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Isaac - Chapter 9

Published at 24th of April 2019 12:33:15 PM

Chapter 9

“Man, I’m starting to see you in a new light! It’s been a while since I’ve seen a student that can act so boldly in front of the Headmaster . ”

Mazelan spoke as they exited the room . He scrambled the hair on Isaac’s head much enthusiasm .

“Is he really that scary?”

Isaac pushed Mazelan’s hand off . He may look young right now, but Mazelan was still much younger than he was from the memories of his past . It didn’t feel nice to be treated like a child by someone much younger than him .

“Of course! He is the Headmaster of the Campus! Most students freeze on the spot or shake so badly they can’t even utter a proper sentence . ”

“Well I guess the life and death situation I went through had dulled my nerves . ”

Isaac muttered as he remembered his memories as Joon-young . He was a man who would engage in direct conflict with his superiors if things went sour between them . Intimidation from a school’s Headmaster was nothing to him .

“Is that why your dream’s so weird?”

“What do you mean?”

“What else? A man should dream big after all . ”

“I assume the goal of that dream is to be successful?”

“Uh, yes?”

“Is it a successful life if you become rich or gain a large fiefdom as your own?”

“For the most part, yes . ”
“And in order to achieve that successful life you will need to fight both physically and mentally against countless challengers . If you lose that’s the end of the dream, but even if you win you will need to continuously fight against other challengers to keep that success, right?”

“That’s right . ”

“The point of going through all of this is to live an easy and comfortable life right?”


“That’s why I’ve decided to achieve my successful life while skipping the process . Sure I will lose out on the amount of riches I’d make but that’s a loss I can deal with . ”
“I, is that so?”

Although confused at first, Mazelan quickly saw through Isaac’s misconception . He smirked and messed Isaac’s hair a second time .

“And where did you learn to speak like that . I almost fell for it . ”

Just as everyone has their own views and perspectives, everyone has their own personal dream of success . Having an easy-going life wasn’t the only type of success in the world .

“Well that’s the successful life I dream of . This is what happens when you’re tired of all the schemes and plots you’ve dealt with since childhood . ”
“No . I think you’re wrong on that part . ”
Mazelan was sure of it . Those who had been isolated and removed from their family either come back with bitter vengeance or disappear after failing miserably . Not many of them were like Isaac, who would rather ignore and stay away from it all . He was indeed special, and it may be why the Headmaster gave such a special treatment for him .

Once they both got in the car to head out of the Campus, Mazelan began to explain what was written on the document .

“First thing’s first . I’ll let you know what position you’re in . ”

“Please do . ”
“Your existence is a nuisance for the people in Campus . ”

“… Do you ever hear that you’re a bit too straight with your words?”

Isaac knew that fact deep inside him, but it still hurt to hear it from someone else .

“Hm? My friends do say that sometimes . ”

“Continue . ”

“It’s not that we don’t receive new students who are as old as you . But those students are usually transferred here from other schools after showing great prowess or talent in their field of expertise . You however entered the Campus without any education purely because you are a noble . ”

“Sounds like I’m the perfect villain . ”
“That’s right . The commoners will hate you because you bypassed all the pain and effort they went through to get in the Campus thanks to your heritage . Nobles also don’t like you, as they may feel that you are tarnishing the reputation of the nobles in the Campus as a whole . The professors and lecturers are proud of teaching the finest and most talented young minds in the Empire and they would certainly hate to lower their teaching standard for a specific uneducated individual . ”

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“This may sound harsh but do you have any friends?”

“Huh? How did you know? I’ve been trying to become friends with everyone but they all tend to avoid me . But I still have a few close friends . ”

What heroic souls they have .

The people who have adjusted to this man’s direct way of words must not be ordinary . Isaac replied with his heartfelt expression .

“I don’t know who they are, but they are your truest of friends . Treat them well . ”

At first Mazelan was confused when Isaac spoke his words of wisdom, then he made a playful expression and began to shake Isaac’s head .

“And who do you think you are giving advices like that? You’re still too young to give life lessons to me . ”
“Uaah! Look! Look where you’re going!”


As a result of getting distracted by Isaac, Mazelan had to put all his effort in dodging the tree that was in front of them . After they managed to avoid the tree and come to a stop they made a sigh of relief .

“Phew, Our names would have been recorded in history if we died here . ”
Isaac muttered . Mazelan, finally calming down from the shock asked .

“Why would we be recorded?”

“We would be the victims of a fatal accident while testing the newest transportation device . On our headstones they would write something like this . ‘Here lies Mazelan, who had given his life to show the possible dangers of the newest transportation…”
Mazelan tried to say something back at Isaac but decided to stop half way .

“Sigh, I got nothing to say . It was my fault after all . I’ll have to make a report on this . The driver’s carelessness can lead to a fatal accident, and will need safety measures to prevent it . ”

Mazelan started the car again, but this time he seemed more careful with his driving .

“So where were we again?”

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“That everyone will hate me . ”
“That’s right . As a summary, no school in the Campus will accept you . ”
“Does that mean I can just play around all day here?”

Mazelan shook his head .

“That’s why the Headmaster gave special orders for you . You will not be enrolled into any of the schools within the Campus, but you can learn anything you wish for 5 years . If you manage to last those 5 years within the Campus you will graduate as a student of Campus . If you wish to leave the Campus before the 5 years however, the Campus will remove all records that you were ever enrolled in the Campus . ”
“What a special treatment . Giving out a graduate certificate after 5 years of nothing? So you’re not going to check my grades or anything?”

“That’s right . It seems favourable at first glance doesn’t it?”

“Isn’t it?”

“It states ‘If you manage to last those 5 years . ’ Does that give you a hint?”

“They’ll do whatever it takes to kick me out . ”

“That’s right . And your brother Kainen will be at the forefront of it all . ”

“That was probably his original goal when I was sent here . ”

“Well, don’t worry so much . You see, I’m starting to like you . They won’t be able to do anything extreme when I’m watching from behind . ”

“That’s cool . ”

“Atleast put some more feeling into it . ”

While Mazelan seemed unsatisfied with Isaac’s half-hearted thanks, the car arrived at their destination .

“We’re back at the port?”

“Yep . You better go and unpack now . ”

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“Are there any students who live here?”

“No . You’re the only one . Students live in dorms run by the schools they are enrolled in, but you’re not enrolled into anything . ”

Mazelan lead Isaac to a lodge at the side of the port . It was a lodge for temporary visits, when sailors of the supply ship which visit the Campus every two days cannot leave on schedule due to poor weather .

But with the distance between Gavelin and Campus being only 1 hour, a time when the weather would impact the schedule is when the ship shouldn’t be placed on water in the first place . The lodge was only made due to regulation, and it was always empty .

“You better thank me for real this time . I had to pull some strings to get you this place . Otherwise you would be sleeping on the streets . ”
“Hm, thank you . I won’t forget this . ”
Acts of kindness deserves gratitude . If Mazelan didn’t like Isaac he would have ended up as a homeless beggar .

Happy with Isaac sincere gratitude, Mazelan smiled and showed Isaac his room .

“I’m placing you in as the manager of the lodge, so you just need to clean and repair the lodge whenever you can . Your room’s originally designed for ship captains too, so you won’t find it too inconvenient . ”

The room may not be luxurious, but it was much better than the room Isaac used when he was young .

“Have a rest once you’re done unpacking . I’ll see you tomorrow . ”


Isaac was confused . Was there still more after this?

“Ah, did I forget? The document specifies that a representative be chosen to watch over you . It seemed fun, so I decided to do it myself . ”
Mazelan was indeed a strange one .

“So what do I do from tomorrow onward?”

“That’s on you to decide . What do you want to learn?”

“Magic . ”

Isaac replied immediately . Becoming the grand magus was something everyone wished of if magic existed . The only thing that bothered Isaac was Mazelan, as he looked with eyes of anticipation and doubt .