Juvenile Entertainer - Chapter 85

Published at 16th of April 2019 11:55:07 PM
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Chapter 85

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It's been three hours since she started playing Mortal Kombats story mode and she doesn't plan to stop any time soon .

"What a bitch . . . . how did you block it . . . . . What the fuck . . . . . ha now you're in the corner . . . . . . fuck I'm stuck in the corner . . . Block, Block, just fucking block . . . . . agh just die . . . . Hell yeah"

This was a repeated occurrence as she faced harder opponents . She quickly fell in love with the brutal game that showed blood with every fatal kick, punch, cut, bullet and explosion .

She was getting dangerously addicted . Samantha still hasn't found out anything about Fatalities but she fully enjoyed the X-ray special . She finally decided to stop when she saw that the time was "5:45"

Taking a shower, she begins to freshening her self up for the stream . Changing into a hoodie and jeans then she does her routine stretches . She had already told all her fans that she'll be on early, so she turned on her stream and began chatting with her viewers .

. . . . . . . . .

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Back at Theo's house

Theo was now checking over the trailer for the game and making sure that there wouldn't be any problems halfway through . Seating himself on the gaming chair he had just bought . Seeing the time he started steaming .

"Sup lads and ladies welcome back to my stream" Said Theo with a smile


Devil_Maria: ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜

CatKatrina7: It's been too long

E-Money: ready for a good show

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Jesus-no1: Somehow its never a dull stream .

DopeTurd: Welcome back dude

Just A Bro: Good to see ya, bro

Angel_Abi: ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“

Devil_Lizzie: ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜˜

. . . . . etc

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"Yeah, sorry guys I've been working on something so I didn't have time to stream . On the upside, I'll be sharing that something with you today but before I have a special guest" Said Theo


E-Money: I bet $5000 it's a woman

AntiMagic: Not even a fair bet

DopeTurd: When is it not a women

. . . . . . . etc

Theo didn't see the chat and continued "She's someone that is well known among streamers and is probably the biggest reasons for my rise on this platform, introducing Samantha Aka Always_Sammy"

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The stream was now divided down the middle . On the left was Theo and on the right was Samantha's stream . Then they introduced themselves to each others stream .

"Hey can you hurry up with your announcement, I want to play" Samantha said anxiously

"hahaha sorry, well let's get to it . Here's a game trailer to a game I made, oh wait I have to warn you . The following video contains blood and gore so if your squeamish please for your own good, please leave " Said Theo with a serious tone

The stream then cut to the trailer . The screen went black as the sound of a bass drum played in the background . Then it showed "HUNT", from there the song got to its first rap verse and a cinematic fight scene between Sub-Zero and Scorpion started in sync with every boom and clap of the best .

Then the video slowed down with the music to introduce Kano getting into his fighting stance as Sonya Blade does the same . The trailer continued like so introducing a character and then a quick fight with their skills on show .

The end of the trailer was Sub-Zero making an ice duplicate holding the spear up and throwing Scorpion onto it, then ripping his spine out with the head and throwing it back on the spear . Then the blood word Fatality hung over the top with a thundering voice sounding "Fatality, winner Sub-Zero"

The trailer came to its end . The viewers were left shocked as they have never seen any game so dark and bloody . Samantha was also left shocked as she not only learnt that she hadn't mastered Sonya Blade but that there was such a thing as a Fatality . She and the other gamer's watching felt their blood boil with anticipation . The stream went back to the divided screen showing Theo and Samantha's face .

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