Isaac - Chapter 2

Published at 24th of April 2019 12:33:14 PM

Chapter 2

The Japanese assault began at dawn with an artillery bombardment softening the defences . It also meant their forces would arrive soon .

Joon-young tucked himself into the corner of his trench, humming in sync with the dropping shells as he chewed on some dried squid .


The man next to Joon-young screamed each time a shell landed, burying his head between his legs . Next to him was a broken two-way radio, buzzing with reports and orders from the headquarters . The front line forces screamed for permission to retreat, but all that came back were orders to delay the enemy for as long as possible .

“Hm? The bombardment stopped . It’s time to move!”

Joon-young’s men peeked their heads above the trench . With the thundering bombardment halted, there was only tension in the battlefield . But just as their ears adjusted to the sudden silence, they could feel the earth vibrate under their feet . Soon, the Japanese tanks could be seen over the horizon .

“Tsk… our bullets won’t even leave a scratch on that . ”

Armoured with top-of-the-line plating, these tanks could withstand a rocket from an RPG-7 . Joon-young scratched his head . He knew friendly tanks and anti-tank guns had been cut off a long time ago, and it was hard to expect any assistance from them .

It seemed that fear had taken over another trench . Gun shots could be seen, firing at the tanks too distant to do any harm . The tank’s turret turned and fired, making a direct hit on the trench .

“Well, at least it’s not a chemical bomb . I guess it’s the aftermath of Busan . ”

Japan was criticised by the world for dropping a bomb comparable to a nuclear bomb on civilians . With their reputation in the world tarnished, using a chemical or biological weapon was out of question . So they had to resort to traditional method .

“They even brought a helicopter?”

Joon-young remarked with his head leaning on his arms . His men were impressed at his attitude . Here they were, scared for their life, while Joon-young looked like he was watching a movie .

“I guess it’s time to run . ”

As the tanks drove closer, Joon-young made the decision to retreat . It may have seemed cowardly and dishonourable to some, running without firing a single bullet . But his men were relieved to hear those words .

Joon-young and the rest of the frontline forces knew they were a sacrificial pawn . They were a group of conscripted soldiers without proper supplies or support from the rest of the army . The real defence line was behind them, stocked with all the supplies they could gather . Their job was to make the job of the real defence line easier by taking the initial charge from the assault . To them, retreat was the only option .

Joon-young’s messengers ran to their designated trenches, while the rest of them gathered at the rally point . He lit a cigarette as he waited for them .

Noises could be heard as they gathered, one by one .

“Hm? Where’s the 3rd squad leader?”

Joon-young’s company was cut in half after all the children surrendered . The 3rd squad had the most children in their squad but after the surrender, only 7 remained . However, only 3 came to the rally point . One of the soldiers from the 3rd squad replied .

“A shell landed directly on his trench, sir . ”
“Tsk . Unlucky bastard . What about the 2nd squad leader?”

“Um… One of the recruits fired his gun at the tank . The tank made a direct hit on them . ”
“Fucking bastard . If you’re going to die, don’t take others with you . ”

There was a sudden ruckus as a man was carried back to Joon-young .

“It’s fatal . ”

“Kuku, they got me . ”

It was Min Won-hoo . A metal plate had driven itself into his stomach, leaving a giant gash and a pool of blood under him . Min Won-hoo asked about the missing squad leaders .

“Where’s the rest?”

“…They left before you . ”

“Kuk, those bastards . ”

Min Won-hoo shook off the assisting hands and leaned his back on to the trench wall . As his face tensed with pain, Joon-young asked .

“Does it hurt?”

“Bloody hell it does . ”
“How do you want it?”

“Kukuku . It hurts so much, but I still don’t have the courage . I’m a Catholic, you see . ”

“Is that so?”

Joon-young pulled out a pistol from his waist . He pulled the slider, and aimed at Min Won-hoo’s head .

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Min Won-hoo pulled out a cigarette with a patch of red from his pocket . As his bloody and shaking hands struggled to light the damp cigarette, one of the soldiers quickly pulled out a lighter of his own to help him . He took one deep breath then began to cough violently, dropping the cigarette .

“Shit! I wanted to at least die like a badass, but my body’s not helping . ”

A soldier picked the cigarette and gave it back to Min Won-hoo .

“You lot, at least die a SUGOI death like me . ”
Min Won-hoo smiled at the rest of the soldiers .

Joon-young replied,

“You do know right?”


“Sugoi is Japanese . ”

Min Won-hoo snickered at those words, and then made a smile . Not a shred of regret could be seen in his face .

“Hoo… It was fun serving with you . ”

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“Ah, I had fun too . ”
“Kuku, I’ll be waiting . ”
“Be there soon . ”


Joon-young placed the pistol back in its holder . Shells, gunshots and screams echoed all around them, but there was only silence where Joon-young stood .

“We are retreating . ”
“Where to, sir?”

Joon-young smiled at that question, and pointed toward the sky . A glimmer of sunlight could be seen just beyond .

“We will run toward the sun . ”
As his men stood confused, Joon-young scolded them .

“I swear this war made the kids dumber . How can they not understand this joke?”


For a moment, these soldiers looked like they were about to murder Joon-young .

“We are going to wherever the higher ups are hiding in . It should still be safe there . Well, until it turns into our grave . But it’s better to live even for a second longer right?”