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Published at 10th of September 2019 04:15:37 PM

Chapter 163

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Julian didn't know what to do, he could only wait and watch, even though he and his pokemons are extremely strong, the forces of nature aren't something to be trifled with, he is confident in holding back super ancient pokemons that are thousand years old but he not sure if he could defeat them .

When the forces of nature retaliate nothing can get in their path, humans, and pokemons are just ants .

Julian "Don't watch these stuff, it will just make to depress, the Hoenn elites will take care of it so don't worry"

Daisy "Ok"

Julian switched off the TV and hugged Daisy to calm her down .

Julian "I hope Chloe is alright"

Daisy "Don't worry she will be fine, she has a strong Pokemon beside her"

Julian nodded and looked outside and the sunny sky, he knew this is the calm before the storm .


In LaRousse city, inside the Shadow Legion hideout, Brad the Boss of Shadow Legion is looking at the report in front of him, a man wearing glasses and white coat is standing opposite to him .

Brad "Is this true?"

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Brad asked the scientist in front of him .

Scientist "Yes Boss, these readings are off the charts, the two will soon awaken, one is being stimulated by the other's aura, if one wakes up the other will do the same"

Brad "If they wake up will it come as well?"

Scientist "Unfortunately we aren't getting any reading from it, it might not even be in this planet, but there is a weaker one protecting the land but its no match for those two"

Brad "It's still a Legendary Pokemon, even though it's younger and weaker than the one we are after, it better for us, the weaker it is the easier for us to control it"

Scientist "Yes boss"

Brad "Did they get the Green Crystal that was in the labs"

Scientist "No, the mission given to the grunt named Chloe was the last person to see it but she disappeared after reporting that she infiltrated the research facility, we tried to contact her but she is not to be found anywhere, and the crystal the league took it from the lab and stored it in a highly guarded facility here in LaRousse city"

Brad "Can't anyone steal it, send Admins if possible"

Scientist "We did send one but he was captured by the League, they have some powerful amongst them"

Brad clicked his tongue in frustration .

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Brad "Leave the crystal, for now, did that bitch tell who it was that ruined our plans"

Scientist "No boss, she is saying the same exact thing, she said that person is your friend, she even said he told that personally to her"

Brad "What bullshit, I don't have any friends"

Scientist "She also said that he was wearing a long black coat and mask .

Brad "Black coat? who could it be that wears a black coat, who could it be that is enemies with me"

Brad started to think and he suddenly realized .

Brad "Wait, it can't be him, I totally forgot about him, if he really is here we are in huge trouble"

Scientist "Boss who is it?"

Brad "None of your concern, get back to work"

The scientist nodded and walked out of his office .

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Brad suddenly started to sweat .

Brad "No it can't be him, I am screwed"

Brad realized another thing and quickly opened the footage of Mt . Pyre's lightning storm and looked at the person wearing a Black coat and Mask .

Brad "It really is him, what do I do, why is he here in Hoenn?"

Brad is panicking right now, he knew it is Julian, he was not able to sleep for months because he thought Julian would one day appear and destroy everything related to him after he became the champion, he couldn't sleep at night worried when a huge Hyper Beam would hit his base .

But when he heard Julian resign from his champion post he felt relieved and got back to his plan but now it was all over, Julian is here and he is terrified, he regretted trying to assassinate Julian .

Brad "Wait there is still a chance it might not be him, I don't have to worry, hahahaha"

Brad was now relying on false hope, he has lost it .


Ever Grande City, the elite four and the champion Wallace are sitting around a table with a frown on their faces .

Sidney "What do we do, they will wake up from their slumbers, we don't know what kind of power they hold and how much damage they will cause"

Glacia "What did the previous champion of Kanto say"

Wallace "He said he won't interfere unless people's lives are in danger, he said Hoenn's elites are the one responsible for Hoenn's safety"

Sidney "What? Doesn't he care, all the lands that will be destroyed"

Drake "No, he is right, it doesn't matter if he joins us or not, it's our incompetent that we let this happen, now we cannot go and ask help for things we did wrong"

Sidney became silent .

Phoebe "Should we use the orbs?"

Drake "That is the only way"

Wallace "The orbs are kept safe in Sootopolis city right now, my teacher has locked them inside the cave of origin, the power inside will help us contain the orbs"

Drake "We are just humans, we are helpless when the forces of nature are angered, we can only hope that they don't cause destruction and go back to their slumber .

Glacia "I hope so as well"

Their meeting ended as the day came to an end, the night was calm but not all of Hoenn, Lavaridge city is going through miniature earthquakes every hour and the southern sea is becoming aggressive as waves have been starting to rise .

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