Juvenile Entertainer - Chapter 62

Published at 19th of March 2019 09:53:31 PM
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Chapter 62

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She managed to not break out into a crying mess but it was clear that she wanted to . After wiping some tears away, she smiled and said "We can't let Theo's efforts go to waste, so let's eat"

We slowly passed our plates around asking for pieces of food to be put on on our plates . Getting the plates back we tucked into the meat feast that is our dinner .

Liz had picked up the Mongolian Beef to which I quickly pointed out that its best that you have rice as the base . She followed my suggestion as did the others and took out a fork .

Digging beneath the rice and meat she brings the fork to her mouth . The simple mild taste of green onions, brown sauces with a hint of ginger brought a satisfied smile to her face .

As it did with the others, their first bite seemed to make them hurry as they began to shovel rice and beef with their forks into their mouths .

After finishing a plate they immediately went for seconds but I quickly stopped them and said "Hold up, there's other stuff too you know and they are all delicious, so try everything before you go for seconds"

Hearing my words they looked at the rest of the food with a bit of drool coming out . Looking past them I checked on how the kids are doing and just like our table they were passing their plates around to get food .

After every bite of something they would tell each other to try it, it was very cute to watch them try to be adults . Back to my table, the five beauties are now, well, now they just looked like a pack of vicious wolves biting and chomping their way through the food .

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After a few minutes of witnessing the brutal massacre that had just happen on my brand new table things calmed down a bit . There was a clear ring of source around their lips, they looked at each other embarrassingly before quietly wiping it clean .

Seeing this I laugh before being stopped by numerous cold stares I was getting from the five demonised beauties .

"Hey did Theo tell you where he was today" Said Sarah teasingly

"Huh? that's a good point where were you? I'm guessing this is how you guys met?" Said Sophia

"I'll say it . Theo is the model for my brand VAGUE" Said Liz with passion

A gasp is all that came out from their mouths as they have just learnt that this new red-headed friend is the owner of VAGUE and that Theo is now a model .

Megan was the first to react "Wow for real, Theo's a model for VAGUE"

Me, Liz and Sarah confirmed with a nod .

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"I can't wait to see the end results, So when is the photoshoot happening" Sophia asked

I nervously said "Umm we already done the photoshoot"

"That's to bad, I kinda wanted to be there to see it" Said Rose

"We did face a few problems at the beginning but Theo fixed them all In a span of a few minutes," Said Liz

"Really, spill" Said Megan

Liz began to tell how her company has been under attack from other brands causing for her brand to slowly fall from its stage .

She then continued to say that during the time when we were supposed to do the photo shoot all of the production team advertisement team resigned and that her Models left as well .

She then started bragging about how I did everyone's makeup and fixed the clothes to fit properly . Then she talked about my photography ability and how I was way better than her old production and advertisement team .

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'It feels pretty good to be worshipped, I am an all-powerful being look on with closed eyes, for my bright future will blind you'

A . I System [How is it that you still surprise me with your crazed thoughts]

'Why do you always ruin everything'

"I have some photos if you want to see it" Said Sarah but then I saw her give a devilish smile in my direction .

Sending shivers down my spine, I then remembered seeing her take a picture of my exposed body and bulge .

Sarah slowly swiped her phone as she showed pictures of the winter line and the formal clothes that we modelled but then she stopped .

Making sure the kids were busy she swiped one last time to show a picture of me bathed in light, green background with a red boxer and an obvious bulge presenting itself to the world .

The only thing I could hear was the kids laughing and chatting on their table . When I saw my three close friends not say anything but just staring at the picture before a deep red blush started showing on their faces .

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When I saw that I knew Sarah showed them the raw picture without the editing . A few seconds of staring at the phone they then redirected their sights towards me and looked me up and down .

Note that I'm sat at the dining table so they could only see my upper body but it seems the image from before made it very easy to use their imagination .

They quickly look away after noticing that I knew exactly what they were looking for or imagining .

"So what did you think of Theo's 'bulging' muscles" Said the overenthusiastic Sarah .

"They were very handsome" said Rose while avoiding eye contact

"Very good" said Sophia while looking down at the plate .

"Was that a real" asked Megan

"Why don't you ask Theo, So Theo is 'it' real" Said Sarah with a smile .

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