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Juvenile Entertainer - Chapter 39

Published at 21st of February 2019 08:40:12 PM

Chapter 39

Theo looked up the camera and said "That's all for today, thanks for watching and for all your support, I'll try and stream whenever I'm free but once again thank you and goodbye"

Saying his goodbyes to the viewers . He turned to look at the time and then looked back to Rose "It's already 11 pm, we have a guest room if you guys wanna sleepover"

Emily: "Yay Sleepover"

Rose picked up Emily and said "We don't have our toothbrushes"

Theo: "it's okay we have spare ones that Megan just bought, there's also towels if you want to shower and you can ask Megan for clothes"

Emily: "Mom!, let's stay okay"

Rose sighed and pinched Emily's nose "Fine but you have to sleep"

Emily: "hehe okay"

With that said everyone went to sleep .

. . . . . . .

Pov Theo

Stepping into my bedroom, I push the door behind me and make sure it's locked . Sitting down on my bed I attempt to confront the system 'Okay, system tell me what's going on'

A . I System [There's nothing wrong, stop asking meaningless questions and do the tasks]

I was even more suspicious after seeing how he avoided the question and said 'I never asked if something is wrong, now tell me why the first task is so simple and the rewards are animation related aren't they'

A . I System [So what!]

His voice tells me I'm onto something and so I proceed to question it 'okay so why is it that the task system refers to Emily as Little Angel instead of her name I know you guys are connected someway and know you would refer to everyone as ants, surely you would call her a brat, snot-nosed . . . . '

A . I System [How dare you, she is the embodiment of innocence, there is not a single spec of dirt on her pure soul, Little Angel is the only other name to call her]

My body began to shake, I felt uncomfortable, yes but something else what's the word I'm looking for, ah that's it "cringe" unimaginable levels of cringe 'You . . you . . you're a loli lover!!!'

A . I System [Fuck you, don't give us such a disgusting name]

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I looked into the distant 'This whole time I've had have a sexual predator inside me, bad choice of words *Stomach Growls* No I'm gonna puke'

After having a brief moment of puking in the toilet, I had a shower and forced myself to sleep .

. . . . . .

Pov Theo

Friday 2:00 pm

Waking up at 4:30 I went about my day trying to forget the systems dark secret . I did a light work out, then came home and made pancakes for everyone . Rose and Emily were even more in love with my cooking after tasting it .

After having breakfast Megan suggested going shopping, I said that I need to buy a few things as well so I joined them .

I did manage to buy the things I needed and it only took me thirty minutes to get everything but I was forced to stay around and carry the girl's bags . And no their bags aren't heavy but I'm mentally tired from how indecisive they are .

We spent two hours in every shop that we visited . All I could think about was getting home and tucking my self into the warm covers of my bed and sleeping .

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I bought Emily a ukulele and taught her a technique that will help her with getting her fingers to familiarise themselves with the guitar .

I also asked her what she wants in the cartoons, after all, the last task is to satisfy her . Emily and Rose went home, I sat down on the dining table with my laptop and the bags of things I bought .

I bought a batch of acoustic treatment (Foam for dampening sound) for my room, clothes, a graphics drawing tablet and some other stuff . I opened up my laptop and made a YouTube Channel called Angel Toons .

After completing the first task I took a look at what the rewards do .

[Higher Tear advanced Graphic Arts: A particular form of fine arts that covers a wide range of two-dimensional art] (flat surface)

[Higher tear Advanced Vocal Manipulation: Enable the host to gain more control over his vocal cords whether it be high pitched or low pitched or in between]

[Advanced Divided Thinking: Allow the host to multitask, brain-wise . Advised to train the body to sync with hosts brain to fully utilize ]

Well, most of it is to my expectation . The best thing about these rewards are the multiple uses they have .

After confirming what my new skill entails I made my way to the kitchen to make two trays worth of the energy bar recipe that I got from the system .

It took only 20 minutes to make the mixture and pour it into the tray to be baked . I waited 30 minutes for them to bake and quickly put them in a tin that I bought, hid it in the shopping bag and ran upstairs to my room .

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Taking everything out of the bag I began to stick the acoustic treatment on my walls . I made sure to cover every inch of the room, my plan is to use this as my temporary studio .

An hour later my room became the quietest place I've ever been in, it was creepy but I eventually got used to it . Sitting down at my desk with my laptop and drawing tablet .

I began to think about the type of cartoons Emily would like . Emily said she wanted there to be a princess and that was just about it pretty simple but its because it is so simple that I'm having trouble deciding .

Some time pass and eventually ask them . system 'Hey system tell me is Disney fairy tale a group and does it come with the songs'

A . I System [The system will allow it just this one time]

I was surprised at first but then I remembered and asked 'It's because of Emily, isn't it'

A . I System [Shut up and do the task]

'Fine, use one unlock token on Disney Fairy Tale'

*Ding* [Confirm whether to use Token]


*Ding* [Confirmed, Disney Fairy Tale can now be shared and is automatically put into the copyright system of this world]Please download our sponsor's game to support us!