Just Mine - Chapter 73

Published at 17th of June 2019 09:08:44 AM
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Chapter 73

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Dwayne suspected his boss was avoiding him . He left her house the sat after she was discharged from the hospital . He spent the night at the hospital the day she was admitted . Brianna couldn't stay because of her kids and she didn't want her mom to suspect . He went home with her the next day she was discharged . The last time he saw her was Saturday morning when she thanked him for helping her out . she chased him out of her house . . . . saying she was going to spend the weekend at her mother's . He didn't leave till Brianna came to pick her .

On Monday at the office, she walked past him without saying a word to him, he wanted to ask her how she was doing but she just nod her head and left . Mr Anton returned Sunday night so he had no reason to be around her anymore, even when he took some fruit to her office, Chiamanda collected it and told him a hearty thank you, that the boss was resting . Is it possible that she knows what happened sat night? No that's impossible, he was very careful .

He was discreet, he met with Bisi in Oscars place, Oscar left his apartment for them . then he went to a club and had a quickie in one of the restrooms with a stranger . He couldn't hold it in anymore, and he has to stop thinking about his boss . But now she isn't talking to him, Anton asked him to go to her place cause he was traveling but he heard her voice from the background saying she would be fine, that Jenna will be coming over .

He had to make sure she isn't aware . Days later he decided to go clubbing with Oscar . He couldn't stop thinking of why his boss was ignoring him .

Sky, Zino and Brianna were all dressed in black short dresses just above their knees . Zino wore a tube dress without hands with a red shoe, while Brianna wore an off shoulder dress exposing some of her cleavage, she wore a silver sandals . Sky wore a sleeveless dress and a peach shoe, they all wore silver accessories .

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Wow you both look under sixteen, you look good ladies Sky said smiling . And you too little sister, you don't look pregnant at all just sumptuous . I'm gonna dance away my sorrow tonight . Brianna said to her sister .

Sist please you know I have two left feet, I really feel ashamed in the midst of you two . I can only dance when I'm tipsy and i can't take any alcohol cause of my sweet pea, she rubbed her tummy .

Don't worry Sky, just do what I do like we use to do in the old days . Zino was a dancer in City L, she left her career and moved to the Capital because of her husband .

The ladies went into the VIP room and watched as people danced in the dance floor . . . the whole place was booming with songs of latest artist . . Sky scanned the room but couldn't find the person she was here for . . . smiling she called Tina over to take their orders .

By 10:00pm the DJ changed the music from rock and roll to hip-hop . Zino screamed when she heard one of her favourite songs, standing up, she took Sky by the hand and urged Brianna to join then as they made their way to the dance floor . Tina signalled her boss, telling her the spoiled prince has just arrived . Sky looked at the direction Tina was pointing and smiled .

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Jackson walked in with his bodyguard . He was tall and lanky, dressed in designer products . Perfect . . . . Sky said smiling .

The moment Zino and Brianna started

dancing, Sky brought out her phone and took pictures of them and sent to Jim and Drake .

Zino took her phone away from her . . . . none of that Mena . . . now dance, enjoy yourself . When last did you club? Zino asked her .

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She doesn't club Zino, have you forgotten? she only did it then in school cause it was birthday parties . . . Brianna said laughing .

Allright fine, Sky said as she danced to the beats . They were all dancing the same step, soon they became the centre of attraction .

Dwayne watched the three women on the dance floor, he was sitting at the bar with Oscar . He couldn't see the ladies well but they were beautiful . Do you want to go over? Oscar shouted over the music so Dwayne could here him .

No Dwayne said . . . you can go I'll just watch them from here . The one on short hair was very cute and she was a very good dancer, the other one looked familiar, she was chubby, with big bust, hips and well she's the perfect description of an African woman . Then there was the third lady who was mostly laughing, she was backing him . Her back looked familiar too, she reminded him of his boss . Darn it, he said as he downed his drink and asked for another .

Dwayne watched as Oscar made his way to the ladies but before he could get there, two men appeared, one very tall and huge while the other was a little tall and well built . Dwayne laughed, now two of the girls are taken just remaining one . The funniest thing is that the men held the ladies possessively and they weren't smiling, he watched as the two men hugged the third lady, she turned back to hug the very tall man when Dwayne froze . It was his boss, no way . . . . he choked on his drink . What is Ms Sky doing here dressed like that .

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Sky smiled as she saw Jim and Drake made their way to the dance floor, her plan worked . The men didn't look happy, she gave her friend and sister a thumps up and they smiled .

Jim said a thank you to Sky as he hugged her . Well, well, who are these beautiful ladies here? aren't you both forgetting something?

he asked them . They feigned ignorance looking at him . He rolled his eyes, you are forgetting your husbands he said laughing . He said hi to Brianna and hugged Sky .

If you think they are beautiful, don't just leave them at home with the kids and hang out with your friends alone . Remember they had a life before they married you . Sky said to the men, learn to adore your wives and spoil them, now enjoy yourselves, don't mind me she said to them .

Yes ma'am, they said laughing . Oscar approached Sky but he was blocked by Jim, she's taken Jim said . Raising his hand to surrender, Oscar said . . . noted man . Sky whispered something to Jim . He always act like the big brother she never had .

Why did you do that, she asked him laughing? He had a lecher look written all over him, Jim said . Sky shook her head .

Jackson approached her and said . . . excuse me beautiful, he said smiling . Sky ignored him . He held her hand forcefully and said I'm taking to you girl .

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