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Chapter 291

“Inside the house . There are two in the first room to the right . And then there is one hiding in the house next to it . ”

“Understood . ”


Answered Marcel . She seemed the more energetic of the two, and immediately moved towards the house with the goblins . Silket had a more somber air as she followed after her . I followed in order to make sure they wouldn’t have any trouble .

The goblins were waiting on both sides of the room’s entrance . However, Marcel did not slowly poke her head into the room, as they must have anticipated . Instead, she rolled through and caught them by surprise . Then she spun around and aimed for the neck of the first goblin . She held her short sword with the blade pointing down and swung . The first goblin’s head flew in the air as the other looked at her with rage and fell upon her . However, Silket was quick to act . And her one-handed sword pierced into the goblin’s exposed back .


“Hmm . Good . ”


I nodded . They were synchronized and seemed to see each other perfectly . It was probably because they were in the same party .

As I watched them, I used Presence Detection to check on the other goblin . It had heard the noise and was moving restlessly…I think . That’s when I saw it poke its head out of the window to look…


“Wrong move . ”


I planted an ice arrow in its forehead .


“Alright, let’s go then . ”

“Yes… Uh, you’re quite intimidating to watch, Mister Asagi . ”

“Though…we are in the higher ranks of Jades in the imperial city…”

“I’m just more used to it, that’s all . You should have seen me running from forest wolves in the beginning . ”


I thought back on that day in Fhiraldo . I really thought that I was going to die…


“Surely not! But you have an alias! And a unique skill!”

“It is certainly hard to believe!”

“No, it’s true . Though, there were about fifteen wolves chasing after me . Still, I was screaming and shouting for help as I ran . ”


They didn’t seem entirely convinced . Well, I was just an ordinary civilian back then . Compared to how I was now, it was no wonder they didn’t believe it .


“…Anyway, let’s continue on!”




This was no time for reminiscing . We had to hurry up and wipe out the goblins from the village .


And so I frantically ran out of the house and searched the area with Presence Detection . Hmm…there were a lot of goblins near a group of Jades . The ones around Daniela were in a manageable number . In that case, we should visit the group of Jades and kill any goblins we met on the way .

The other two nodded in agreement . And we acted quickly, running towards the group while killing anything in our path . They were close to the center of the village . While the village was not particularly large, it wasn’t a poor one either . These were proper houses, not shacks, and there was something like a watchtower in the center . Maybe there had been a festival .


When we reached the tower, the situation became quite clear . They had taken a stand in the center of the village while the goblins had swarmed around them . But there was no changing the fact that these were goblins fighting Jades . They prevented the circle from tightening around them as they cut the goblins down and decreased their numbers . It seemed like they had things under control .

However, they were still walking on a tightrope . If a mutant appeared now, their strategy would crumble . Thankfully, I had yet to sense the presence of one .


“Alright, let’s join them!”



Of course, just because there wasn’t a mutant, didn’t mean they couldn’t use our help . This fight should be finished as quickly as possible . Besides, watching Marcel and Silket fight so bravely had strengthened my resolve to ensure that everyone return to the imperial city safely .

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Velnoir cut a goblin’s spear in half before viciously cutting it down . A goblin raised its sword at my back . I spun around and kicked it into the air, then created an ice sword in my left hand, which I used to split its head open . By now they seemed to have realized that it would take more than one goblin to take me down, and so multiple goblins rushed towards me at once . With Legs of the God Wolf, I escaped to the air and landed behind them with a deadly slash .




I could hear someone saying, but I was too busy to care . While the enemy were going down easily, I was still frantic . The reason for it was that I had started to sense an odd presence . Something like that poison goblin . It smelled unique .

I continued to search and looked with my eyes, but could not find it . Its presence was so vague, that I wondered if it might be using some sort of magic tool to hide . It was as if it were melting into the air and into the earth…


“Asagi! Below you!”


Suddenly, Daniela’s voice rang in my ears . And my reflexes launched me into the air . And then the presence that had been barely perceptible a second ago, became clear . And at the same time, the ground caved in .

I could feel magical energy emanating from the disturbed ground . It was earth magic . Then the thing that I felt…


“There’s a goblin magician!”


One of the Jades shouted . Goblins were supposed to be stupid and incapable of using magic . But there were rare goblins that were different . I had learned about it in the guild library .

So, there was one such goblin here . It was no wonder I hadn’t been able to sense it . It had hidden its energy until the last moment and then activated it all at once when we didn’t expect it . It was quite the strategy . Had I not been here, it might have worked .


However, it had failed, and the goblin magician tried to run . If it was able to hide, it would have another chance to attack .

Of course, no one here was about to allow that to happen .

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The arrow that Daniela unleashed caught it right in the back . As if following her lead, numerous other arrows followed . And so the goblin magician fell to the ground like a hedgehog, having ultimately not done anything impressive at all .


“Are you alright?”

“Yeah, thanks . ”

“It was nothing . …Hmm . It seems they killed all of the ones in the village . ”


We scanned the area . Indeed, it did seem like the battle here was over . Thanks to the brave contributions of everyone here, the swarm of goblins had all been killed . I couldn’t sense any others within the village . It was just us and the Adventurers .


“Good . Someone, go and make a report to Adlus . The rest of you, inspect your equipment . Then we will go and kill the goblins outside of the village!”


I shouted . Daniela was busy checking her bow . Two Jades ran off in the direction of the river . The others checked to see if their equipment was damaged or if anyone was injured . But from what I could see, they all seemed fine .

As for me, I took out the demon armor sword from the hollow bag and held if in my right hand, opposite the Velnoir . There would be even more enemies outside . And I intended on leaving Marcel and Silket with the other Jades and going out alone .


“What about you, Daniela?”

“I will look for Rindo and help the other Jades outside . Are you going to act as a lone wolf?”

“I wouldn’t call it that… I’m just going to scratch an itch you guys can’t reach . ”

“Hehe . How amusing . Very well . ”

“Leave it to me . ”

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Daniela extended her fist and I bumped mine against it . At the same time, Adlus deactivated his water magic, and the wall returned to the river . Now, Namila Village had been liberated . It was time to deal with the remnants of the goblin force .


“Alright . Everyone, follow me!”


Daniela took the lead . Now that the Jades had finished their inspections, they followed after her .

So… I activated Legs of the God Wolf and was about to take off, when I heard someone call to me .


“What are you going to do, Mister Asagi?”

“Hmm? Ah, I’ll be all over the place . You two should go and join Daniela . ”

“You’re going alone!?”

“I’ll be fine . And if not…I can always run . ”



Marcel had a look that was close enough to disgust . I laughed and insisted that I was joking .


“Anyway, Daniela and Adlus and Mana-…Rindo are here too . If it’s still dangerous, I think we all better run . ”

“I understand . But please be careful, Mister Asagi!”

“Remember, the goal is for all of us to return safely!”



I felt invigorated after hearing their encouraging words . And with that, I flew up and above Namila Village . As the two looked through the raging wind in surprise, I headed for the outside of the village .