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Chapter 286

There were six men who, like me, were dressed entirely in black . Currently, they were standing in the shadows of the house on the other side of the street and looking this way . I could tell through Eyes of the God Wolf that they were targeting this house, and it seemed like only a matter of time before they put their plan into action . All other appearances at midnight up until now had been to scout out the place .

However, I wasn’t sure if I was lucky or unlucky to have been here on the night they decided to do it… Well, I suppose I was lucky, given it would mean more money . Though, that depended on my ability to capture all six of them and finish the job . As I folded my arms and considered this, the men started to walk towards the house .


“After some simulations…”


While I watched, I used Jack of all Trades, Master of None to see how I should move while fighting multiple opponents . Immobilize them without killing them… I used Legs of the Gold Wolf to jump into the sky and move over to the shadows of the building they had been hiding near . It was due to this new gear that I was able to move to their back so easily . So, this was what I could do while wholly relying on my equipment . I would be able to do even more with some practice…I think .




As I’d prefer to be unrecognized, I pulled down the hood of the Nightmare Crow cape . It was very similar to the hood on the wind dragon poncho .  

Once I was ready, I silently created a sphere of water in the palm of my hand and then stretched it out . Its shape was maintained as it traveled towards the closest man and rapidly covered his mouth . Then I converted the energy I was sending so that the water froze in an instant . Still, his nostrils remained exposed so he could breathe . Then I hurriedly picked him up and jumped away with Legs of the God Wolf .


“Mmmm! Mmm!”

“Yes, yes . Be quiet . ”


And just like that, I took him to the guardhouse near the Carteraza garden . He struggled viciously, of course, but I just splashed more water over his limbs and froze it .


“Mm . Mmm…”

“You better stay quiet . ”


Just in case, I froze the rest of his body up to his neck . Now it was time to go onto the next guy . And so I left him and searched for the others with Eyes of the God Wolf . Perhaps they were being cautious, as they were walking quite slowly . It was good that they were wary of their surroundings, but pretty bad that they hadn’t even noticed one of their numbers was missing . Amateurs .

And so I used the same method to abduct another target and then dumped him near the guardhouse . It was just as I had successfully taken down the third man and was about to start on the fourth . Something had changed . They had finally realized that people had gone missing . I could see them frantically looking around . I had simulated this scenario in my head already . I was currently watching them from the sky .


“Where are they? Why aren’t they here…!”

“Shh! Perhaps we’ve been discovered…!”

“Damn! What’s happening!?”


They were talking pretty loudly for people who were trespassing . Where was their sense of danger? Also, hearing their voices like this told me one thing that was new . The person in the lead was a woman . The short hair had made me assume otherwise… Of course, this didn’t change anything . Tie them up and hand them over to Miss Camilla . End of the quest .

Slowly, I unleashed dark blue energy into the air, filling it with the water attribute . Once I had control over the moisture, I changed the energy in the ice attribute . Attribute conversion . This too was a new magic I had devised through Jack of all Trades, Master of None while I was guarding .


“Frost Rain . ”


I muttered, activating the spell . And like that, drops of rain began to fall onto the garden . The three intruders looked up at the sudden downpour, but Presence Block insured that they didn’t see me . While they were clearly puzzled, they were still more interested in finding where their comrades had gone . Regardless, their defeat was all but confirmed . They should have run when they had the chance . After all, this was Frost Rain .  


“Damn it . Where did they…huh?”

“Why-why is this rain freezing!”

“Thi-this is bad! We have to get…!”


The water froze just as it hit them . It wasn’t just cold rain . And since they didn’t run the moment it hit, their clothes would freeze over, and they would no longer be able to move . And then they would be caught . That being said, doing magic on this scale without my ice dragon armor was, back-breaking work… I was starting to feel dizzy . But I kept it up and took in deep breathes . As I waited, the intruders started to freeze . The woman in the lead was covering her mouth, but the other two were just screaming .

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I didn’t think I could take it much longer, and so I stopped the rain and slowly descended . The two men completely encased in ice, and only their eyes were moving . As for their leader…I think she was, anyway…she was closing hers . It was odd . Just as my feet touched the ground, I sensed the stirring of magical energy . She hadn’t given up!

I unsheathed my sword in preparation . It was then that I realized what color the energy was .


“Shit… A pyromancer…”


The red energy coursed through her body . White fumes rose into the air as the ice rapidly began to melt . Well, this will be interesting . I thought . And then her eyes opened and she looked straight at me .


“Now I can see you . Your skills with Presence Block are incredible . ”

“Not quite . It’s all in the equipment . ”

“Hmph . I won’t be fooled so easily . Who are you?”


She asked as she unsheathed a single-edged blade . I was the one who should be asking that question .


“Why don’t you answer that first? You are a brave bandit for trying to steal from one of the eight great houses . ”

“I’m no bandit . This…is a mission!”


Her arm prepared to strike as she charged forward . I ducked and then jumped back .


“You’ve been doing an awful job then . Are you new?”

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“We are the elite!”


I spun around and blocked her upward slash with Ashikirimaru . I then tried to push her back, but she turned it to the side . She was quick to switch from offensive to defensive . In terms of combat at least, she was pretty decent .


“A mission to steal from someone?”
“It is my duty to obey the client!”


This time I parried her attack with my left gauntlet and then punched with my right hand, which was gripping the shortsword . I couldn’t let my guard down when dealing with someone who was armed . I jumped back after hitting her in the shoulder . I wanted to find out who this person was before arresting her .

The Carteruza’s were nobles . There was no doubt they would use torture when it came to questioning . And that was something I had a distaste for . Daniela’s more playful bedroom antics being an entirely separate matter . Knowing where this would all lead, being able to avoid all that and extract the information myself would prove that I was a capable man .


“I know that you’re after the Automata . That was sold through an official transaction . It’s not something you can take . ”

“It is not for us to decide what is right and wrong!”

“It’s a bad idea! This is Carteraza . Surely they are more powerful than whoever is backing you?”

“…! That doesn’t matter! Get out of my way!”


She growled and held her sword out as she charged . I was going to parry the attack and move behind her, but had to jump away instead . She had suddenly raised her sword to slash . The starlight glimmered over the blade’s tip as it missed me by a hair’s breadth . My body felt lighter because of the cape . I could jump pretty high even without Legs of the God Wolf . I was feeling really good about my shopping choices…



“Give up . You can’t beat me . ”

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“Don’t be so sure . I’ll kill you and rescue the others . We’ll finish the mission!”


That was some hot-blooded loyalty . Would it be very difficult to persuade her…?

Well, in that case, I would just have to use overwhelming force . I put away the shortsword and created an Ice Sword in my empty hand . This could be done in an instant when I am wearing ice dragon armor . Still, it was really just a second’s difference .


“…So, you were holding back all alone . ”

“I told you to stop . If you won’t, I’ll have to make you!”


From that point, the battle was vicious . As Eyes of the God Wolf was tiring to use, I switched to Night Eyes and could see her very clearly . And like that, I dodged her swings, blocked, and made it known that she was no match for me . I thought it would all be over once her sword went flying into the air . But then, just like me, she conjured a sword made of fire and attacked . A Flame Sword, huh? In that case, a Water Sword would be better to get rid of it . As Daniela said, you could annihilate magic by hitting it with the same attribute or with the same amount of energy . While ice was weaker, I could push through if I used three times as much energy, but that was an unnecessary gamble .

Once I had broken through her trump card, she finally fell to her knees .


“Give up . I don’t mean to kill you . ”

“Your intentions…mean nothing . ”


True . But I still wanted to keep my hands clean . Perhaps they had a reason for doing this . And so I couldn’t just kill them . That’s what I was . A weak human .


“I can negotiate for you . But you have to talk to me first . ”

“…You want me to trust you?”


She looked up and stared at me . It was written all over her face . Circumstances . Obviously, there were things I could and couldn’t do . But I intended to do my best .