Juvenile Entertainer - Chapter 40

Published at 21st of February 2019 08:40:10 PM

Chapter 40

Still Theo Pov

*Ding* [Confirmed, Disney Fairy Tale can now be shared and is automatically put into the copyright system of this world]

After getting the notification, I take out the memory pill that I bought the other day . Appearing in my palm was a fully black, long sided pill, it honestly looked like a smoothed out rat dropping, kinda disgusting .

I grit my teeth and throw it into my mouth and swallowed . After reaching my stomach I felt the pill explode and make its way through my body to my head .

I began to feel a slight tingle that started from the back of my head and slowly spread throughout my head . The tingling stopped came to stop, flashes of images from my memories covered my eyes .

I quickly concentrated on the thought of Disney Fairy Tales, my brain began to pick apart my memory as it searched for any relevant memory of Disney Fairy Tales . Absorbing everything it could find, from character design to even the littlest background noise .

Five minutes passed and I had regained the memories of every Disney fairy tale . But it seems like my memories of it had upgrades, I mean, I could literally close my eyes and watch it like I had a T . V in my head .

Now it came to just decide what fairy tale I should do first . I began to think about Emily's interest in music and narrowed down the option to that of the sing and dance .

Finally, I picked the one Disney Fairy Tale that had caused havoc among parents around the world . The one that had made crazy money in merchandise .

A lot of parents are gonna hate me, on the plus side it's also gonna be a lot of fun . That's right I'm doing frozen . I've got a lot of work to do but I'm pretty confident .

So First I'm gonna draw out the characters using the drawing tablet but at the same time, I'm gonna practice getting the voices right, yes I'm doing all the voice on my own .

And yes, I said at the same time, I plan to use the divided thinking for everything . I'll also train my hands to be Ambidextrous, meaning having control over both hands .

After I have control over them I'll buy another laptop and drawing tablet for my left hand . I've also ordered the necessary instruments for the music, they should come tomorrow .

What else ah, yes, I actually plan to get Emily to voice Anna (The ginger girl) when she is a kid, Just to add that personal touch . It should also make her extremely happy .

. . . . . . .

Narrator Pov

Saturday 3:00 am

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Theo had been hard at work since last night . He could now perfectly imitate the voices used in frozen, he had even managed to record the voices whilst drawing .

Drawing wise he had finished the character design a while back but he was just struggling to get the background done, especially the ice castle .

Although he can rewatch the whole movie in his head and pinpoint certain parts of the image, he still struggled to copy it . Theo came to a stop and finally let himself sleep .

. . . . . . . .

Megan Pov

Next Day Saturday 7:00 am

It's now been three days since Theo and I moved to America and started living under the same roof . Even though I told Theo that it's more fun to around him then being cooped up in a library, I had no idea it would be this much fun .

For starters, I get to eat Theo's cooking, whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner they always taste great . I also made a friend that's actually a committed writer, unlike Theo, who can clearly be one of the best authors if he tried .

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Back to my new, no sorry me and Theo's new friend Rose . She's a single working mother at 24 years old, to that I say she's incredible . In the beginning, she was only writing so that she spends time with her daughter, Emily . grew to love writing .

Her daughter is the cutest kid I've ever seen, I always give her a big hug whenever I have the chance . Now back to present day, when I woke up this morning, I found that I couldn't smell anything unusual .

That might seem normal but it's very abnormal for this house . Making sure I didn't wake up early I looked at the time "Nope I definitely woke up just like normal, so why do I not smell breakfast"

Stepping out of my room I see Theo's bedroom door was slightly open and so I peeked inside, what I was met with was the musty smell of sweat with the sound of someone inhaling and exhaling at a slow and steady pace .

I opened the door a bit more to see that the walls are covered by the orange foam he had bought . I was surprised to see no one was sleeping on the bed . Then I pushed the door just a tad bit more and saw the floor covered in crumpled up paper .

Looking up from the floor I saw the back of Theo sat on a stool leant over his desk with his laptop up and a mic on the side, also three large stacks of paper .

I hesitated for a bit before opening the door fully and tiptoeing my way past the cluttered paper on the floor . I glanced at Theo's peacefully sleeping face, then I proceed to carefully pick up one of the stacks of paper and looked through it .

An hour passed and I had read through all of the stacks of paper . From what I've seen Theo's making an animation and it's really good, it kinda makes me excited to see it come to life .

I was about to go over the script portion again but my stomach began to growl out of hunger .

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I look down at my stomach with care and began to rub it when I looked up Theo was looking at me, like I did something wrong .

I tried to explain myself "I saw that you weren't awake and thought you might be sick"

Theo must have seen through my lie's because he smiled in response and said "Give me a minute to get ready and I'll make breakfast"

'Yep he definitely knew I was just hungry, sometimes I wish he was dumb'

I smiled and said "Good I'm hungry"

As I was walking out I heard his voice "So what you think about Frozen"

To which I ignorantly replied "It's amazing I can't wait to see it"

Seriously being friends with this monster brings way too many unexpected surprises but at least its never a boring day .