However, he was not executing his mission . Why had he come to the Dafang Sect’s forbidden land?

“What does it have to do with you?” Jun Wulei said coldly . His eyes were chilly .

“Do you know where Demoness Gong is?” Mo Wen did not mind Jun Wulei’s attitude . After all, the two of them were not familiar, and he was also a high ranking Executor and would most likely not bother about him . However, since Jun Wulei accepted the Savages List mission, at this moment, he should, by right, be hunting down Demoness Gong . Since he appeared in the Dafang Sect’s forbidden land, didn’t that mean that Demoness Gong was here as well?

“You seem to be quite interested in her . ” Jun Wulei gave Mo Wen a deep look . His lips curled slightly upwards . He seemed to be mocking Mo Wen and his overconfidence . A Four stars Executor actually coveted a figure on the Savages List . Was he ambitious or an idiot? That Demoness Gong would most likely be able to kill him with a poke of a finger .

Who knew how many people coveted Savages List missions in the Huatian Palace? But the number that died during Savages List missions was greater . Seven stars Executors and even Eight stars Executors were in danger of failing, let alone a mere Four stars Executor like Mo Wen .

“What does it have to do with you?” Mo Wen laughed coldly, returning Jun Wulei’s words back at him .

“Don’t provoke me . Although you are also a Huatian Palace Executor, that does not mean I will not do anything to you . Let me give you a piece of advice . You had better stay away from my business, otherwise, you shall face the consequences . ” Jun Wulei gave Mo Wen a cold look, then slowly turned, seemingly preparing to return to the oasis .

Seemingly recalling something, Jun Wulei once again turned to look at Mo Wen . “Were you hunting down this person?” He then casually threw Jiang Quanfu in front of him . “I’ll pass him to you . Regardless of your intentions, don’t meddle in my affairs . Also, this place is dangerous . If you know what is good for you, you’d better leave fast . ”

After that, Jun Wulei disappeared into the oasis in a flash . How could he not see that this youth seemed to have some goal in mind regarding himself . Of course, as for what his goal was, he did not know .

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“Exactly why did that fellow appear in the Dafang Sect’s forbidden land? Interesting!” A thoughtful look flashed in Mo Wen’s eyes . He could tell from Jun Wulei’s gaze that he had encountered something, and it seemed to be something big .

His eyes were bloodshot, and his fatigue could be seen in his brow . For the strong like him, there was only one possibility for such a condition, and that was having not rested in a long while . Also, his breathing was unstable and irregular, showing that he had internal wounds . Although his coverup was very well done, and under normal circumstances it would be undetectable, how could Mo Wen as the Miracle Physician not see through it?

For Jun Wulei, who was a strong practitioner almost at the Golden Elixir realm, things that could injure him were few . In the Dafang Sect’s forbidden land, there were only two possibilities . One was that he had encountered frightening prohibitions and was attacked by them . Another possibility was that he had met an even stronger opponent . Connecting this with the Savages List mission that Jun Wulei received from before, Mo Wen had a growing feeling that it was highly possible for the Demoness Gong to also be in the forbidden land .

Regardless of whether Jun Wulei was injured by prohibitions here or Demoness Gong, both were possibilities and could explain everything .

“You aren’t fleeing anymore?” Mo Wen said . He looked at Jiang Quanfu at his feet and smiled playfully .

At this moment, Jiang Quanfu was like a dead dog, unable to move . In his body, there was a frightening power that had sealed all his Inner Qi, causing him to not be able to use his cultivation at all . Right now, Jiang Quanfu was like a cripple . Where had the grandeur of the Dafang Sect Grand Elder gone?

“You know that person?” Jiang Quanfu glanced at Mo Wen with much effort, his face frighteningly pale . The person just now had been too frightening . With a simple attack, he had caused him to be severely wounded . He dared not imagine how high a cultivation he had .

He had thought that Mo Wen encountering that person would also not end well . At most, they would die together . But, who would have thought that the result would be like this? Not only had the person not dealt with Mo Wen, he had instead delivered him into Mo Wen’s hands .

Mo Wen knew this person . His heart turned cold .

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What did they just say? Huatian Palace Executors!

Could it be that Mo Wen was a person of the Huatian Palace? No wonder he had such terrifying cultivation at such a young age! So he was from that place!

Jiang Quanfu instantly felt a sense of despair . He knew that there were many strong practitioners in the Huatian Palace . People of the Embryonic Breathing realm were as plentiful as dogs . The number of young geniuses was limitless . But, he had never imagined that a genius of the Huatian Palace would one day appear in front of him .

After all, although the Huatuan Palace was mysterious and powerful, its relationship with the ancient martial arts world was not large . If they did not commit any taboos, the people of the Huatian Palace would not look for them .

“Old thing, go to hell in peace . You can only blame your bad luck . ” Mo Wen sent a palm strike towards Jiang Quanfu’s body . A golden flame shot out from his palm, enveloping Jiang Quanfu in an instant . Without the barrier of Inner Qi, Jiang Quanfu could not possibly withstand that terrifying heat . He turned to ash in the blink of an eye .

After Mo Wen killed Jiang Quanfu, he didn’t leave . Instead, he sneaked into the oasis . He really wanted to know what Jun Wulei was up to hiding there . He didn’t like to stick his nose into other’s business . Usually, he would be too lazy to care about what Jun Wulei was up to, but now that it was related to Demoness Gong, he had to figure it out .

He retracted his aura, silently sneaking into the oasis . Mo Wen was confident in his own stealth methods . Within a certain range, even Jun Wulei would find it hard to detect him . As long as he was not too close to him, Mo Wen was confident of not being discovered .

Also, Mo Wen himself was well-versed in the art of tracking . He was born sensitive to the scent of a person . He could use the scent that a person left behind not long after they passed to chase down prey along the way .

The oasis was not big . The center of the oasis was only about 500 meters or so in . Mo Wen looked left and right, not discovering anyone . He couldn’t help but frown . Jun Wulei’s scent ended there . There was no one around the area . Where did that fellow run off to?

Going around the perimeter once, Mo Wen discovered that there was a very large tree not far away . A bizarre hole in the tree appeared in his view . In a flash, he appeared in front of the tree’s hole . He bent down to touch the earth on the ground . He discovered that the earth was loose . As expected, there were signs of someone covering his tracks .

The corner of Mo Wen’s mouth curled into a smile . Looking at the hole, in a flash he prepared to enter into it . However, a sound came from behind that made his entire body freeze . He shrank back bitterly .

“What are you doing?” A nonchalant voice sounded behind Mo Wen . Ten meters away stood a youth . Who else could it be but Jun Wulei?

“Brother Jun, it’s you again . As expected, the world is such a small place,” Mo Wen said, laughing cynically . He dusted off the dirt on his hands, pretending that this was all a coincidence as he walked up to Jun Wulei .

“Could it be that you think that I would not dare to kill you?” Jun Wulei’s eyes turned ice cold . A terrifying aura exploded from his body, crashing like a tornado towards Mo Wen . Wherever it passed, the earth and mountains shook . Its power was astonishing . The killing intent in his eyes made it clear that the very next moment he could attack and kill Mo Wen .

Before this, Mo Wen had given him a strange feeling . He seemed to have some intentions against him, so Jun Wulei had kept an eye on him . As expected, this brat had followed him here . It was as though his words had fallen on deaf ears, not being taken to heart .

Mo Wen stood under Jun Wulei’s terrible aura . His eyes did not flinch, and his hands were behind his back as he said indifferently, “You cannot kill me . You think that I don’t know that you are injured? Although I am not your opponent, I am confident that I can escape . Also, you exchanging blows with me will surely aggravate your wounds . You’d better think twice . ”

“Oh? You seem very confident!” Jun Wulei nodded slightly, seemingly acknowledging what Mo Wen had said, but the next moment, he suddenly attacked . A terrifying palm strike instantly appeared in front of Mo Wen . Lights danced on its surface, as though the palm was crafted from jade .