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Chapter 277

It didn’t take long to set up the two tents . We were used to it by now . The tents faced each other and we started to build a bonfire in between them . There was plenty of firewood in the hollow bag, so that wasn’t a problem . Speaking of not being a problem, the chamber we were in was large and there were passages that meant we should have enough ventilation for a fire .

Then Daniela used earth magic to create a large bathtub and I filled it up with water . Then I made a fire underneath the bath boiler to heat up the water . As we had gotten covered in blood and bug fluids today, the feeling of disgust was overwhelming .


“If only I could use fire magic . ”

“Don’t worry, we have magic tools to make up for it . ”

“I guess…”


I looked at the swaying flames and the water’s surface and sighed . There was a small spark inside of me as well . I just had to use it properly . But up until now, I’ve only been able to make use of water and ice magic . Quickly switching magic attributes . That was something I was good at, but I’d been relying on ice magic because it was easy to think of specific shapes . If I was able to use water magic as smoothly as Adlus, it would mean I could do so much more during battle . Jack of all Trades, Master of None helped me study it, but it was still hard to visualize it . Even that skill couldn’t allow me to do it if my imagination wasn’t there .


Once the water was ready, I pushed the women to go in first . While they laughed and talked loudly, I prepared our dinner . That being said, it was just the usual soup . I used some tasty dried meat for stock and then added some spices, chopped meat, and leafy vegetables into it . Then I threw away the scum . But it seemed a bit lonely, and so I skewered some blocks of meat and tried to place them near the fire…


“…Oh, I can’t stab them into the ground here . ”


We weren’t camping on dirt . We were inside a building . The floor was all stone…




I forced the metal skewer into the cracks . Hmm . It worked, but the skewer had bent a little . It just looked sad… Perhaps I should get steel skewers instead of iron ones next time . In any case, preparations were complete . I just had to wait for the soup to boil and the meat to cook .


“Asagi . You can take your bath now . ”

“Ah, right . ”


Manager was calling me . In spite of there being a man present, she was completely… I’m just kidding . She came out looking very warm and fully clothed . This wasn’t some light novel .


I got up to my feet and grabbed some clean clothes from the hollow bag and then headed for the bathtub . And unlike the protagonist of such aforementioned novels, I waited outside and called to see if it was fine to come in . Daniela and Lemon’s voices answered me .


“We are still changing . Give us a minute . ”

“You don’t need to rush . ”

“Hmm…Lemon . You need to hurry up . ”

“Ah, hey, wait a minute!”

“You really don’t need to…”


I said to Lemon as well . If this a light novel, Lemon would have become so frantic that she’d fall through the partition, but such things didn’t happen here . I wouldn’t allow it . Regardless, I had my back towards it, just in case, as I stared at the ceiling .


“That’s a high ceiling…”


So, the Reserentrible dungeon was an ancient elven dungeon . We were likely the only ones who knew about it . Perhaps even the people who got to the end and triggered the trap didn’t know . I think, anyway . Perhaps they had other things to worry about . But…who had they been? Were they alright…?


We were quite deep in the dungeon ourselves . If this was a normal disaster, controlling the dungeon core up ahead would put an end to this inversion . The dungeon would go back into the ground . But it was different here . I guessed that the core here was fake and the real one was somewhere deep underground .


The idea of such a deep, deep chamber reminded me of the mines . It had been quite deep, and we had found the mysterious power of the dragon vein . Did the dragon vein flow through here as well…? I wouldn’t be surprised… But it had been so long since I last detected it .


“You can go in now . ”

“Sorry, it took so long . ”

“Uh, yeah . ”


Daniela and Lemon came out looking very steamy . I had mumbled something back, as I had been deep in thought . Daniela looked at me as if to ask if something was wrong, so I shook my head .


While it hadn’t really been long since my last bath, it was incredibly relaxing and I felt I would fall asleep if I wasn’t careful . But then again, those had been fights worthy of praise .


  □   □   □   □


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After finishing the simple meal, we all sat around the fire . As there was only one exit, we set the barrier tools there to prevent any intruders from coming in . That meant everyone would be able to get some sleep tonight .


“Hmm . I’m going to bed…”

“Haahhhh…good night…”


Lemon rubbed at her eyes and walked towards her tent . Everyone must be very tired…

Especially Lemon . As a supporter, she had carried the bags and also watched our backs . As I got to my feet, I decided to do something to show my appreciation once we got out .  


“Alright, good night . ”

“Aye, good night . Rindo and I will talk a little more before going to bed . ”

“Got it . But don’t drink anymore . ”

“I know . ”

“Good night, Asagi . ”

“Yeah, good night . ”


I waved at Daniela and Manager and went into our tent . Then I took out my water bottle from the hollow bag and drank a few sips before rolling up in my sleeping bag . It didn’t take long for me to drift off to the land of dreams .


The next morning… Or was it? I wasn’t sure . The sunlight didn’t reach the chamber we were in . Regardless, we had had enough rest, and so we packed up our things and stood in front of the door .


“So…I suppose we go in now . ”

“I’m worried there will be a trap as soon as we walk in . How likely is that?”


I asked as Daniela folded her arms .


“It is not impossible . These are ancient elves, after all . Anything can happen . ”


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Anyone who could make Daniela say that was pretty impressive in my book . But no one would disagree with her in this case . It was hard to even imagine what could happen . These were people who lived during a time of incredibly advanced magic . I wasn’t sure if they quite exceeded the modern world that I came from, but it wasn’t a stretch .


But there was no point in standing here and trying to guess . We had no choice but to open the door . We did talk about escaping should it be necessary, and then we all held our weapons ready .


“I’m opening it now . ”


I nodded at Manager . I was quite worried . Lemon and Manager each pushed one side of the double doors . Daniela and I stood ready with our weapons drawn .

While the doors seemed to struggle against them, it was just weight . Lemon and Manager pushed even harder, and the gap began to widen . Light poured through the gap and lit our feet . It rose to our legs and then enveloped our entire bodies . Before long, I was using my free arm to shield my eyes .


“It’s so bright…”


It was like coming out of a long, dark tunnel . Aside from the sounds of the others complaining about the light, the only thing I could hear was the creaking of the door . That stopped eventually . And after what seemed like a long time, my eyes adjusted . I lowered my arm and held my sword up .




I heard Daniela’s voice . I glanced to the side and saw that her eyes had widened with surprise . I returned my gaze up ahead, where Daniela was looking . Just as I thought . A black room spread out before us . It was like the ancient elven ruins . The walls, floors, and ceiling all had the glowing blue lines running across them . And in the center of the room, was a rectangular monument of some sort . There was nothing else in sight . No traps or guardian monsters . And of course, no ancient elves .


“This is really the center?”

“But there is nothing here . ”


Manager and Lemon said as they looked at the room .


“We will have to inspect it in any case . I will go first . ”

“I’ll go with you . ”

“Thank you . ”


Daniela walked in the lead and I followed her .


“You two stay there, just in case the doors close . ”

“Got it . ”

“I understand!”


Daniela and I wouldn’t be able to do anything if it was locked from the outside . I wasn’t sure if this material could be destroyed, but I wanted to avoid a situation where we were all trapped inside .


“Asagi . Let us go . ”

“Aye, Daniela . ”


I gulped and looked at Daniela’s back . I had seen this back for a long time now . I knew I could rely on it . And it was a back that only I could protect . No matter what, I would not let Daniela die .


Daniela took her first step into the room . Nothing happened . Then she took another . Still, nothing .

Then I took a step . Nothing happened . I tapped on it with the tip of my boot . Nothing . Then I jumped in and bumped into Daniela . Nothing . Well, Daniela did glare at me .


“It seems fine…”

“So there’s no traps…!?”


Seems like it . It was just as I was about to say that . The glowing lines suddenly shot towards the stone monument in the center of the room . The multiple lines gathered towards it and blue lights began to shine brightly . The lights traveled up to the top of the stone . When all of the lights were together, the lines disappeared . And then the lights on the stone were unleashed towards the ceiling .





A human figure could be seen within the pillar of light .