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Chapter 292

I ran up into the air with Legs of the God Wolf, and then looked down .


“Hmm . I can see a lot from here . ”


The Adventurers were fighting the scattered goblins over the white fields of snow . While it was a snowfield, it only went up to your shins . Not that it was easy to walk in . But if it was any higher, we wouldn’t be able to walk at all . And it was under those circumstances that they annihilated the goblins . There were many dangers, which was why there were more people out here than there was in the village . Adlus didn’t want to rely only on numbers and use human wave tactics . Instead, he wanted as many smaller parties as possible .


From up above, I could see that there weren’t that many, though . Still, it was definitely ideal to have smaller groups that stuck together . I could see that they were sticking to his directions . And so I searched for Manager’s party . With the help of Eyes of the God Wolf, it did not take long to find her on the north side of the village . I made my way towards her, all the while checking to see if there were any parties that were in danger . Everything seemed to be going smoothly .


By the time I reached Manager, she had just finished crushing a group of goblins .


“Manager . ”

“Asagi . I thought you might arrive soon . ”


I landed on the soft snow just as she sheathed her sword and looked at me .


“The wall around the village disappeared . That means you finished, right?”

“Yes . You seem to be doing well here . ”

“They are only goblins, after all . While the terrain might be against us, we are all skilled fighters . We won’t fall behind . ”


She said as she turned around . The other Jades raised their swords and laughed . They hadn’t been fighting together very long, and yet they seemed like a good team already . But then again, Manager had always been quick to befriend new people . She had a caring side, I suppose . She was also perceptive . Things I was not .


“Daniela is leading the Jades who fought within the village now, and they joined the group outside . Adlus should be moving soon as well . ”

“Then we are all but done here . Are you just a messenger boy now?”

“Of course, I am . And I’ll do my best . ”


I said as I patted my leg . Manager chuckled .


“Well, it’s something that only you can do . You got this . ”



After that, it was just a matter of killing the few remaining ones . I moved away and started to hunt down the ones that had managed to escape the Jades . There were goblins hiding in bushes, waiting for an opportunity to ambush us . I tore them to shreds with my two swords and then searched for more . Or I would join a smaller party that seemed to be struggling and helped them kill the goblins .


When the sun started to set, the weather turned foul . The wind grew stronger, causing a blizzard from the upturned snow . Both Adventurers and goblins became sluggish . It rapidly robbed your body of heat . Then it started snowing, which meant a real blizzard . I went over to Adlus and suggested that we stop the fighting . He also realized the difficulty of carrying out the plan to completion, and so it was decided . The other parties were staying still, as they were afraid of getting lost in the snow . I went over to them and told them we were retreating to Namila Village . I went around to several groups and repeated this . However, some groups continued to fight the goblins .


By the time that everyone was in the village, the sun had already set . We were inside one of the houses and Adlus was giving out orders .


“We will have to stay here tonight . I will offer the chief our apologizes for using the houses without permission, so there is no need to hesitate . ”


He said . While it was an emergency, entering people’s houses without permission didn’t feel great . But it’s not like we had a choice .


After instructions were given to the scouting team, I used Eyes of the God Wolf every now and then to watch the surrounding area . Of course, there were actual guards on rotation, but this was a blizzard . It was hard to cover all the areas . But I could see a lot with Eyes of the God Wolf . I had been using it a lot today, which was quite tiring . But there was no use in preserving that energy if we all died .


“Are you alright? Asagi?”

“Yeah, I’m fine . ”


Daniela brought me some soup . It had been in the hollow bag . Marcel and Silket were also in the house we were borrowing . They had already been occupying it when we came in . And since it wasn’t like there was an unlimited number of houses, we decided to share it . Speaking of sharing, we also gave them some of our food .


“Miss Daniela . You are so gallant on the field . ”


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“Yes . It warmed my heart to watch you . ”

“I see . ”


I was mostly relieved to see the three of them talking pleasantly . And well, Daniela wasn’t the type to get too jealous or insecure . It was all fine . And hell, I would never betray her like that .


This is good…”


It was the same old familiar soup, but it tasted about thirty percent better after everything we’d been through . The big chunks of meat were soft and the vegetables practically melted in your mouth . What was particularly good, was the potatoes . They had soaked in the flavor of the soup and were both soft and flaky . I had always loved potatoes and could go for seconds even .


I finished my bowl quickly and asked for more . All the while, I continued to use Presence Detection and Eyes of the God Wolf . It covered a large area around Namila Village, and I would be able to see any intruders . I had done this several times while we took shelter, and had detected a number of goblins . However, they were not able to do much in this weather . They either stayed still or seemed to wander aimlessly . Perhaps it was their lack of intelligence that made it harder for them to find the village . Of course, as we had killed most of the goblins, the ones I detected were pretty far away .


It was while I was doing this that I detected something that for the first time, wasn’t a goblin .


“What the…”


It wasn’t weak . In fact, it was incredibly strong . Perhaps someone more familiar would have recognized what it was . But for now, it was still pretty far off .

And yet, it seemed to be coming towards the village in a straight line . It was as if the snow had no effect on it, not even slowing it . It walked straight at a fixed speed .


Frantically, I directed Eyes of the God Wolf towards it . The blizzard turned everything white, and it was hard to make out . Still, I saw something .


“Is it…a goblin?”


It looked like a goblin . However, it was also quite different from the goblins we fought today . First of all, its skin was a dark red, and the physique looked more like an adult human . Its body was muscular, unlike the small goblins . And it carried a giant sword as a weapon . It was quite similar in shape to my own greatsword . It carried the sword on its shoulder as it walked towards us . It was hard to interpret this as anything other than bad .



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The goblin was about to encounter one of the groups of goblins that were stuck in the snow . I gulped and watched . They met in less than a minute . The smaller goblins raised their arms as if expecting to be saved . As for the dark red goblin . It showed its teeth as it laughed . Then it swung its sword . The small goblins didn’t stand a chance . Blood soaked into the snow . The dark red goblin leaned the sword on its shoulder again and continued its march .


“Daniela . Some pen and paper . ”


Daniela looked at me with puzzlement, but when she saw that I was using Eyes of the God Wolf, she quickly took the items out of the hollow bag and brought them to me .


“What did you see?”

“This looks bad . There’s a goblin out there that almost looks human . It’s dark red and headed right towards us . I saw it cut down some goblins on the way . It looks cruel . ”


“Any ideas?”

“Perhaps . Black goblins are High Goblins . Red ones are called Red Goblins . They are special goblins that are extremely vicious, but also very rare . ”


I was still watching the dark red goblin, but I could hear Daniela’s voice . From what she told me, it seemed likely that this was an advanced version of a Red Goblin .


“Would that make it…a High Red Goblin?”

“It is possible . ”

“Alright…wait here . ”


I turned off Eyes of the God Wolf off and started to draw a sketch of the goblin I had seen . As I was no artist, the drawing sucked . But I just needed to capture the distinct features .


“Like this . ”

“That is horrible…”

“Shut up . ”

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“However, I think I understand . The physique seems close to a High Goblin . Its temperament sounds like a Red Goblin . They are known to not only kill but eat their own kind . ”

“But this one didn’t eat the others?”

“Maybe it was full?”


So it already ate goblins on the way…?

This thing really was a freak . It was hard to understand . Maybe one of the goblins had escaped and was able to send word to the nest…? But there was a blizzard . All the other goblins had frozen and become lost . It was cold enough to die out there . I doubted any goblins could have gotten so far .


“There is no use in wondering about it . We must tell Adlus . ”

“Um… Has something happened?”


Silket asked, just as Daniela was helping me stand up . She didn’t know about Eyes of the God Wolf . To her, it would have just looked like I had called Daniela over with a worried expression, and now we were leaving .


“Yes . He has detected something . It may be dangerous, so you should stay here for now . This is a matter for the Rubies . ”

“I understand . Will there be enough time to alert the other Jades?”

“Yes . Can I count on you?”

“Leave it to me!”


If it was within the village, she should be able to move . At least, the scouts had had no problem . Silket woke up Marcel and took her as well .


“We better go then . ”

“Yeah . ”


I picked up the hollow bag and walked outside . The blizzard was even stronger than before . And yet that thing was walking through it as if it was nothing . What kind of monster was this?

I stared at Daniela’s back as we walked, and prepared myself mentally for the threat ahead .