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Published at 10th of September 2019 04:17:09 PM

Chapter 69

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After winning the league Julian now is heading back to pallet town, every place he goes he is recognized by people, many asked him for autographs and photos which he didn't refuse it but he didn't overdo it either .

Julian is now currently staying in Viridian city at a 5-star hotel called J Paradise, he even got a discount as the manager of the hotel recognized him, even the owner of the hotel personally came to greet him, he had never imagined that being a league winner will affect his lifestyle this drastically, even though he had speculated this he was way off, the treatment he received was grander than he expected .

Julian 'I never would have thought I would be this famous in a lifetime, well I don't particularly hate this as I want people to know my name, my future plans depend on it'

Julian 'And now I have a lot of money with me, the system awarded me two hundred thousand on the quarterfinals, five hundred thousand on the semifinals and one million poke dollars for winning the league, and there are also five hundred thousand poke dollars given by the league for me winning it, now that I have so much money I think I should start investing it'

Julian thought as he lay inside the bathtub and closes his eyes to relax .

Next day he decides to leave for Pallet town, the owner of the hotel personally came to say his goodbye .

The owner of this hotel was a middle-aged man with ginger red hair and a fat belly, his name is Jimi Brown and he owns many businesses all over Kanto and other regions making him a billionaire

Jimi "Sir Julian, if you ever come to Viridian City just come to my place we will provide all the hospitality to you, and here this is my card if you face any problem just contact me and I will do my best to help you"

Julian "Thank you, Mr . Jimi, I am really grateful for your hospitality, I will contact you if I come back to Viridian city"

Jimi "I will be waiting then"

Julian hops onto his bike and rides off towards Pallet town, one his way he didn't take a break and trained with his pokemons, even though his pokemons are strong they didn't want to stop growing, they wanted to reach the pinnacle of their strength or even surpass that so they trained with Julian every day .

Julian finally reached Pallet town as he enters he sees people doing their usual work, some working in the field, some are busy running errands, the shopkeepers yell loud advertising their goods and many more, even though pallet town is small its filled with all kinds of people and that's what Julian loves about it .

Julian 'I should buy a house near the laboratory, I don't want to always stay there'

He arrives at the laboratory and walks inside to find the lights turned off .

Julian 'Why are the lights turned off, wait don't tell me -"

Then he suddenly hears everyone yelling


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Julian 'Ah, I knew it'

The lights turn on and he sees Professor Oak, Gary, Ash, Brock, Misty, and Delia . The place is fully decorated and a table is set right in the middle filled with food and drinks .

Julian "You know you guys didn't have to do this"

Oak "Haha, how couldn't we, you just won the league and winning a league is no small matter so we need a celebration"

Ash "Ok, Ok now can we eat, I am starving"

Misty "Shut up you idiot"

Ash "I am not an idiot, you are the idiot"

Everyone laughs at their quarrel and so the celebrations begin as they start to eat and drink .

Julian walks out of the lab to find Delia staring at the night sky .

Julian "Delia why are you alone here?"

Delia "Ah, Julian it's you, nothing I was just looking at the stars aren't they beautiful"

Julian looks up the sky and sees it filled with bright shining stars .

Julian "Indeed they are quite beautiful"

Delia nods and continues to stare at them, Julian looks at and thinks about her husband and why did he leave, he didn't want to interfere in her personal life but his curiosity got the better of him .

Julian "Delia, I wanted to ask you a question, hope you don't get offended"

Delia turns around to look at Julian, when she looks at him she thinks he is very handsome but she feels no emotion towards him now when she first met him and due to coming in contact with him she was little startled but now she feels calm .

Delia "Go ahead"

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Julian "I always wondered who is Ash's father?"

Delia was surprised by this question

Delia "Why do you ask?"

Julian "I was just curious, I never heard Ash mention about him or seen him"

Delia "I see, well Ash's father is my first love when I was nineteen he came to pallet town during his travel, he stayed here and we met, we fell in love and married, soon Ash was born and time went by when Ash became five he said he wanted to continue his traveling and I couldn't stop him from following his dreams so I stayed behind to look after Ash, whenever I see Ash I am reminded of him they both are very much the same, when Ash said that he wants to travel and become a pokemon master I was both sad and happy, sad because I will not be able to see him every day and happy because he is following his dreams just like his father"

Julian just stares at her as he listens, he realizes that Delia truly loves this man, even though he had felt a longing for pleasure form her that day, it was just for a moment, she was back to her old cheerful self .

Julian 'She is really a good woman, taking care of Ash and faithfully waiting for her husband to come back'

Delia "Oh, sorry looks like I talked too much and it looks like I embarrassed you"

Julian "Not at all, I really respect you for being such a great role model for Ash and supportive towards your husband, from the looks of it, you love both of them very dearly"

Delia "That's true, I love them both dearly"

Julian "You should continue looking at the starts, I will be heading back I am tired"

Delia "Good Night"

Julian "Same to you"

Julian walks away leaving Delia behind as she continues watching the stars

Julian 'Looks like I misunderstood her, she is really a good woman, now that I think about it I hope both Daisy and Chloe are doing well'

Julian walks back to his room and goes to sleep .

Next morning Julian wakes up early as usual and releases his pokemons and let them eat and continue with their training, he also eats his breakfast and then talks with Professor Oak .

Oak "Ahhhh, such a peaceful morning too bad I still have to work"

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Julian "Professor Oak, I wanted to talk to you about something"

Oak "What is it?"

Julian "I wanted to start a business with you"

Oak "Business? what kind?"

Julian "I plan to start a Pokemon Food brand, we will use my recipe to make them"

Oak "Your recipe, don't you mind it being leaked, you are the one who found it"

Julian "Even though it's my recipe I don't mind sharing it, using my recipe will help pokemons grow healthy, but if they want to become strong right training is still needed, my pokemons are not strong just because of the food I give them, each and every one of them are tasked with different training methods of their own"

Oak "What you say is true, If your recipe can help others it is actually a good cause, but why did you choose me"

Julian "Well Professor your name is very influential not only in Kanto but all the regions, with you being one of the representatives of the company it will be very profitable, and with my recent fame I think out the company will rise in fame very quickly"

Oak "Oh, you have thought about it very far, well it's actually a very good idea, and now that I think about it your battle was really flashy in the finals, you could have won easily without using Infernape, you did it on purpose didn't you"

Julian "Well I don't want to hide it with you, Yes I did it on purpose, with me displaying some of my powers I will attract attention of many whether it is friend or foe but the most important thing will be fame, with my fame rising I will be able to step into the commercial world as well"

Oak "Haha, I knew you always have something running in that mind of yours, I am down but we need money and we don't have much to start a new business"

Julian "You don't have to worry about money Professor, I want you to become one of the Board of Directors of this company and also its supervisor"

Professor Oak thought about it for some time and continued .

Oak "From where will you get money?"

Julian "I have two million dollars which I will be investing in this company, and I have found a man named Jimi Brown that billionaire, I will contact him and talk with him about this, him being a businessman I know he won't let go of this opportunity, with me and your's name being involved in this he will definitely join in"

Oak "Oh Jimi Brown, I have heard of him, if you can bring him to invest in this business we could easily start looking into it"

Julian "That great then I will be visiting Viridian city in few days, then I will think about challenging the elite four"

Oak "Ok then I will also ask some of my friends about this and if they are interested in investing in it"

Julian "The more investment the easier to start the business" .

After few days Julian went back to Viridian city and went to J Paradise hotel, after reaching there he asked the manager to inform Jimi Brown about his arrival and that he wants to discuss something with him .

Julian went to his room and waited for the arrival fo Jimi Brown, as time passed the phone in his room rang, it was the manager .

Manager "Sir Julian, Boss has arrived and is waiting for you in the business area, he said he will send one of his to escort you there"

Julian "Sure"

Soon the doorbell rang and Julian opened a door to see a middle-aged man wearing a black suit and clear glasses outside, he bowed down and greeted Julian and asked him to follow him .

When Julian reached the business area he saw few people dressed in expensive clothes having a discussion between them, few of them saw Julian and were surprised to see him here, some ladies wanted to approach him but when they saw the man with a black suit in front of him they stopped, Julian obviously noticed this but he didn't care much about it .

They finally reached their destination, they arrived in front of a big door which was carved with a beautiful inscription on it, the man in the suit knocked on the door twice and opened it and gestured Julian to walk in .

Julian walked inside to find Jimi Brown sitting in a red sofa and a lady serving him some wine, Jimi lifts his head to see Julian walking in .

Jimi "Sir Julian, please take a seat, you should have just called me and I would have come and visited you myself"

Julian sat down as the serving lady poured some wine into a glass in front of him .

Julian "Don't worry about it Mr . Jimi, I came here as I have some business proposal for you"

Jimi "Business?"

As soon as Jimi heard the word business he became more interested and smiled at Julian .

Julian "Yes, I want you to Invest in the new company I am planning to start"

Jimi "I am listening" .

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