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Chapter 294

I thrust the Velnoir into the snow and rested my hands on the pommel and waited . Snow started gather on top of my hood, but I was able to use the magic within my body to control it, and brush it off . Like this, I waited for the arrival of the mysterious goblin . Adlus and I thought it was an abnormally evolved being . But we weren’t sure yet . We had to meet it and fight it . All of the abnormally evolved beings I had met up until now were capable of speech . How would it be this time?


“Asagi . Soon . ”

“Yeah . ”

“Alright . Everyone, move into position . ”


Adlus said as he and Daniela moved away . Manager moved behind me .


The cold wind blew the wind dragon materials that made up my clothes . But no matter how cold it was when it hit me, I didn’t move an inch . I glared up ahead . It was now within range of Presence Detection .


Then all of a sudden, the wind stopped . The stillness was so abrupt and unnatural . The howling of the wind was gone, and only silence remained in my ears .

As for the snow, it turned into water once it reached a certain distance from the ground, then it bounced away as if there was an invisible roof over my head .

I caught myself staring up at this strange phenomenon . And when I returned my gaze forward, I could see the dark red goblin standing in the snow . The goblin I had seen with Eyes of the God Wolf was now looking towards us with that bloody greatsword on its shoulder .


“What are you?”


“You killed those other goblins . ”


“Did you lead this stampede?”



It stared at me . Still . Silent . Maybe it didn’t understand what I was saying . Or was it thinking…?




“The queens…knight . ”


A chill ran down my spine . It talked . It understood me and reacted . There was no doubt about it now .

This was an abnormally evolved being .


“I am apparently called…the Queen’s Knight Goblin…”

“Your name?”

“Title . I have…no name . ”

“I see . ”


A rather clumsy conversation . Hearing, knowing… And what did I think, now? Well, it didn’t matter .




“Ahahahahahahahaha!!! …Haa…”


It roared with laughter in the most chilling way .


“I can’t . No-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no . I just can’t talk like a knight!”


“I mean, ‘Queen’s Knight Goblin?’ Wouldn’t that make you want to talk like a knight? Isn’t it cool?”


I understood that this thing was cruel by nature . And so that contemplative way of talking had seemed a little odd to me . However, this was no less confusing . It was like looking down a bottomless pit . There was now an overwhelming tension in the air, and I couldn’t help but wrap my fingers around the hilt of my sword .


“I mean…let’s just skip all this boring talk already . I want to kill something . My story . Your story . Who cares about any of that stuff . Let’s kill!”

“…Right . Who needs a reason? You’re a dangerous monster . And so I’ll kill you . ”

“Yeeesss! Haha! This is going to be good!”


That being said, I did want information . But there was no time for that now . The goblin rushed forward and raised its greatsword with one arm and swung downward . I ducked under his arm and moved to the side and raised my sword .





The goblin laughed . However, its sword cut into the air, while mine tore into its ribs . Blood sprayed .


“Agghhh! That hurts!!”



Still, the attack did nothing to slow him, and he threw his empty left fist at me . I tried to bring up an ice shield to block it, but it shattered like thin glass . And then the fist launched me painfully into the air . The last thing I wanted to do was lose my sword, and so I gripped it tightly . Thanks to that, it gouged out a chunk of flesh as it came free of the goblin . More blood sprayed over the snow . Then I used Legs of the God Wolf to slide behind to the goblin’s back, and thrust my sword into it again .




However, it swung upward with a flurry of snow in my direction . And so I had to jam on the brakes . It was strong . I did not want to get hit by any of its attacks . I wanted this to be a one-sided fight as I looked for my chance to deal a lethal blow . Unfortunately, I was interrupted . Well, I would have likely been cut in half if I hadn’t stopped . That was no exaggeration, dragon armor or not .


“Hah… That’s not very fair . ”

“It was a gift . ”

“Give it to me . ”

“No way . ”


I gathered ice magic into my hand and swung . A line of ice arrows appeared in the air . All six of them fired . The ‘Queen’s Knight’ did not dodge them . They pierced into his right shoulder and stomach, but he didn’t flinch .


“Look here . Why don’t we stop with these boring tricks?”


“It’s quite lame, you know?”


I tried to think . I activated Jack of all Trades, Master of None and made some calculations .


“You know . It should be a clash of…raw power!!”



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The goblin suddenly dashed forward and then jumped . As I was in the air, it normally wouldn’t have been able to reach me . But it didn’t just jump, it used its momentum to swing its sword as it did a full rotation in the air . And so its sword was able to reach me . I turned Jack of all Trades, Master of None off and blocked the attack . However, the goblin seemed to have expected this and quickly unleashed a kick . This too, I blocked with my leg .


You’re not bad!”


I immediately used Legs of the God Wolf to move away and then land on the snow before he could do a follow-up attack .


“Manager . I think I’m going to need some help here . ”

“It does seem pretty strong…”


She said as she slithered out of the shadow I cast on the snow . She carried six shadow blades between her fingers . She wasn’t holding back .


“Ohh? How amusing . And where did you come from?”


The goblin addressed her casually, but Manager didn’t respond . She wasn’t even smiling under her face mask . Unlike during the tournament, that was all that was covering her face now . Apparently, it helped her concentrate .


“I’ll follow your lead . ”

“Understood . ”

“Heeey! Don’t ignore me!”


I ran . Manager tailed me as if hiding . The goblin was enraged at being ignored, and it raised its greatsword . Then it slammed the weapon on the ground, causing a cloud of snow to erupt and a volley of wind blades to shoot out . In order to dodge them, I thrust out my empty left hand for Manager to grab . She had to dismiss her shadow blades for this, but it was the best way to escape .

And with Legs of the God Wolf, I shot around him like a racer turning a corner, and we slid into position behind the goblin . Manager let go of me then and melted into the shadows . Even I couldn’t detect her . And so I was doubtful that the abnormally evolved being could . It was still a monster .


“Where did you go!”


To keep it distracted, I attacked it from the opposite side with my sword . With Presence Detection and Eyes of the God Wolf activated, it wouldn’t matter how much powdered snow was in the air . I would hit my target .




It must have been caught off guard too, because Velnoir went right into its left shoulder . This was not a shallow wound . However, it somehow did little to slow it down . I would have to just continue my hit and run tactic . But I couldn’t allow it to become a defensive battle . I would die for sure if that happened . I just needed to get in an attack and then let Manager follow…





I felt a chill and immediately moved into a defensive stance . The sound of metal against metal rang in the air . The force of the attack threw me into the air, and I broke through Daniela’s wind barrier .




Without being able to regain my balance, my body slammed against the snow in the raging blizzard . Thankfully, the snow acted as a cushion, and my hands didn’t suffer from the impact after landing on them .  


“Damn it…!!


Still, I managed to get up and grab my sword . But my fingers felt limp . What the hell was happening… It always attacked right after I hit it . It was as if it wasn’t really feeling the pain…

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What if it really didn’t…? What if it didn’t feel any pain and just reacted to the sensations…?


“That would be too dangerous…”


It could react perfectly to every attack . There was little point in taking it by surprise then . With those reflexes and power, even Manager’s attacks…




I used Legs of the God Wolf to rush back into the barrier . If Manager sensed I was in danger and tried to attack…




The cloud of powdered snow dissipated within the barrier as the goblin turned to look at me . I also saw that Manager’s torso had emerged from the shadows, and she was about to attack .




She heard me and her arm froze in mid-swing . No, don’t stop . Hide…!


“There you are . ”



Without even turning around, the goblin kicked backward . Its foot slammed into Manager and launched her into the air . She was pulled out of the shadow and went flying .

Her body moved in the air in an arch and landed outside of the barrier . She didn’t move .



“Huh . How weak . ”


The goblin made a point to turn and look at me and say this after seeing her sink into the snow .


For a second, all I could see was red .



“How scary!!”


Powdery snow swirled around me as I gathered the wind and then let it explode all at once . I raised my speed and rushed straight past the goblin in a second . Then I picked up Manager moved away from the barrier .


“Hah? Aren’t you going to avenge her?”

“Daniela! Adlus! Forget the barrier! Take her and retreat!”


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I knew what it was like to lose yourself in anger . It was easy to forget about everything around you . But I wasn’t going to let that happen here . Unsurprisingly, they were quick to react . The barrier went down the moment I raised my voice, and they quickly ran to me .



“Hmm . She is only unconscious . ”


Adlus called her name while Daniela inspected her with the appraisal glasses that she must have taken out from her hollow bracelet . So, she was alive .

Daniela touched the glasses which were now covered in snow, and without removing them, stored them back into the bracelet .

The blizzard was as strong as ever, and I felt that the Queen’s Knight Goblin was approaching us as I told them to retreat .


“What about you?”

“I’ll be fine . No, I have to be alone . I think he has some kind of skill that shuts out any pain . It allows him to strike back immediately after every hit . So you have to attack him very quickly . I have to be alone for that . It won’t matter if someone else is there . ”

“You may say that, but can you really take him down?”

“…Yes . ”


I had a way to attack that was faster than the goblin’s reflexes . There were demerits to using it, but this was not the time to worry about such things . The goblin was right over there .


“Just leave now . I’ll be back in the village before dawn . ”

“…Very well . If you don’t return, we will not be able to wait for you . ”

“That’s fine . Now go!”


Adlus took Manager . I looked at Daniela and nodded . She understood me well . I knew I could depend on her . It was for her and Manager that I would kill the goblin . She created a barrier around them as they returned to the village . I watched them go before putting my hand back on my sword .


“You erased the blizzard and used that woman for ambushes just to try and kill me . And now they are gone . ”

“Well, that was Adlus’s plan . But it wasn’t enough . It’s a simple fact . ”

“I appreciate the compliment! Hmm? And you still think you can beat me?”

“Yeah… I guess I do . ”

“You guess?”


The goblin was still bleeding as he looked into my face . It was one against one . Or not . I didn’t see myself as alone . Adlus, Daniela and Manager’s hopes were with me .


“Now, I am going to kill you . And after that, I’ll kill your queen . ”


“There is one, isn’t there? A queen goblin . ”



That’s why he was the ‘Queen’s Knight,’ right? The fact that he was suddenly tight-lipped again seemed to be evidence enough .


“I see . Yes . Well, I have all the more reason to kill you now . ”

“Come and try, you monster . ”

“Good . I will do just that . Playtime is over!”


It was a battlefield where you couldn’t see more than two meters ahead of you . And so the deadly duel began .