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Chapter 3.2

Chapter 3: Trying Out Going to a Cafe – Part 2

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Part 2

The large room of the inn──
It was a dreary room that only had a large bed meant for three at the center .
Diablo was feeling like he wanted to sleep right away .
He hadn’t used up that much magic, but it was certain that he had consumed MP . Since the scene of having tension coerced on him continued, his nerves were tired .
However, he couldn’t just go directly to bed .
Rem asked a question .
「……Krem, where do you want to sleep?」
Shera tilted her head looking that what Rem asked was strange .
「Isn’t right here just fine?」
*Bafu bafu* She patted the bed .
It was a plain bed that was just straw with a sheet placed on it, but its size was sufficient .
Four adults would be difficult, but if it’s three people and one child, they should be able to manage .
Rem turned her gaze towards Krem .
「……A Demon King on the bed of a room like this? Ah, no……Diablo is also a Demon King though . 」
Hearing those words, Krem looked up at his way .
「Hou, so you also sleep here . 」
──It’s because I don’t have money .
He couldn’t reply to her with something like that .
Diablo scornfully laughed .
「If you sleep in an important looking place, you’re important……I am not a fool that would make such a misunderstanding . The royalty and titled nobility of the Races spend their money on their dwellings and furniture . That truly is foolish . 」
「That’s true!」
「Fufu, isn’t it . 」
「The bed doesn’t matter! Bring me biscuits -noda!」
I would really like it if you don’t put those on the same level, is what he thought .
At any rate, it ended without being laughed at for being an Adventurer in poverty .
Alicia nodded as if she were in admiration .
「Certainly, I believe that having a person’s worth denoted by the splendidness of their personal appearance or of their residence is a foolish assumption . As expected of Diablo-sama……You are able to see the true nature of things . 」
「U, umu . 」
She interpreted that way too seriously .
*Koten* Shera collapsed onto the bed .
「Same here~, I prefer this over a gorgeous bed . Since everyone is nearby, it feels warmer . 」
「……If you don’t mind us being with you……then I don’t mind . 」

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Rem’s shoulders were faintly trembling .
As expected, she has some opposition to suddenly sleeping in the same bed as the person who she had spent several years of her life for the sake of defeating them . It can’t be helped .
「Rem, go and borrow some space in Alicia’s room . For this bed is too small for four people . 」
「Eh? But……」
「Until you get accustomed to things . 」
「…………I guess I should . 」
She had signs of being troubled by that, but after nodding, Rem expressed a look of relief .
Come to think of it, he had not gotten the permission of the room’s owner yet . He just couldn’t help but be bad at these kinds of programs .
Diablo asked Alicia a question .
「You don’t mind, do you?」
Moreover, he asked in an extremely high-handed manner . It would be nice if it didn’t affect her mood though .
Alicia silently bowed .
「If I can prove useful with something like this, it would be an unexpected pleasure . By all means, Rem-sama, please use the bed . 」
「……I am fine with the floor . I am used to it since I am an Adventurer . 」
「There is no need for restraint . Protecting the citizens is the role of a Knight . 」
Diablo swung his hand and drove them away .
「The both of you will sleep on the bed! Get along with each other!」
Rem blushed .
Alicia bowed once again .
「If that is Diablo-sama’s command . 」
「……I am sorry about this, Alicia . 」
「It really is fine . Please do not worry about it . 」
While saying that, the two of them left the large room .

After Diablo put down the 《Staff of Tenma》 and took off his mantle, 《The Curtain of Dark Clouds》, he lied down on the bed .
Maybe because his energy left him, his whole body was heavy .
Shera came over, taking a peek at his face .
「Are you alright?」
「Yeah, though I did consume some MP……」
If it is at this degree, it would probably be enough if he got one night’s sleep .
The times where he repulsed 100 Demonic Beings and where he fought with the Elven Army were different .
Ourou was a formidable enemy, but they only had a single bout . The portion of magical power that he poured to Krebskrem was already recovered when he used a potion .
Krem also got up onto the bed . Since she had already taken off Alicia’s mantle, she had the same appearance she had when first appeared .
「Did something happen to this fellow?」
Shera explained .

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「He fought for our sakes, you know? He did his best . And then, when Diablo uses magic, he get tired and loses his energy . 」
「Fufun, come to think of it, it seems that both people of the Races and the Demonic Beings are things that have their magical power reduced when they use it . That is something strange . 」
「Krem, you’re different?」
「Of course -nanoda! Maou is Maou after all! It’s kind of like, it keeps chugging out from deep inside!」
──What the heck is that? Isn’t that a cheat on a different level from 《Magic Reflection》?
Because of his fatigue, Diablo had such thoughts with a half-sleepy face .
He had thought that Demon Kings were strong due to the magical power that they accumulate over many years, but that seemed to be wrong .
Rather, it was in a more different category……
Like an engine……?
No, that’s wrong .
He had a closer image with his knowledge from the world he was formerly in, is what he intuitively thought, but he couldn’t collect his thoughts well enough .
It wasn’t due to the MP consumption, but probably simply due to his sleepiness .
On top of staying up all night, they walked for close to 10 hours yesterday . They even went through rituals and battle . He would have died if he had the body of a shut-in .
──I want to hurry up and sleep .
Shera started taking off her clothes .
「Nsho . 」
「When I do this, you get energetic, right, Diablo?」
Turning into her appearance of having only underwear, she clung onto him .
Her soft flesh pressed up against him .
「What’re you……!?」
「Hou hou, I see . You people of the Races sure are interesting . So you bestow magical power just like that . 」
「Magical power? It might be a bit different . Krem, do you also want to try doing it? I’ll be the one that will become energetic, you know?」
「What was that!? Even the one doing the bestowing will get energetic!?」
「Yup! Both me, and Diablo will get energetic . A win-win?」
──Oi, stop it .
Krem also started taking off her clothes .
「Yosh, I will try it out -noda . 」
When she touched her own clothes, *shuru*, her clothes came off of her as if they had a mind of its own .
Her sleeves and her skirt remained, but she became stark naked from the navel on up .
*Tsurun* It was a chest with no ups or downs .
Her rib cage was slightly poking out .
Even though she was called a Demon King, she wasn’t all that different from Humans . No, of the people that Diablo has seen, they’ve all been nothing but Demi-humans .
That flat-chested chest pressed up against him .
「Fumu fumu, like this?」
Her skin touched him .

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*Zoku* The muscles along Diablo’s spine trembled .
──What is this, this sensation!?
When he touched Shera and Rem, it was soft, warm, and made his heart beat faster . Although it was embarrassing, his body temperature would rise, and his tension would also jump up .
However, Krem was different .
「Nnn, do I do it like this?」
His strength was leaving his body . He became unable to move .
Maybe because Shera hadn’t noticed, she still had a bright smile on her face .
「That’s right, that’s right . When you press up like this, it seems that he gets totally energetic, you know?」
「Fumu, certainly, Maou is also starting to enjoy this -noda!」
Her skin felt like it was sticking on to him . When she pressed up to his arm, there was the sensation of electricity running through him, and it reverberated from the muscles in his spine up to his brain .
It was a sensation close to the time he drank the MP Recovery Potion .
「Fufufu, what’s wrong -noda, making a moaning voice like that? Could it be, this is good?」
Krem pressed her body on Diablo’s arm, and was rubbing herself against it .
As her skin rubbed against his, it turned into an abnormal stimulus and was transmitted to him .
「I see . This is fun -noda . 」
Krem smiled with her whole face . That alluring expression was something that didn’t make her seem like a child .
*Tsutsu* (Slide) Her fingertips caressed the back of his neck .
The place that she touched felt as if fire and ice were simultaneously pressed up against it . He received a strong, tingling stimulus .
Diablo couldn’t move as if he were tied down by chains .
「Nu, kuh……」
「Fufufu, a thick neck, a well-shaped chin, eyes with no distortions……You……It is as if you were something that was created -noda . 」
「Ugh, that’s……」
Certainly, Diablo had an appearance that was something that was created . It was a game’s avatar .
「This is good, right -nodana? Fuu……Fuu……」
Krem was panting .
Pressing her body on Diablo’s arm, she moved up and down it over and over again, rubbing up against it .
The strange stimulus came like waves that approached without end .
His own breathing became rough .
Before he knew it, Shera was also moving in a similar fashion . Making her face deep red, and repeatedly panting her breath, that soft body rubbed against Diablo’s arm .
「Nkuh……haa……haa……How is it? Diablo……Have you gotten energetic?」
「Yeah, I’m already……」
「No, not yet -noda . More, more……」
As if she were delirious from a fever, Krem clung onto him .
Gradually, her movements became faster .
The long sigh that Shera leaked out gradually changed into something high-pitched . Similarly, Krem was also──
「Fua! Ah……Somehow……This is, amazing -noda . Maou is, kinda feeling, fluffy inside……ッ」
「AH, NN, AHH, It kinda feels like, magical power is……pouring into me . Diablo, I……I, magical power is……FUAAhh! It’s overflowing!」
Diablo bit down on his teeth .
Shera bent back into the shape of a bow .
「AH! NAH! Magical power is, overflow……ッ……NHAAaahhh────ッ!!」
「Something, something is coming -noda! Coming -noda! F, from deep inside……ッ! HIGUuu!」
Spasming, Krem’s body trembled .
Because he was touching them, Diablo was able to perceive something .
Magical power that was enormous enough that he found it difficult to comprehend was gushing out from inside of Krem . There was no way that this was magical power that was just stored up .
If a normal Magician possessed a cup’s worth of magical power, and Diablo possessed a bathtub’s worth of magical power, Krem’s was as if he was taking a peek at a flowing river .
──Our structures are fundamentally different!?
Bathed in the outpour of that enormous magical power, Diablo found it difficult to even breath . He was drowning from the magical power .
「O, oi……Don’t let it flood out like that!」
「NN, FUAAhhhh!」
*Gaku gaku* Krem clung onto him while trembling .
And then, she──
*Kupah*, opened her mouth .
Her sharp fangs were lined up .
──I’m going to be eaten!?
*Kapuh* Her teeth hit the nape of Diablo’s neck .
It was a sweet bite (play bite) .
There was only a faint pain, but it went deeper than how it felt .
Immediately following that, Krem relaxed her limbs as if she were a puppet that had its strings cut .


*Guden* She hung over him .
The torrent of magical power also came to an end .
As if what had just happened were a lie, Diablo felt that his body had become lighter .
With not only Krem but Shera on him as well, they were deeply asleep as if they had fainted but……It were as if he couldn’t feel their weight .
His MP had made a complete recovery, and the fatigue of his body also vanished .
On the contrary, his senses were sharpened, and strength was swelling up in his limbs . It were as if he had drunk some strange medicine .
By some chance, wouldn’t this be how Demonic Beings that had magical power bestowed upon them from the Demon King would feel?
──Is it because I am a Demon?
The Demonic Being blood that was faintly mixed into him, might have reacted to the Demon King’s magical power .