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Chapter 296

Kill . Kill him . I thought as I tried to rise, but my knees barely lifted off the ground before I fell down again .


Red combined with the blue blood on the soiled ground . I had pushed myself too far . Something was wrong within my body . But this guy had promised to kill Daniela . And so I had to kill him no matter what .

But, I couldn’t even swing my sword now .

“Ha…hahaha… You better hurry if you want to kill me… I went through so much hardship to acquire the ability to block off any pain and to regenerate… The longer you wait, the more I will recover…”

“How…but you’re just a goblin…”

I used my sword as a cane and tried to pull myself up . But my knee was glued to the ground .

“…Surely, you’ve noticed already?”


My hands shook .

“I…used to be human . ”

Yes, there were a lot of strange things about him . Too many . While he was an abnormally evolved being, shutting out all pain was insane . He stayed on his feet even though I had cut him so many times . I hadn’t been able to tell while we were fighting, because all of the blood, but his wounds had started to close .

And he had said something about a ‘human body . ’ The distinction here was clearly very important to him .  

“I realized it about two years ago…that I had become a goblin . ”


“How would I know…? But I could not go back . I was a monster… And so I would have to live as one . ”

That wasn’t true . Rachel had been reincarnated as a monster but was now able to coexist with humans .

“I happen to know a monster . She lived long and now has the appearance of a human…”

“There…is no guarantee that I can live long…”


“And so there is nothing I can do but take other lives…I have nothing to give . ”

I didn’t know what to say . I didn’t know what he had experienced and how that had led him to such conclusions . It was all done, anyway . We could do nothing but fight .

“Why do you need to kill?”

“Ah…yes . I can’t stop . I’ve killed so many . Goblins and humans . Sometimes it was to survive, sometimes it was because I was angry . There were many times that I hated myself over it . Haha . I pretend to be mad, but the truth is that I never forgot what it was to be human… And yet, I’m ruled by my instincts as a monster . ”

He had a burden that only those who were reborn as monsters could understand . Still…

“Right now, I feel more refreshed than I have in a long while…perhaps it was because I fought so hard . My instincts have been satisfied…”


“…You . You’re from Japan, aren’t you? I knew it immediately . I have a request…”


I stared .

“Kill me . ”

There was something in his earnest eyes that made me look away . ”

“This would be a good way for me to die . To be killed by someone from my old home . ”


Suddenly, I wanted to leave . But I knew I would regret it if I did . He would only give in to his instincts again and lead another stampede . This time they would attack the Imperial Capital . In that future, Daniela could be killed . I would hate myself for not doing the job when I had the chance .

“Don’t even think about it . Just take my head off . ”


“If you don’t kill me now, you’ll regret it . ”

Of course, I would . And so I had no other choice .

Uhh… Alright then . He said he wanted to be killed by someone from home . And so I was the only one who could lay him to rest . There was nothing else I could do to help him . And Daniela was more important to me than anything . I loved her .

And so I would kill .

“I have one final question . ”


“What’s your name?”

My body was still shaking, but I used all of my strength to get up on my feet and hold my sword ready .

“The Queen’s Knight Goblin . It’s my title . I have no name . ”

“That’s not what I mean…”

“There is no name . …Not anymore . ”

“…Very well . ”

Legs of the God Wolf enveloped my legs as I firmly planted my feet on the ground .

“I’ll remember you . ”

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“…Thank you . ”

With the last of my strength, I cut down with my sword . It went through his neck easily . I’d like to think that until the end, there was no pain .

  □   □   □   □

“…So, you killed him . ”

“Hm…ah, Daniela . ”

“Rindo was taken safely back to the village . I came back to help…but I suppose I was too late . ”

“No…not at all . Thank you . ”

“…Are you…crying?”

“Just a little…I’m fine . I really am . ”

“I see… We should go back then . ”

“Yeah… …Uh, wait a minute . ”


“The sword… I’m going to take it with me . As a keepsake . ”

“…Very well . We will take it . ”

“Thank you…thank you . ”


The next morning, the blizzard had stopped completely . I had recovered enough to move after downing a few potions the previous night . And so I woke up Daniela and we headed to the house that Adlus was staying at . Daniela had already relayed what I had told her, but I thought it would be best to report directly as well .

“…And so, the Queen’s Knight Goblin is now dead . ”

“Good work . Now, I wish this meant that you could continue to rest, but…”

There was a problem . The Queen Goblin . As long as it was alive, the goblins would not stop . Apparently, it took goblins one month to give birth . However, a Queen could do it in one week . And they didn’t just give birth to one goblin at a time . They gave birth to many . If the goblins we killed were just an advanced detachment, there could be many, many more . Things would only get worse, the more that time passed .

“We have no time . Thankfully, you are the only one who was badly hurt . We’ll reorganize and begin our march . ”

Thankfully…  I would have knocked him off his feet if I felt better .

“We don’t know the precise location, but the Queen’s Knight Goblin approached us from the north, so we will travel in that direction . It is most likely that we will encounter more goblins the farther we go . ”

“Wait . Maybe I can find out where it is . ”

“Hmm . Really? ‘Eyes of the God Wolf,’ was it? Yes, it might be possible . ”

I had explained to Adlus about its capabilities before the fight . But he had probably forgotten about it .

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“Just give me a minute . ”

“Very well . ”

And so I activated Eyes of the God Wolf . …But, a sharp pain stabbed into the back of my eyeballs .


“Asagi! Are you alright?”

“I’m fine…I’m fine…”

I smiled weakly as Daniela looked into my face .

“Sorry . I think I used it too much… It’s not going to work…”

“Don’t worry about it . We will search for the nest . I, Rindo, and Daniela . And the Jades…”

“I am sorry, but I will not be leaving Asagi . I cannot go north . ”

Daniela refused to go .

“Wait, Daniela . If we don’t deal with this now, the city will…”

“That might be true, but if I do go, who will protect you now that you are exhausted?”

“I can take care of myself…”

“No . It is my duty to protect you . ”

Daniela folded her arms and stared down at me . She was not likely to change her mind…

“…Sorry, Adlus . Daniela…”

“It’s fine . Well, it’s not fine . But I suppose we have no choice . We’ll hold the goblins back for as long as we can until you are ready to join us . I’m sure we can expect both of you to come?”

Of course . I just needed some rest . I would regain the use of my eyes soon . I think . It would be easy enough to catch up with them then .  

“More haste, less speed… That’s something an old Hero once said . We’ll leave as soon as we finish breakfast . ”

Adlus said as patted me on the shoulder and then left . It was just me and Daniela here now . And Manager .

“Good work, Asagi . You must be tired . ”

“Thank you… But what about you?”

“Haha . I’m feeling a lot better than you, at least . But, I definitely underestimated that thing…I need to be more careful . ”

She had been taken completely by surprise but had apparently protected herself with shadows . And so she came out with just a light bruising . That being said, the impact had been strong enough to knock her out of consciousness .  

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“Well, it’s a mistake I’ll be learning from . See you later then . ”

“Don’t push yourself too hard . ”

“You too . I’ll be waiting . ”

‘Take care of him,’ she said to Daniela before leaving . There had been some Jade scouts here a moment ago as well, as they were busy making reports and discussing things . So it was now suddenly very quiet . Of course, they were all outside, eating around a campfire . Just being indoors made you feel like you were in a different world sometimes .

I slowly leaned back in my chair and tried to find a comfortable position . However, it was difficult, as my body hurt all over .

“Still, that was lucky . There was someone who could use void magic . ”

“I’m not healed completely, but I do feel a lot better now . ”

When Daniela had carried me back, one of the Jades had helped treat me using Void Magic . Thanks to this, the wounds on my shoulder and thigh were now closed . She said she wasn’t very good at it yet, but it was a great help regardless . I thanked her and was able to rest .

Then I drank the potions we had been saving and focused on my recovery . The damage to my boots and my shirt was especially worrisome .

“I’ll have to get it repaired again . ”

“Do you have any materials left?”

“Not much . Maybe we can get more somehow…”

We had been lucky enough to be near to a wind dragon last time, but they were still rare monsters . I might just have to wait for the materials to enter the market . But maybe I had just enough to patch up my gear .

“Do you think I should go for metal armor instead?”

“But speed is your distinct quality . It will affect that, you know?”

“That’s true…”

Material that didn’t break would be ideal, but clearly such a thing didn’t exist . Well, there were green wind dragons, which were above wind dragons . But until that day came, I would have to make do with what I had . Besides, these green dragons had such a legendary status that it was doubtful I would ever see one in my lifetime .

“Hmm . There is much we will have to think about when we return . ”

“Yeah . I’d like to fix this sword too . ”

The keepsake from the Queen’s Knight Goblin . A monster who was originally from my home . I wanted to have it fixed . I would carry it as a reminder . No matter what, I had sworn to protect Daniela .

“But first, you must rest . Now go to sleep . ”

“I will . Where’s the bed?”

“Rindo rested over there, so you can use it now . ”

I opened the door that Daniela had pointed to and saw a large bed . But when I collapsed onto it, it smelled like her to an uncomfortable degree . Well, beggars can’t be choosers . I would rest so I could fight again . There was so much to think about . Next time, I would try harder not to get hurt, and prevent others from getting hurt as well…

It was with such thoughts that I closed my eyes . I felt the mattress sink as Daniela sat next to me . That alone enveloped me in a sense of security, and I slowly drifted off to sleep .