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Chapter 281

“…So, that was what happened . ”

“I see . ”


We made a report of everything that had happened . Asagi Kamiyashiro . Twenty-two years old . A part-time worker who was loved by his neighbors . Now working as an Adventurer in another world .

And the person I was talking to, was the man who was responsible for the entire country . His Royal Majesty, Emperor Veldrid Pauzencia Flugelnia . He was not the kind of person that I would usually gain an audience with . But we had participated in the tournament due to Daniela, and I was lucky enough to end as first-runner up, so we were able to meet him . He now knew our names and faces .


“That place was what remained of an ancient elven laboratory . That is most unexpected . ”

“It had been invaded five-hundred and eighty-nine years ago . That’s when it took the shape that Reserentrible was known for . I’ve written down the details here, if you would like to take a look . ”

“Thank you . You have both been very helpful . Not only did you help the Imperial Sword Tournament become a success, but you stopped an unprecedented disaster . That cannot go unrewarded…”

“If it is a title, I must refuse . ”

“Hahaha . The state does not bind Adventurers . No, it shall be something like the last . ”


The Emperor chuckled at Daniela’s rather sharp rejection . Daniela . That’s the Emperor you’re talking to…

Well, I would have rejected it as well . However, I didn’t want to accept any other gift either .


“Our involvement was purely as guild members completing a quest . The only thing we should be accepting is the reward from the guild . We cannot accept anything from you directly, Your Majesty . ”

“Hmm…you may be right about that . That being said, Asagi, you did get the military involved . So the matter now exceeds the scope of the Adventurer’s Guild . So would it not be normal for there to be a special reward as well? Am I wrong?”


He looked at me smugly . The fact that he wanted to push something onto us so much almost made me suspicious . Of course, there really wasn’t much we could do .


“Hahaha . You suspect something, don’t you? No, there is nothing more to it . But there is so much in the castle from previous Emperors that are now collecting dust . But they are not items for display . They are tools . I am thinking about making good use of all of them during my generation . The world will be richer for it . I suppose you thought it strange that I should give you an Emperor’s sword when you didn’t win? Well, that is how I do things here . ”


The Emperor sunk back into his chair and gracefully crossed his legs . Indeed, I had thought it a little excessive . I had even refused it initially .


“I think you have a bright future ahead of you . We will not try and tie you down, but I’m sure you will help us in some other way, eventually . That will be more than enough . ”

“Well, it would be a crime not to accept it after you’ve said all of that…”

“Hahaha! Your punishment can be to become a nobleman and work for this country . ”


I’d hate that . I’ll take the gift instead .


And so the Emperor called someone in . Someone I had never met before . An elderly man with a white beard and a shrewd look . Probably a minister or something like that .

And there was someone behind him who was dressed in a military uniform and was carrying something . That person passed on the thing to the minister, who then gave it to the Emperor . It seemed like a waste of time, but perhaps it was a necessary ceremony .


“Here . This is for you, Asagi . ”


“I gave you a one-handed sword last time . This one is a two-handed sword . ”


He said with a grin . I had a lot of swords already . But, uh, boys will be boys? I was still happy to have another one .

And so I respectfully accepted it . It was sheathed, and much thinner than the Schwarz Tempest . Though, there weren’t many greatswords that were as wide as that sword .


“Do you mind if I take a look?”

“Of course, not . ”


And so I bowed before clutching the sheath and slowly pulling the handle .


“This…has a single-sided blade . ”

“Rare, isn’t it? It was also a former Emperor’s . ”


Most of the swords in this world were what I would consider western . In other words, double-edged swords . And so yes, this kind of blade did stick out . I wondered what its roots were…maybe it had been made by someone else who had been transported or reincarnated in the past… I was quite sure that this was the case for Ashikirimaru . I mean, it was in the name . But regardless, I had no knowledge of swords . After all, the only people who did in modern Japan were either craftsmen or enthusiasts . I just thought they looked cool .


Well, enough of that . This sword . This single-edged blade . As it was meant to be held with both hands, the blade was over one meter long . It was heavy, but not so heavy that I would have trouble swinging it . Probably because it was still thin . It was maybe half of the weight of my greatsword .

The handle was wrapped in leather . But it didn’t look worn at all . What kind of leather was it? I doubted it had been added recently .


“You noticed it? It is the skin of a wolf that once roamed the forest to the south . It was a giant wolf that was over four meters tall but could run like the wind . Not only that, but it is said that it had two heads . ”


Two heads…


“The people that live in the south called the monster Orthros . ”


No kidding . How many two-headed wolves could there be? Orthros was supposed to be Cerberus’s younger brother . I hoped this brother wouldn’t be in the southern forest .

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“As for that blade, Orthros’s blood, bones, flesh, skin…all of it was put into a magic stone in order to make this sword . The sword itself is called Orthros as well . ”



I suppose the blacksmith wasn’t too creative . However, they used the blood, flesh, and bones too… That was uh, interesting . It was uncomfortably similar to that Assault Kobold sword . That sword came equipped with a curse . In fact, I still had it inside of the hollow bag . This sword may have something similar too…


“…Huh . It had two heads, but there is only one blade . You’d kind of think the blacksmith would have at least made dual blades . ”

“Aye . There was apparently another sword to go with it . ”


“No one knows where it is . Like me, the previous Emperor must have given it to someone worthy . And it’s been lost ever since . ”


Well…that sounded a little ominous . Besides, people would then blame me if this sword never saw the light again .


“Hahaha . Your face can’t lie . But don’t worry about it . This is a sword that is meant to be used . I don’t see how it can be wasted once it is in your hands . At least, if you really are a good man . ”

“Thank you… I’ll take good care of it . ”


I felt like he was shoving the responsibility onto me after all .  


“Hmm . That’s good to hear . Now you, Daniela . I heard that you do not use any other weapons but your own . ”


“Yes . They were my mothers . ”

“I see . I see . It’s a good thing I didn’t have any weapons in mind then . ”


The Emperor nodded to the minister behind him . Then the minister accepted something from the military man behind him, and then he handed it to the Emperor .


“What is that?”

“This was from an auction . And so it is not something tied to the royal family, but it is still valuable . And I believe it is perfect for you . ”


There was a tray with a cloth over it, and on the cloth, was a ring that was green in color . A ring… A ring?


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“This ring is made out of wind ore . It has also been specially processed and has magical enchantments that boost its power . This will help strengthen your wind magic . ”


I haven’t even give Daniela a ring yet!


“Thank you very much . It is a great gift . However, I cannot accept it . ”



I looked at her . She chuckled .


“He has not yet given me a ring . While Your Majesty is very generous, I want a ring from Asagi to be my first . And so I cannot accept it . ”

“Hmm… Indeed . I had assumed that matters were more official between you two . That being said, Asagi . That is something to think about, eh? You should not force your woman to say such a thing . ”

“Yeah…I’m sorry…”


I had been thinking about giving her one eventually . But I hadn’t expected someone to beat me to it . Especially not an Emperor . Damn it…


“Do not look so sad, Asagi . Your Majesty . We go at our own pace in that regard . Besides, I think his modesty is one of his more appealing qualities . I would not like to rush him in any way . ”

“Oh, have I kicked the hornet’s nest? Haha, forgive me . It is none of my business . But let me see, we must have something else then . Hmmm…”


As the magic ring would not do, the Emperor tried to think of something else to give her . It was as if he were going through an inventory in his mind and choosing what he thought would fit her the most .

In the meantime, I just sipped my tea and waited . However, His Majesty continued to have a faraway look on his face . It started to feel a little uncomfortable, since I knew he was actually very busy . Perhaps the others felt it too, because the minister then whispered something into his ear .


“Your Majesty, might I suggest the magic tool…”

“Hmm? …Ah, yes! That would be useful in their travels . Yes, I have been too focused on combat . You really do have the best ideas . ”

“You are too kind . ”


Apparently, he had decided on something . It didn’t seem to be an accessory this time…


“Rejoice . I have thought of something most wonderful . You will be given a special horse . Don’t worry, there will be two of them . It is just the thing . Yes, have them brought here . ”


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That would mean that I got two gifts… But I suppose it was nothing to be bothered about . After all, if Daniela was the only one with a horse, I would have to run all of the time . But it would also be awkward if I had to give back the sword . This was all because I had been so late in giving Daniela a ring…it really was sad .


Still, did they really keep the horses inside of the castle? Well, maybe the stable was nearby . But…they were going to bring them here…in this room?

As I wondered about this, the man in the military uniform opened the door . What then came out, was made of metal . It wasn’t alive .


“Be amazed . This is a horse-shaped magic tool that was created in the age of ancient elves . We believe that they were used in the army . They are stronger than most horses and are very fast . As they are also equipped with saddles, they should not be too uncomfortable to ride . But the best thing about them is that they do not tire . They will run for as long as you wish . Well, that is, as long as they have magic energy to run on . ”

“Are you…certain? Surely mere Adventurers are not worthy of such a prized gift…”

“I told, you don’t worry about that . I am making it a gift to you . You accept it . That’s all there is to it . ”

“I understand . Then I shall accept . Thank you . ”

“Good . Now, everything is settled . That took more time than expected… I must be going now . ”


His Majesty glanced towards me and smiled . I bowed my head .


“Hahaha . Until next time then . ”

“Thank you!”

“Thank you . ”


And so our business at the imperial castle ended . We had only gone to make a report, but left with gifts . Perhaps it was because I wasn’t from this world, but I now felt like I owed him something . Gratitude and returning favors were part of being Japanese… I mused as we left the castle .

The horses were able to be stored in my bag . It was similar to the Automata, in that it contained a core that allowed it to move . So, it wasn’t alive .  


“Impressive gifts . ”

“Maybe…though, it does feel like they were forced onto us . ”

“A strategic move on his part, I suppose . Well, you are likely right . We may have to help them in the future . ”

“I wonder how expensive these horses are? I’m sure there are people who use horses as part of their job that would kill for such things . ”


That made me not want to use them too much . People would see them and word would spread . Who knew what would happen then .


“But is it not part of our job to root such people out and deal with them?”

“If he was considering that as well…this Emperor is ruthless . ”


Of course, I wasn’t actually sure about any of this… Attract criminals to us and kill them… If Daniela was right…well, perhaps it wasn’t wrong that someone would do that for their country . Still, I felt like a puppet now . But there was no going back . I suppose we would just have to use them where we could . Damn it . He had even said that there was nothing to it and I shouldn’t be suspicious . I sighed as we walked out of the gates to the castle .