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Chapter 282

When we went to the fourteenth floor, the scenery completely changed again .

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「Ama~zing, we’re above the clouds!!」

The stairway that we used to climbed up to this floor was a stairway that seems to lead into the clouds .
A sea of clouds spread out when we climb up the stairs .

And then, the wind is also blowing in this floor, too .

「Nee, onii-chan . Let’s ride this cloud . 」
「Are you serious!?」

Elena and Hilda walk above the clouds happily .
They’re just like angels .

And then, Aya, who seems to be similarly happy, is frolicking .
She’s just like a child .

「Since it’s dangerous, don’t go too far to the edge . 」
「Y~es . 」

Is it really alright?

「Nee, onii-chan . If we fall from here, where do you think we’ll fall??
The lower floor?」
「I don’t know, would you like to test it out for a bit?」
「Wai-, onii-chan, what do you want to do?」
「Well, to find out like you said . 」

I went to the very edge of the clouds while watching my steps and threw a stone, which I took from the inventory, below .

The stone dropped far off to the bottom and quickly disappeared .

「The stone has disappeared . 」

Elena, who came next to me before I knew it, mutters so .

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「It seems like it has a reasonable altitude and since we don’t know what happened after it disappeared either, let’s be thoroughly careful . 」
「Y~es . 」「「Yes . 」」


When we, as much as possible, traveled along the center of the rather fluffy road of clouds……
the sky gradually worsened .

「A lot of clouds appeared, huh . 」

That’s right, clouds that were clearly different from the clouds under our feet began to engulf the surroundings with *moku moku* .

「Everyone be careful, there’s a reaction of a monster!」

At the same time as I said so,
a part of the cloud suddenly projected towards us .

「Leave it to me!」

Aya slashed the projecting cloud with a knife .
However, it’s like grasping a cloud . The opponent is nothing but cloud!

「What’s this!?」

Aya’s knife passed through the cloud and slashed the air .

When I used【Appraisal】, it seems to be a monster called『Thunderhead[1]』 .
Its form seems to be made of clouds .

「Physical attacks doesn’t seem to be effective . Attack it using magic . 」

Aya attacks using Wind Magic .
Elena creates a wall of water, defending against the enemy’s attack .

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Hilda joins in and attacks using flame .

The most effective was Hilda’s flame .
When the cloud was scorched by the flame, interestingly, it seemed like it vanished and she was able to easily defeat it .

「Hilda played the most active role . 」
「Ehehe . 」

When I patted her head, Hilda was happily embarrassed .

「Onii-chan, what about me?」
「Shouldn’t you try the【Downburst】that you learned a short while ago?」
「【Downburst】? I mean, can you make it fall even though there’s no ground?」

「Isn’t a cloud something caused by an updraft?
Then, why don’t you do the opposite?」
「Ah, that’s right!」

Well, it’s easier said than done, though~ .

Rather than something called dungeon capture……
it seems totally like studying .

「Seiji-sama, what about me?」
「Elena, what you did a little while ago is fine . 」
「Eh? Why?」

「Since Elena takes the initiative to undertake the defense, the other two people can freely concentrate on the offense . 」

Elena was a little fired up again .
Cutee~ .


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After advancing for a while, a group of『Thunderheads』appeared .

「Everyone be careful!」

Elena’s wall of water defends against the attacks of the Thunderheads .

Hilda creates several pillars of flame around the thunderheads using that opportunity .
It seems to be just like a『cage』made of flame pillars .
Although they don’t speak, the Thunderheads are frightened by the flame and move about in utter confusion .
I block the Thunderheads that were trying to escape from the cage using barrier .

「Aya, aren’t you going to use Downburst?」
「I’m trying to use it now!」

Using Wind Magic, Aya gathers the air, which was heated by the flame that Hilda created, together above the Thunderheads……

「Compressed, compressed, compressed the wind……」
「Oi, Aya, what are you doing!?」

「Don’t talk to me anymore because I’m concentrating!

She shouts so like it was some killer move .

The burning hot air that Aya compressed,
became a terrible downdraft and directly hit the Thunderheads .

The Thunderheads were sucked in in order to be swallowed by the downdraft, and then, they dissolved and vanished .

「I did it!! It’s a huge success!!!」

Aya takes Elena and Hilda’s hands and happily jumps up and down with *pyon pyon* .

Well, even if you didn’t expressly use such a grandiose magic, it was the end if they were hit by Hilda’s flame just as they were, though……
Hilda probably wouldn’t mind for the sake of saving Aya’s face .
What a capable girl . I’ll pat her later .

Afterwards, there was no enemy that appeared so we advanced above the clouds smoothly
and along the way, Aya was thinking about various poses when using Downburst; it was so annoying .
You will fall from the clouds when you walk while doing such a thing!

After advancing for a while, we were able to find the stairs that leads to the upper floor smoothly .


When we climbed up the stairs, the fifteenth floor was also a sea of clouds .

However, the landscape we’re on this time seems to be a mountaintop;
only the mountaintop is sticking out above the sea of clouds, which makes it look like an island .

「The view in this floor is also good~ .
The wind is also strong here, though . 」

Right, the wind here is also strong .
The floors where wind is strong follows after another .

When I was thinking about such a thing――

「Seiji-sama! Over there!!」

Elena shouted and pointed towards the sky .


What appeared together with a gigantic chirp……

was a super huge bird .

Translator’s notes:

[1]It seems the author intentionally rearranged the characters .  The raw says 雲入道; 雲 means cloud while 入道 priest/monk/bald-headed person/monster . It’s supposed to be Thunderhead入道雲, a rounded, projecting head of a cumulus cloud, which portends a thunderstorm .