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Published at 7th of October 2018 05:41:37 PM

Chapter 28

Jack of all Trades – 28

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Ultimately, I just mumbled something random and forced my way out of the guild house . Yes, yes, that’s great . It’s my strongest weapon and my strongest shield .

The first thing I did after returning to the Spring Wind inn after three days was to pay another extension fee . I got a discount too .

As I left Daniela and headed for my room, I bumped into Mizel .

“Ohh, hello Asagi . It has been a while . ”

“It sure has, miss Mizel . ”

“I hear that you were camping out in the forest . But I’m glad to see you are doing well now . ”

“Ahahaha… I was quite lucky to make it back in one piece . ”

Is that so? She seemed to say as she tilted her head to the side . It is so . I answer with a chuckle . Though it was a long story and I didn’t want her to get shouted at by Maris again . She seemed to be aware of this too .

“Hehe . You’ve made me very curious, but I must move along before mama starts yelling . Perhaps another time . ”

“Yes, see you . ”

I waved and said goodbye . I insert the key into my second-floor room and open the door . It did not take long after I laid eyes on my bed before I became very drowsy . I was clearly still tired from the trip, as I thought I saw a succubus before collapsing onto my bed . I didn’t bother to change my clothes as I immediately drifted off into the world of dreams . It was such a deep sleep that no succubus could appear in it, and I slept undisturbed until morning .

□ □ □ □

Apparently, living by strict rules was something I could maintain in any situation because in spite of having been so tired the previous day, I was able to wake up at the usual time in the morning . During my night shift days, I would have gone right back to sleep, but my current body clock would not allow it . Remorsefully, I forced myself to get out of bed .

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I take a pair of clean clothes and head downstairs . I was off to the usual bathing room, which I had missed so much .

There were more adventurers here than usual, as they were leaving this morning . I exchange a few words with them before washing my body . Even that was incredibly relaxing . Three days it was . I would have to wash real good before entering the water . Don’t go anywhere! I’m on my way! I think to myself as I wash up .

Finally, the long-awaited bath . First, you dip your toes in . The burning hot water sends a jolt towards your brain . Take shallow, short breaths as you slowly sink the rest of your foot in . The sensation evoked the image of being pressed against by the soft flesh of women . Not that I ever had my foot pressed against like that . Damn it was hot . Slowly, slowly . Now the other foot sinks into the water . Ggg…shit! How was I supposed to stand in here! But this was not the best place to pass out . Control yourself, Asagi Kamiyashiro!

With shaky legs, I move over to the wall on the opposite side . I lean my back against the wall and slowly, carefully lower myself into the boiling water . Ah, shit .


That was audible . I endure the torture and sink further in until my now powerless limbs are submerged .

“Quit yer whining! Get in like a normal person!”

I was scolded . I offered an inarticulate apology before forgetting such things and enjoying the water . Really, did they have no emotions? It’s an actual phenomenon to make noises when entering a bathtub . In any case, I was always loud in here, but was never scolded before . Something must have happened . I glance over to the adventurers and see tired, drowsy faces .

“You seem very tired . What happened?”

I asked the adventurer who had been annoyed at me . The others began to explain .

“Ahh… You wouldn’t believe it . I don’t even understand it myself . But the forest wolves appeared in the southern forest out of nowhere . ”

“The guard who was on watch last night noticed first . We all had to grab our weapons and gather together . We were cautious of course, but it turned out that they were only migrating… Though a few goblins did come running in the direction of the town later, so we killed them . ”

“That was it . But what does it mean?”

Hmm . Strange things do happen . I wipe away the sweat from my forehead that had nothing to do with the heat or the steam .

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“It’s a mystery, eh? But it’s good that no one was hurt . You should rest well today . Anyway, I’m done here . Have a good day . ”

I say all of that in a single breath and get out of the tub . I returned their salutes and left the bathing area behind me .


Well then, according to our schedule, today was our day off . Or so I told Daniela the previous day . We would spend the day in whatever way we liked .

And so I made my way to Chief’s smithy .

“Chief, you here?”

“Asagi! You sure took your time!”

Aragira appeared from the forge, steam blowing off of him .

“I came to get my weapons . ”

“Aye, here it is . A steel sword, crafted by an expert . This one won’t break so easily, so you can flail away to your heart’s content . ”

“Oh, but I prefer technique . I will make the most delicate cuts . ”

We bantered like that for a bit before I handed Chief my order card and accepted the sword . It was slightly heavier than my previous one . Until now, I had chosen iron swords that were identical in weight, but not anymore . It was time to evolve . I would just have to adjust to this one . That was my goal, after all . I needed to be able to wield both light and heavy weapons .

“Thank you . Mind if I take a look?”

Chief only thrusts his jaw out in assent . I nod and pull it from its sheath . It was magnificent . A double-edged blade with a beautiful silver color . Unlike his apprentice’s swords, this one had his mark on the handguard . The emblem showed a sword and a hammer .

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“That is the proof that I, Aragira forged it . ”

Of course . This proved that it was from Aragira’s shop . I felt a sense of pride when I heard this . I moved away from the front counter and made sure that there was no one close by so I could test it . Vertically, horizontally . I swing, but it never feels like it’s out of my control . This must mean that I had advanced quite a bit . That was a relief . I did not want to be a slave to my skills .

I sheath the sword and hang it on my belt . Then I return to the counter to thank Chief .

“Thank you so much . It’s a good sword . ”

“Why wouldn’t it be! Also, this one’s on the house . ”


He took out a short sword from under the counter . It resembled the steel sword . Both in design and the fact that it was made by him .

“It’s a steel short sword . You’d hate to have to carry an iron one now, wouldn’t you?”

“Thank you… I’m glad I got you to make this . ”

“Is that not right! Is that not the truth!”

He smiled and clubs me on the shoulder . I barely stop my knees from buckling and smile back through gritted teeth .

“That being said, I’ve heard the story . They say you’ve got your hands on some ancient elven weapons . ”

“Ah, so you know?”

“It’s become a little rumor around here . ”

We had only just returned and yet the story had spread everywhere . People sure liked to talk .

“We were camping out in the forest until yesterday . The weapons were hidden in a little room inside some ruins we happened upon . ”

“Ohhh…and where are they?”

“I’m keeping them at the guild house . I wasn’t exactly going to carry them around with me . ”

“Bah, I was looking forward to seeing them . ”

His shoulders slumped with disappointment . But he quickly moved on from it and began to ask questions with intense curiosity .

“So how sharp were they?”

“I haven’t tested them . ”


His shoulders slumped with disappointment . There was something a little amusing about seeing such a mass of power looking depressed .

“I haven’t even mastered using a sword yet, and also, I was waiting for my order with you, Chief . ”

I say and pat the steel sword on my belt . He looks at me with an expression that was a mix of disappointment and delight .

“…Indeed . That’s what I like about you, Asagi . Weapons are to be used, not to be used by . These will save you . ”

I nod and look at the sword . It was necessary in order for this part-timer to survive in this world . I was reminded of that reality once again, and with that sobering thought, I left Chief’s smithy .

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