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Chapter 284

I left the Carteraza house and went straight towards the exit of the noble district . The same gatekeeper was there, and we exchanged a few words before I headed back to the east district . I was going to where the street stalls were located . It seemed like the right place to look for Daniela…


“…So, that’s why I’m going out tonight . ”

“I see . ”


Finding Daniela turned out to be rather easy . And so I bought some lunch at one of the stalls and then sat next to her so I could talk about what had happened .


“It should be simple enough, since you have Night Eyes . ”

“I guess…”

“But it is quite surprising that you should get involved with that Automata again . ”

“Seriously . But it was nice seeing it moving . I almost didn’t believe it . ”

“You would have sold a faulty product if it did not move . ”


I wonder if I would have gotten into trouble for that? Gotten a low rating…? No, there was no point in thinking about that now .


We chatted about random things of no importance for a while . And then I brought up my equipment . Perhaps I should acquire a set that was good for stealth? Though, I did have Presence Block, and could use it pretty well . I asked Daniela if she wanted to go to the armor shop with me, but she looked like she was still hungry . And so we parted ways .

I would go to the armor shop and then continue the quest . Daniela said she’d go out drinking at some bar . She said it was because it was the kind of place I would embarrass myself in . I had nothing to say to that .


  □   □   □   □


And so I went around to different stores while thinking about guarding and hiding . As this was the imperial capital, there were many shops that sold armor . And they were all of high in quality . And there was a lot of great armor that wasn’t dragon . Not that I was very particular about that . I was a little conflicted over using the majority of the advance payment from Miss Camila, but I consoled myself with the fact that I would receive double that if I succeeded .

Daniela was still out eating . And so I decided to return to the inn and take a short nap in preparation for tonight . But there was one thing I had to do first . Inspect the equipment I had purchased . And so I took out the old appraisal glasses .


‘Shadow Lizard Belt – Belt made of Shadow Lizard leather . Absorbs sounds that the wearer makes . ’

‘Nightmare Crow Cape – Cape made of Nightmare Crow feathers . Makes the wearer lighter . ’

‘Thrust Bear Gauntlets – Gauntlets made of Thrust Bear claws . Claws are retractable . ’

‘Bloody Spider Shoes – Shoes made from Bloody Spider webs . Erases wearer’s footsteps . ’

‘Black Lamia Leather Armor – Leather Armor made from Black Lamia skin . Slight boost in strength . ’


I had bought several other items as well, but these five were what I chose to use tonight .


The Shadow Lizard was a monster that lived in the shadows in order to hide . And this belt would absorb sounds coming from the wearer . Things like footsteps or the sounds of your clothes rustling . Also, the sounds of armor and weapons clinking . But it didn’t absorb your voice . So I would have to avoid singing while on the job . That’s just the way it was .


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Nightmare Crows were mysterious monsters . They seemed to only appear in the night sky . So, how were they hunted for their feathers? Hunters that could use Night Eyes shot them down . The cape made the wearer’s body lighter . Legs of the God Wolf allowed me to straight-up float, but that also drew too much attention .  


The Thrust Bear was a bear-type monster with especially deadly claws . And these gauntlets made use of those claws . You just sent magic energy into them and the bear claws would grow out . And it could do it silently, thanks to the Shadow Lizard belt . A silent, deadly weapon .


Bloody Spiders were monsters that lived deep in the forest . If you ever see a spider web that is red, you’ll know a Bloody Spider lives there . Not only are these spiders red, but they also drink blood . They weave remarkably strong webs as well . And so these shoes were durable like leather . Perhaps it was a feature of the webs, but they also absorbed sound . So they were perfect for secrecy .


Among the things I bought, these were the ones made of monster materials . The Black Lamia armor didn’t have anything to do with stealth, but I was curious enough to buy it . I had killed a Lamia before, but this one was a unique one . Or at least, it seemed pretty rare . Especially since it had an enchantment that boosted your strength . The armor was made to fit tightly and was pretty hard in spite of being light .


I had various reasons for choosing each item, but ultimately, they all seemed like they would help me stay hidden . It kind of seemed like over-kill for this specific quest, but I didn’t see the harm in it . And there was another reason .


I had been relying on Daniela way too much since coming to this world . There were too many moments where I wouldn’t have made it without her help . It had been a very long time since I last did a quest solo . And so this would be a good way to test myself . And using the equipment I bought on my own was part of that .

I had been hoping for an opportunity like this, so this quest was perfect . And so I prepared the equipment myself . With my own money . Everything I was wearing was chosen by me .

“Now that I think of it… The last time I chose my own armor was at Chief’s . I didn’t have money back then, and had to settle for old leather armor . ”


Old armor and weapons made by the apprentice . I used them to hunt goblins every day so I could retrieve their weapons and sell them . It had not been easy .


“I should never forget how I felt back then . ”

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Remember it . I would treat this mission like it was my first .

And to do that, I needed to get some sleep . I was going to stay up all night, after all . And so I put my equipment by the table and then sunk into my bed . I hadn’t slept this early in a while, but it wasn’t too hard to fall asleep . I had plenty of practice during my time on the night-shift .


  □   □   □   □


I awoke to the sound of the door closing .


“Mm . Did I wake you?”



Her face looked a little red . I suppose her bar-hopping adventure had come to an end .


“Hahhh… I better get ready . ”

“I came back early, so you still have some time . ”

“Oh . Right . ”

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I looked at the clock and saw that it was a little past seven… The sun had gone down, but things were still lively in the city . This would continue until at least eleven, so I had plenty of time to go to the noble district . For all I knew, there were others hired to watch the area as well, but I hadn’t heard anything about them . Maybe we would have a meeting upon arriving . Otherwise, it would just be very confusing when trying to tell who was an Adventurer and who was a potential thief . Of course, it was also possible that I was the only one .


I mused over this while showering . My brain felt fully awake by the time I put the armor on . As for weapons, I grabbed a short sword, just in case . The Ashikirimaru . I had the gauntlets and could also use magic if necessary . It just seemed like a good idea to avoid any long weapons .


Then I made a quick meal out of the food that Daniela had bought, and then stood up from the chair .


“I better go now . ”

“It is your first solo quest in a while . Be careful . ”

“Yeah . I’ll try and treat it as if it’s my first . ”

“Hmm . You look good in your new gear . ”

“Thanks . See you later . ”


Daniela raised her fist and I bumped mine against it . We would kiss when I got back . Until then, I would have to succeed in this quest and gain experience and some confidence .


I opened the window in our room and activated Presence Block . It was about average in level, but my equipment enhanced the effect . And so when I activated Legs of the God Wolf and jumped out of the window, no one noticed me . No one but Daniela . She waved from the window as I ran through the sky .