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Chapter 285

 decided to let the gatekeeper know that I was there, just in case .


“Ah, Mister Asagi . What is it? Are you going somewhere?”


There was a mixture of curiosity and suspicion as he looked at my getup .


“I’m sure you noticed it when inspecting my status card this afternoon, but I’ve accepted a quest to help guard this mansion . ”

“Yes, I did see that… I see . So this is about the strangers that have been seen lurking around the Carteraza house . ”


Apparently, rumors of it had spread within the military as well . However, it seemed that as nothing had happened, no one was too concerned .


“The army has sent out more men and increased patrol shifts in the area, but…”

“They’re having difficulty?”

“Aye . As you can imagine, the best men would have their hands full on more important missions . The people they can spare are rather…”


He muttered something about training new recruits . I guess they weren’t going to use many resources into investigating a ‘suspicious person . ’


“Well, that’s why I’m here . ”

“I have a feeling that with you here, Mister Asagi, we’ll see an end to this business . ”


The gatekeeper said with a laugh . I laughed too . But it was an awkward, embarrassed laugh . I had no idea how this would go . Of course, I did want to succeed and help Miss Camila find peace . If she thought of Adventurers as tools, then I should at least prove how valuable we were .


“Be careful, Mister Asagi . ”

“Thank you . You too . ”


I bowed and walked through the gate . Once I was about ten meters away, I activated Presence Block and Legs of the God Wolf and headed straight for the house .


  □   □   □   □


“I suppose I should tell her I’m here…”


Just let them know that I was about to start .  


“Good evening . I’m here to guard the house . ”



He was very surprised . Damn it, sometimes Presence Block worked too well . The doorkeeper wouldn’t have noticed me until he heard my voice . So I understood why he was scared…


“Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that . ”



He was so shocked that he was coughing now . This equipment was incredible!


“Mmm…gg…haa . It’s you, Mister Asagi . …Please go inside…”

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“Thank you . Uh, I really am sorry . ”

“I’m quite fine…”


He didn’t look fine . But I could imagine that everyone had been nervous for the last few days . Who knows what was going through his mind when I showed up . Poor guy . But I had no magic to help him, and so I just bowed and went past him . It just took a single jump with Legs of the God Wolf to reach the door . There was no time to walk .


The butler from this afternoon was standing there . He bowed and opened the door, and so I stepped inside . I was then led to the same drawing-room as before . This time, Miss Camilla was already waiting there .


“There you are . Oh, that’s a rather intense change of equipment . ”

“I brought it specifically for tonight . How is it?”

“I care not at all . Now, you will be guarding alone tonight . ”


There was to be no compliments from her . Daniela had been nice, at least .


“There are no other servants or Adventurers then?”

“Well, there would have been, had anyone but you accepted the request . Of course, no normal person would accept one with the name of Carteraza stamped on it . ”


Ignorance was horrifying . It meant even most people who came from the outside knew the eight Great Houses . As for me, I only knew of House Quingeria and House Carteraza . The former was the house that Alenbia Ef Quingeria was from . The noblewoman from the Imperial Sword Tournament .


“So, I shouldn’t expect to have any allies in the area . ”


Exactly . Don’t see this as purposeful sadism or worse, a show of my confidence in you . It just seemed the most logical to me . My servants would only get in your way . ”

“You might be expecting a little too much from me . ”

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“An A-Rank Adventurer with an Alias who was first-runner up in the Imperial Sword Tournament . You may be attempting to be modest, but with such a status, it sounds more like sarcasm . ”


Much of that was mere coincidence . Getting involved in a town we stopped by helped raise my level to A . And it was that damned redhead, Bordow, who named me Silvergreen . I had beaten Adlus because the circumstances were favorable to me . It was not the case against Daniela . There was no end to people who were above me .


“And so I am asking you alone . With your feet, you shouldn’t have any trouble moving over walls, I presume?”

“Yeah . ”

“Then it’s settled . ”


She said . And without waiting another second, she got up and left the room . The butler opened the door for me, and so I followed him to the entrance . It was just as I was about to step out that he called to me .


“Good luck, Mister Asagi . ”


That was all . And it was much warmer than all that talk of tools . I was encouraged .


“Thank you . Leave it to me . ”


I gave him a thumbs up and stepped outside . The cool winter air stimulated my brain as I sucked it in . I could feel my head clear .


“…Alright then . ”


I turned around and used Legs of the God Wolf to jump up onto the roof of the mansion . Then I crouched and activated Presence Block . It was there that I widened the range of Presence Detection and used Eyes of the God Wolf to watch the area .

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While I did have Night Eyes, I hadn’t said anything about using it . I had only muttered in reply to Daniela . Hehe!


I was just a guy who sat there all in black . But it took an intense amount of concentration .

I would probably need to take a break every hour .

And that was how my night of guarding began . It was almost nine o’clock . And I would have to stack up until morning .

But damn it . It was cold… Not having my ice dragon armor made it feel even colder . However, I was able to bear it, by just using a little dark blue magic . The night sky was clear and you could see the moon . The garden was particularly beautiful under the moonlight . Not that I could spend much time looking at it . I had other things to watch .


“Let’s do this…”


I was getting used to the cold now . And so I used Eyes of the God Wolf to scan the entire area .


  □   □   □   □


And so I sat and guarded for five hours . It was now just a little past three o’clock . About ninety percent of the mansion staff were motionless in bed . The few who were still moving were likely maids or the butler . The gatekeeper had also retired, and there was no one on the outskirts of the property .

And then, a single figure entered my wide detection range . Well, it had happened several times before . And whenever I had looked closer with Eyes of the God Wolf, it had always been a drunken soldier or servant . They’d sway from side to side in front of the house and then walk away . That was all .


However, this one was clearly different . First, this one wasn’t wobbling about . It was coming straight towards the Carteraza house . Then it seemed to stare hard, and move away . When it returned, there were other presences as well .


“Hah…surely this doesn’t mean a night raid…”


I muttered on top of the roof . I could see them talking with my now platinum eyes . But unfortunately, I couldn’t hear them . And my eyes were telling me that this wasn’t normal .

It was written all over their faces . They were going to sneak in and steal something .