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Juvenile Entertainer - Chapter 14

Published at 21st of February 2019 08:41:11 PM

Chapter 14

She gently placed two fingers on Theodore's wrist 'thank goodness he's not dead I should call for an ambulance'

She was about to call for an ambulance but her thoughts were interrupted by the glaring sunlight which had temporarily blinded her .

She blinked a few times too regain her eyesight and once she did, what she saw was a young man that was being embraced by the warmth of the holy light, that had broken through the clouds to find a glistening white-haired angel .

Her eyes widened in awe of such holy creature, bringing her hands up to cover her mouth, making sure not to wake him up, she screams in her hands like the typical female fans of a boy band .

She no longer had any thoughts of calling for help, instead, she took a picture of his blissful sleeping face and then taking another picture of his whole body slumped over the table .

Hesitating for a bit she finally built up enough courage too get beside him and take a few selfies . Looking through all the pictures she took, she picks out the best, of cause, not the selfies that were for her only .

She post's it on Instagram and Twitter under the title of "Discovered an Angle in the library"

The post quickly blew up, the comment section was being constantly updated for a new comment . Most of them were asking for his name and where she took the picture, some were saying that it was photoshopped and some even complimented her photography skills .

In the end, she understood that it wasn't her right to give out Theodore's name especially since she took the photo without asking and giving up her location would turn her quite Library into a room just filled with lustful women trying to get Theodore . So she just ignored .

Even though she didn't answer their questions, unbeknownst to her, the pictures had become something of a treasure on the internet .

They even gave him the names such as White Prince, Snow Angel and the most hurtful name Snow White and Snow White Prince .

Sitting down on a seat she rested her chin on her hands with her elbows on the table she stared at the new found treasure that was Theodore .

Ten minutes passed and Theodore began to regain consciously, he began by moving his finger before opening his eyes and then grabbing his forehead exaggeratedly "Aah fuck, it stings, I must have a huge bruise?"

Theodore was talking to himself and was not expecting anyone or anything to reply but that's when he heard the soft voice of the librarian " actually your still perfect, ah no I I mean it's fine"

Theodore turned his head to the side and saw the librarian with a Bright red face . Theodore was confused at first but seeing her posture he understood that she was watching him sleep, a bit creepy but it's a beautiful woman so he's not gonna complain .

The two people felt very awkward, so Theodore finally attempted to break the ice with a proper introduction and greeting .

"Hi, my name's Theodore Smith you can call me Theo, What's yours?"

Megan was a little confused on why he was introducing himself but she still replied "Hi I'm Megan Hancock, it's nice to meet you, T Theo"

Theodore was thinking before replying with "Your not possibly related to William Hancock?"

Megan was surprised "You know my older brother?"

"Your Brother's my boss for the new restaurant down the road from here"

"Oh, what's your job?"

With a prideful look on his face, he replies with "I'm the piano player for the place"

Megan was in her own little world, she thought of the image of a white-suited prince playing the piano under a spotlight and felt the need to scream again but she managed to contain herself .

"For my brother to pick you means he sees potential in you . You don't mind if ask how old you are?"

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"No it's fine, I'm 18 this year . What about you?"

"I'm 23 this year but Theo are you working full-time?"

"Yeah, why?"

"What about your education, you should enjoy college life not working or are you having money problems I'll call my brother and tell him too make it part time and give you a raise"

Theodore was little taken back by her sudden outbreak "no I'm fine I . . "

"fine isn't good enough education should be a priority, is your family having money problems if so tell them too call me I'll help"

"Sorry Megan can you let me talk"

Megan calmed down and nodded at Theodore .

"Thank you, I'm not going to college cus I plan to move to America and even so I'm not particularly comfortable in a school I prefer homeschool"

"Have you talked to your family about this"

"Umm my family passed away"

"I'm sorry for your loss"

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"Its fine I know your just concerned about me even though I don't know why"

Megan wasn't sure either, initially, she was looking at him as an idol but when he started speaking she got the feel of a lonely child looking for a friend and her women's instinct kicked in showing her motherly side .

Theodore doesn't realise it himself that when he talks to other people he gives the off significant feeling that advocates to Parental side of adults, basically he's a magnet to older women .

Putting on a soft smile Megan looks at Theodore "It's decided I'll be your teacher from now"

Theodore shook his head side too side quickly "No it's fine I'm very good at self-studying"

Megan's eyebrows raised and her eyes squinted "Are you questioning my ability to teach"

Theodore felt his palms start to sweat out of fear "What! of cause not, I would be honoured to be taught by the beautiful librarian"

"Hump good, well what time are you free I'll teach you here"

"But what about the customers I don't want to you to be fired cus of me"

"Don't worry I own this place and we both know that no one comes here anyway"

"umm . . "

"No more excuses I will be your teacher"

Theodore was helpless and just lazily agreed " I've already done a college-level online test to see what my average grades and they all came out as A+ .

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"What subjects are those that you tested on"

"Just the compulsory subjects like maths, science and English but I also did history"

"Have you not been taught any R . E (Religious Education) and what about languages"

"R . E's kinda tied into history but I guess I haven't fully studied it and well for languages I speak Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese"

Megan was at lost "Okay just tell me all the things you've study so that I can teach something else"

"Well okay I have enough knowledge in law to be highly paid lawyer or be In politics and I have a great understanding of Computer science"

"What school taught you all of this"

"Well I was homeschooled by my Grandpa and he taught me the compulsory subjects and when he passed away I started trying to get my life back together by working out and coming to the library to learn other subjects"

Megan felt her position to be Theodore's teacher drifting further and further away but still, she persists "Well Is there anything you would like to learn but you just couldn't"

Theodore took some time to think about before remembering his bad habits "Actually I'm not sure if you've noticed but I'm really bad at being social"

"Huh but you're talking to me just fine"

"Well you see I don't talk to people a lot so I make things awkward with something I say very fast"

"You're over thinking it, I think your just honest but I can teach you some social Attica especially when talking to women . hmm what else . . . . . do you have a particular goal in life"Please download our sponsor's game to support us!