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Juvenile Entertainer - Chapter 101

Published at 13th of August 2019 07:30:09 PM

Chapter 101

"Okay so lets first make it clear that you guys have not played the game nor do you know what the game is," I said with an evil grin

Felix (PewDiePie) replied first "Nope but I've played your Mortal Kombat and have some high hopes"

Samantha (Always_Sammy) replied "No but Something tells me we're gonna have a falling out after I play this game of yours"

"I haven't but you promised quality content," Said Craig (MiniLad) with an exaggerated tone

"I know nothing but I am mentally prepared for everything!" Said Mark (Markiplier) passionately

"Nope I don't know anything but if this is anything worse than "Golf It" then don't blame me for leaving halfway through" Said Anthony (BigJigglyPanda) jokingly

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"Ah that's the too bad cause that would mean you can't win the prize," I said

"Prize??" Said all five of them

"Yes, there's a prize for all of you as to commemorate your bitter struggle of overcoming my game now this does not mean you have to finish it, you just have to play and play, and play till the end of the stream . The prize is whatever you want . If it's money I'll put $10,000 on the line for each of you . If you want something personal from me like a wedding dress or maybe a suit but if that happens I better be invited" I said the last part with a wink .

(Note: Pewdiepie is also engaged in this world but it doesn't follow the same timeline)

"I'm also quite talented at crafts and sculpting, so I can even create a model of anything you wish . The options are endless but also limited to you five alone"

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"free money why not" Said Anthony

"Content and guaranteed money, I must be dreaming" Said Craig

"I thin . . . " Felix was about to reply but his door flung open presenting the Italian goddess Marzia Bisognin running up to the mic .

"Felix stop! Please, can you make my dress? I'm a really big fan, of the embroidered blankets you made and would love to design my own dress" said Marzia excitedly

Hearing her question made me startled "Wait! Wait! I was just kidding"

"Please!" Felix and Marzia pleaded in sync

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"Umm, are you sure . I know I'm good but do you really trust my ability to make you look amazing on your big day" I said nervously

Marzia answered with a gleam of anticipation in her brown eyes and excessive nodding .

I was very unsure about whether I should agree to such high demand 'On one hand I'm a big fan of Felix and relish in the idea of seeing him married to Marzia with my own eyes but am I really able to provide them what they are looking for'

I quickly shake the doubt away 'Geez it seems my low self-esteem from the past still lingers, come on I have thousands if not millions of people who are willing buy my quilt for an absurd amount'

With a confident smile, I say "Sure but it depends on whether your fiance can play my game to the very end"

Marzia immediately pulled up a chair to watch and encourage Felix in his journey through the hellish game, that I was about to drop on their naive little minds .

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I went back to addressing the audience "Earlier I sent these five willing contestants an email with the said game, that allowed them to download it but the game can not start without the code . Now that you all brought up to speed lets give them the code"

From the viewers perspective, the stream is sectioned off into boxes showing the face cam of all my guest . A benefit of this worlds streaming platforms is that you can change the perspective to the people attached to the stream . After giving them the code the video feed changed to show the game with their face cam in the corner .

What appears was the nurturing sound of birds tweeting and the simple image of a grey rocky wall with blue sky's being its background . The atmosphere was a soothing welcome only to be rudely interrupted by close up image of a girthy sledgehammer embedding its self on the side of the rock . The blue sky's quickly turned dark and gloomy . Beside the sledgehammer was the following options, New game, Settings, Credits and in bold was the word Quit . On the grey rock was the games name in white "Getting Over It With Theodore Smith"

The menu was different from the original as I let my creativity go wild with the intent to provide an underline message through images to say that what they were about to experience is not what they are expecting but much, much worse . I then allow them to start up the game picking what form of controls they use between mouse and trackpad . What now appeared was black cauldron on a large rock and sledgehammer lent against it with a tree on the left . Then from the cauldron sprouted two muscular arms that were then followed by the rest of the upper body of a semi-bold man .

Everyone watching including the guest couldn't help but say out loud in a confused and startled tone "WHAT THE FUCK/FRICK??"

(Note: this is the first time seeing the game so this is a reasonable reaction to such an odd character)Please download our sponsor's game to support us!