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Published at 10th of September 2019 04:16:10 PM

Chapter 129

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Behind some bushes, the team rocket trio is spying on Julian, Ash and the gang .

Jessie "Those pokemons look very strong, we should gift them to the boss and we will become rich and even get promoted"

James and Meowth turned and looked at Jessie as if she is an idiot .

James "Jessie do you even know who that man with that brat is?"

Jessie "Who cares who he is, his pokemons are the perfect gift for the boss"

Meowth "You idiot, don't you have eyes, look at him he is the former champion of Kanto"

Meowth smacks Jessie's head and reminded her who he is .

Jessie "Champ?"

Jessie went through her memory and saw how they were demolished by Gengar once and once an angry Red Gyarados sent them flying, remembering everything she broke out in cold sweat .

Jessie "You idiots why didn't you warn me before, I would have jumped in just now"

James "Just shut up and stay low, if he sees us you know what he is gonna do right"

All of them felt a shiver down their spine and slowly backed away slowly .

Julian noticed team rocket backing off and nodded .

Julian 'They are not as stupid as I thought'

Absol, on the other hand, was carefully watching how Julian and his pokemons trained Ash's pokemon, he tried to mimic what he saw and felt his dark energy suddenly gathering in his body, it was not significant as the other pokemons being trained right now but it was enough for him to increase the power of his attack .

Pikachu who was trying to control the electricity inside him felt his electric power slowly growing, Julian nodded seeing this, he was right Pikachu was indeed a fast learner .

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Julian "Ok Ash now it's up to you to bring out Pikachu's true potential"

Ash nodded .

Julian "Think before making any move observe your surroundings, find a way to outrun your opponent, these are all the things a trainer needs to know, the better you are at it the stronger you grow with your pokemon"

Ash "Pikachu lets go"

Ash started to train Pikachu as Julian instructed, he also joined in with Pikachu, Julian could see a slight progression in Pikachu's strength, it wasn't significant but if it continued like this then Pikachu will become stronger .

Absol was also observing Pikachu from the bushes, he could feel that Pikachu was growing more efficient at handling electricity .

After training for hours all of Ash's pokemon were tired Julian noticed that his Treecko was showing signs of evolving .

Julian "Your Treecko will evolve soon"

Ash "Really"

Julian "Maybe today itself, who knows, now have a mock battle with my Electivire, let's see how much you improved in today's training"

Ash "Finally"

Julian stood up and called Electivire, Ash sent Pikachu against Electivire .

Julian "You can begin"

Ash "Pikachu use Quick Attack"

Pikachu bolted towards Electivire, seeing this Electivire used his hand to punch down Pikachu but he escaped and started to go round and round against Electivire, Electivire looked left and right and suddenly used Hammer Arm on the ground which sent tremors everywhere and cracked the ground causing Pikachu to lose his footing and stumbling on the ground .

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Ash "Pikachu faster use Quick Attack"

Pikachu once again used Quick attack and this time it was faster than previous, Pikachu escaped Electivire's hand swings and hit him directly on the chest, Electivire didn't move an inch and just stood there looking down on Pikachu who was on his chest, he flicked his finger and sent Pikachu tumbling on the ground .

Max "It didn't even scratch him"

Brock "There is no way Ash can win"

Julian "Just speed won't help if you don't have enough power to back it up"

Ash "Pikachu use Thunder"

Pikachu brought down a bolt of huge lightning striking down on Electivire, Electivire didn't resist at all as he stood there and took down the electricity .

Max "A direct hit"

Brock "It may be a direct hit but I don't think it did any damage"

Brock was right, Electivire was completely resistant to Electricity and with his ability Motor drive whenever he gets hit by an electric type move his speed increases .

The Thunder faded and Electivire was still standing there with no damage .

Julian "You need more power behind it"

Ash "Pikachu full power Quick Attack"

This time Pikachu charged towards Electivire with full speed, he didn't move around, he wanted a direct hit, suddenly electricity started to come out of its cheeks and suddenly his whole body was covered with electricity, Pikachu charged towards Electivire with full power, the electricity generated by Pikachu destroyed the ground underneath him, Electivire didn't resist and let Pikachu directly hit him, Pikachu hit Electivire with his newly learned move Volt Tackle, Volt Tackle was one of the strongest Electric-type moves .

The collision caused shock waves to spread all across the area and a huge lightning pillar was seen rising high in the sky .

Brock "That's Volt Tackle"

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Max "Wow, Pikachu learned a new move"

Julian smiled seeing this, he knew Pikachu could pull off a powerful move, he was satisfied as he saw Electivire was pushed back a little with that attack .

Pikachu fell to the ground and was exhausted, he looked up and saw Electivire was still fine, only a thin smoke was coming off from his chest .

Max "It didn't even cause any damage"

Max finally saw what level Julian's pokemon strength is, he was awed by this .

Ash "Pikachu"

Ash rushed towards Pikachu and carried him .

Ash "Are you alright?"

Pikachu "Pi . . . pika"

Julian "Don't worry he is just exhausted after using Volt Tackle, that was really a powerful move"

Julian approached Ash and looked at Pikachu .

Julian "Pikachu you did great, here have this berry"

Julian gave Pikachu and berry which he ate and was re-energized again .

Julian "Continue training the same way I thought you and all your pokemons will grow stronger"

Julian turned around and looked at the direction where Absol was hiding, he stayed put on the same spot for hours just to look at the training session, Julian was impressed by Absol's patience .

Absol noticed that Julian was looking at him, he knew Julian knows that he is here so he decided to show himself .

Julian "You finally came out!"

Julian stood up and looked at Absol

Julian "This time you aren't going anywhere"

Absol took a stance and stared at Julian

Julian "You have run away two times but this time you have nowhere to go, come with me and I shall make you powerful"

Ash "Who's that pokemon"

He pulled out his Pokedex and learned about Absol

Absol stared at Julian and maintained his stance .

Julian "So you want a battle, fine Grovyle"

Grovyle jumped forwards and stared at Absol, he had defeated him once and now Julian was backing him he was more confident .

Absol sent out a Psycho Cut towards Grovyle .

Julian "Agility, then Leaf Blade"

Grovyle used Agility and charged towards the incoming Psycho Cut and deflected it with Lead Blade, he continued towards Absol with full speed .

Absol sent out Dark Pulse towards Grovyle .

Julian "Use Energy Ball and continue forward"

Grovyle moved even faster as he created multiple Energy Balls behind him which were sent shooting towards the Dark Pulse, few of them engaged with the Dark Pulse and some of them went straight towards Absol, seeing the incoming attack, Absol jumped away to dodge them, as Absol was still in air Julian called out his next move .

Julian "Agility the X-Scissor"

Grovyle again used Agility and increased his speed and shot towards Absol forming an X from his red blades and hitting Absol directly, Absol was sent flying and hit a bark of the tree and fainted, Julian threw the Pokeball and it captured Absol inside it, the ball moved three times and made a beep sound indicating that the catch was successful .

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