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Published at 10th of September 2019 04:16:49 PM

Chapter 89

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Julian looked at the Dragonite and smirked .

Julian "That is indeed a great roar, let me show you what a real roar sounds like"

Julian threw a Pokeball in the air and the next moment a white light shines and a gigantic pokemon appears on the battlefield, he is huge standing 14 meters from head to tail, red scales, long and sharp fangs, and a huge tungsten armor on his head with a mega stone embedded on it, it is Julian's Gyarados he enters the battlefield and looks at Dragonite and roars right at it, the roar causes the whole stadium to vibrate .

Announcer "Is that a Gyarados, but its huge and red, Oh My Arceus I have never seen anything like this in my life"

Lance's 3 . 5 meter Dragonite looks like a dwarf in front of Julian's Gyarados, Lance looks at Gyarados with shock as it is also his first time looking at something like this, even he has a Gyarados but it is only 8 meters tall, compared to the monster in front of him it is nothing .

Lance stays his ground and quickly gets his head back into the game .

Lance 'It's just an oversized shiny Gyarados, from the look of its size it will definitely be slower, the battle has just started'

Just like lance everyone in the stadium is shocked by seeing Gyarados .

Lance "What a fine Gyarados you have there, how did you even raise such a beast?"

Julian "Well lots of nutritious food and hell like training resume"

Lance nods his head and looks towards Gyarados

Lance "Dragonite Thunder"

Dragonite flies high in the sky and starts to bring down storm clouds which cracked with lightning .

Lance wants to use Electric-type attack on Gyarados as it is four times weaker to it .

The lightning bolt comes down with extreme speed trying to decimate Gyarados .

Julian "Gyarados Dragon Pulse"

Gyarados looks at the incoming Lightning Bolt and shoots out a purple beam towards the lightning which suddenly turns into a dragon head and bites down the lightning creating an explosion high in the air, Dragonite gets pushed back by the impact of these two moves and retreats back, the storm clouds disappear the next second revealing the bright sky again .

Lance 'Gyarados is a powerhouse I need to use speed'

Lance "Dragonite use Double Team and surround Gyarados"

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Dragonite suddenly starts to create multiple copies of itself and flies around Gyarados and is ready to attack at any moment .

Julian "Dragon Tail"

Gyarados roars and lifts his massive tail which starts to glow fluorescent blue and swings it with full speed towards multiple Dragonite flying around him, the tail passes through one after the other and finally hits Dragonites sending it crashing to the ground .

Julian "It is indeed a great idea to use speed against my Gyarados but I have prepared a counter for that way ahead, my Gyarados trained his tail so that he could swing it as amazing speed if an opponent gets in its range"

Lance stares at Julian then at his Dragonite which gets up and again takes the sky .

Julian 'Impressive, as expected from the ace pokemon of Lance, it is able to handle Gyarados's Dragon Tail'

Lance "Agility"

Dragonite activates Agility to boost its speed .

Lance "Arial Ace"

Julian "Thrash"

Dragonite dives down with double the speed from before and dodges Gyarados by an inch and lands the Arial Ace right on the body, Gyarados feels a sting and backs away a little and stares furiously at Dragonite .

Julian "Ice Beam"

Gyarados puffs his chest and launches a powerful Ice Beam towards Dragonite .

Lance "Dragonite quickly dodge"

Dragonite moves away from the Ice Beam path but to its surprise it doesn't stop, Gyarados continuously breaths out Ice Beam and chase down Dragonite in the air, Dragonite tries to evade it by making quick movements for few seconds it was able to dodge but the Ice Beam finally hit the right wing of Dragonite and froze it solid and Dragonite lost its flight and came down crashing .

Julian "Now Thrash"

Gyarados slithers fast and comes down crashing on Dragonite and sends it rolling on the ground, Dragonite is sent rolling on the ground and finally stops after hitting a wall, the wall it crashed onto shatters into pieces .

After laying down for a few seconds Dragonite struggles for a second and again takes the air .

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Julian looks at Dragonite and smiles .

Julian 'A Pseudo Legendary indeed'

Julian "Gyarados Hyper Beam"

Gyarados puffs his chest and shoots out a massive Hyper Beam from his mouth towards Dragonite .

Lance "Dragonite you too, Hyper Beam"

Dragonite also sends out a massive Hyper Beam to counter Gyarados's Hyper Beam, both Hyper Beam clash and the devastation it caused left the whole battlefield into pieces, the ground was now completely uneven, the audience where protected by a forcefield but that was not the case for the battlefield, the walls around the battlefield were shattered into pieces, rock dust were flying everywhere .

Lance looked at his Dragonite who looked a little tired right now, on the other hand, Julian's Gyarados only had some minor scratches on it but they were are ignorable .

Julian "Ice Beam again"

Gyarados once again launched a powerful Ice Beam towards Dragonite who tried to dodge it by flying everywhere, the Ice Beam would leave a frozen solid ice path wherever it went .

Lance 'Dodging won't help I need to attack'

Lance "Dragonite Giga Impact"

Dragonite rushes towards Gyarados as it rides against the Ice Beam .

Julian "Gyarados, Skull Bash"

Gyarados launches himself towards Dragonite and they clash head-on, the impact causes the air to distort again causing the light to refract and providing a wavy site, the clash results in a draw but due to Gyarados size, he sticks on the spot whereas Dragonite is pushed back again .

Lance "Dragonite Dragon Claw"

Julian "Gyarados Ice Fang"

Dragonite's right claw glows and enlarges into sharp long claws and rushed towards Gyarados .

Gyarados roars as his fangs glow blue as they become long and sharp, as soon Dragonite's claws come near Gyarados bits down with Ice Fang and freezes Dragonite's arm .

Julian "Thrash"

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Gyarados still on hold of Dragonite's arm thrashes it down on the ground causing heavy damage, the already broken and uneven ground is unable to hold on any longer and collapses as Dragonite gets planted deep into the ground .

Lance "Dragonite quickly get out of there"

Julian "Let's finish this Ice Beam"

Gyarados looks down at the planted Dragonite then puffs his chest and blasts a powerful Ice Beam downwards, the creator gets filled with Ice shards and spikes sticking out like pillars and Dragonite right under it .

Lance "Dragonite common get up"

Dragonite who was frozen under the huge mass of ice with all its power gives a final push and the next moment the ice spikes went flying everywhere and Dragonite comes out of the crater and lands in front of Lance and looks at Gyarados .

Gyarados also looks at Dragonite but doesn't move .

Julian 'Its Over'

Finally, Dragonite's legs give in as it collapses on the ground and faints .

The whole stadium becomes silent as they look at the state of the battlefield and just one pokemon standing tall in there, the next moment everybody burst into cheers as they shout Julian's name over and over again .

Announcer "It's over Julian, have defeated all the elite-four members, HE HAS BECOME THE CHAMPIONNNNNNNNNNNN"

The crowd also joins with the announcer and call him the champion over and over again .

Julian hears his name added next to the title champion and he felt a great feeling taking over him, he was happy, proud, excited and feelings he could not describe in one breath, he looked at his Gyarados and smiled .

Julian "We did it, buddy"

Gyarados also looked happy as he roared loudly looking at the sky stating his dominance over everyone .

Lance stood there as he patted his Dragonite who had already woke up and was looking at Gyarados .

Lance "We will become stronger and challenge them next time"

Dragonite looked at Lance and nodded .

Lance put Dragonite back to its Pokeball and walked towards Julian .

Lance "Congratulations on becoming the champion, Julian"

He extends his hand for a shake, Julian also extended his hand and shook it .

Julian "It indeed feels great to be a Champion, you don't have to worry I won't be holding the champion position for too long, it will be yours soon"

Lance was confused by hearing this .

Lance "What do you mean?"

Julian "Kanto is too small for me, I want to explore everything out there that this huge world has for me to offer"

Lance understood what Julian meant and sighed, he knew that being a champion comes with a responsibility and it will restrict a trainer as well, even though champion receives holidays they still had to come back and fulfill their duties .

Lance "Then I can only wish good luck on your journey"

Julian "Thankyou"

Announcer "Ladies and Gentlemen don't go anywhere as the crowning of the champion will take place tonight so stay tuned"

Lance "I think you should get ready for the crowning"

Julian "Indeed"

Julian and Lance walk away from the stadium .

Night has arrived and the Indigo stadium is repaired back to how it was in the morning, the crowd is waiting for their champion to arrive, Goodshow has already arrived and is preparing the crowning process, all the elite four members also join him for this occasion .

Soon Julian arrives and the crowd burst into cheers, Julian waves at them and proceeds towards the platform where Goodshow is standing, soon he joins him up in the platform and looks around the stadium and see his fans cheering for him .

Goodshow "Let's begin"

After hearing him, a beautiful woman walks forward with a cushion on her hand and on that cushion was a crown made of gold and diamonds along with a golden staff with ruby on top of it .

Goodshow takes the crown and comes in front of Julian .

Goodshow "I Charles Goodshow, as the president of the league committee, announce you as the Champion of Kanto"

Julian bends down as Goodshow places the crown on top of his head and gives him the golden staff, on the staff was his name embedded on it with precious stones .

Julian looks at the staff and ten rises it up as fireworks start to shoot up in the sky and the night ends with a huge celebration .

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