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Chapter 199

The two trainers who are before Chloe turned around and looked at Daisy and their eyes went wide, they see this beautiful woman right behind them, how could they not hit on her .

Trainer 1 "Hey lady, are you also trying to participate?"

Chloe "Yes"

Trainer 1 "How about you join me for a drink after I defeat the champion of Kalos, I will show you how strong my pokemons are and maybe we cat hit it afterward"

Chloe looked at this trainer as if he is an idiot and just ignored him, the other trainer who was also standing on the line laughed seeing this .

Trainer 2 "Gerad, you don't even know how to court a beautiful woman, let me show you"

Gerad "Shut up Kevin, let me see how you do it"

Kevin approached Chloe with a big smile .

Kevin "Hey beautiful, how about we go for a coffee together, you know we can talk and hang out, get to know each other"

Chloe "Idiots"

Chloe ignored them and went past them to register herself for the battle .

Gerad "Hahahahaha, such big words but no result"

Kevin "Why you? Hey, bitch come her-"

Kevin dashed towards Chloe and tried to put his hand on her shoulder but before he could he felt his hand grabbed by someone .

Kevin turned and looked, it is Julian .

Julian is coldly staring at him .

Kevin "What are you doing let go of my hand"

Kevin said and tried to get out of Julian's hold but he couldn't even move his hand, it was like getting his hand trapped in a vice grip .

Kevin "Let go"

He tried to struggle but Julian's grip got harder, he let out a groan filled with pain .

Julian "What did you call her?"

Julian asked with a cold tone .

Kevin "What do you care, What if I called her a bi-"

Suddenly Kevin went on his knees and crack of his wrist could be heard .

Julian "Say that again?"

Kevin got scared, he didn't know how he got to his knees, it was all blank but his wrist is in pain and he wants to scream .

He looked around and saw everyone was looking at him with a frown .

Chloe "Julian let him go, he is just trash"

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Julian nodded and threw him to the side .

Julian "Get lost"

Julian threw him to the side and let Chloe register herself, he wanted to break his hand but Daisy and Chloe are present, and there are also people around here so he didn't go too far .

He then looked at the other trainer Gerad .

Julian "Do you have anything to say?"

Gerad didn't say anything, as they were both strong trainers no one ever went against them but today it was different, this young man in front of them looked scary .

Gerad carried Kevin and walked away .

Kevin "I will destroy that fucker"

Gerad "Don't worry, there are too many people out here . When he comes out we will take care of him"

They both talked to each other softly and walked away .

Julian, of course, heard it clearly but he didn't care what they did, he also wanted to meet them outside and beat them up for even putting their eyes on his girlfriend .

After Chloe finished the registration she was informed she will have her battle within an hour, she has to wait in the waiting area .

Julian and Daisy could wait in the audience area and wait for the battle to being .

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They were informed that Diantha just finished a battle and is resting, Chloe will be able to battle her in an hour .

Julian "You should go to the waiting room and calm your mind and think about a strategy, I and Daisy will be cheering for you"

Daisy "Chloe all the best"

Chloe nodded and went towards the waiting area .

Julian "Daisy lets go and find a seat in the audience area"

Daisy "Ok, let's go"

Julian and Daisy walked towards the audience area, they looked around to see some people leaving and some entering the arena to watch the upcoming battle .

Julian wanted Chloe to fight Diantha because he wanted to see how good the champion of Kalos is and also how good Chloe is as well, he knew her Salamence is strong and could easily rule over a huge forest area on its own .

Julian wanted to find out the coordination between Chloe and Salamence in a battle and how well do they fare up against a champion who has a clear advantage against her . If she is able to pull off for at least five minutes of battle Julian doesn't have to worry about Chloe being in trouble .

As for Daisy, he has other plans but it is far in the future, he still has a lot of time he could spend with them .

After waiting for an hour finally the battle started .

To Julian's surprise, these battles are actually being broadcasted in Hoenn's and Kalos's networks .

Julian 'Well that is to be expected, she is a star, every second she spends outside, she has to constantly be in front of the camera, I don't know how she can even manage all this'

Julian though .

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Soon the announcer started to talk and announced the name of the challenger .

Announcer "Ladies and Gentlemen thank you for waiting, our third match of the day, our third challenger who wants to battle the Champion . If the trainer is able to impress Champion Diantha through her battling skills she will be able to win 50000 Pokedollars as prize money .

Julian "What? There was actually prize money?"

Daisy "Wait? You didn't know about it, it was clearly written on the board outside"

Julian "Hmm?"

Julian concentrated and went back through his memories to and he noticed it .

Julian "Ah, yes I totally didn't see that"

Daisy "How didn't you see it, it was clearly written in big red fonts right next to her picture"

Julian "Hahaha"

Daisy "Then, were you looking at her boobs?"

Daisy said with her eyes staring daggers at Julian .

Julian 'Well that picture of her on the banner was really revealing her breast but'

He then looked at Daisy who would kill him with just her stare .

Julian "Look Chloe is out"

Julian said and looked at the battlefield .

Daisy "Hmph, we will talk about this later"