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Juvenile Entertainer - Chapter 89

Published at 13th of August 2019 10:50:28 PM

Chapter 89

"I'm sorry, for bringing up bad memories," Theo said with a sympathetic tone .

"It's okay we remind ourselves every day, as we don't know if he'll come back to get the money" Said Rose with a sad smile .

"That's not right, that means your constantly taking care of the kids while fearing for your lives," Theo said

"It's okay, we are fine living in fear if it means that the kids are safe" Said Samantha

Theo was shaking in anger, his hand was clenched into a fist that had his nails digging deep into his own palm . He always thought his friends were living well but he was dead wrong, they have a lingering fear that Theo could never understand .

The girls began to cry loudly, while Theo's anger grew 'I can protect them, It will mean breaking a few laws but I don't give a shit anymore as long as they are safe and live freely without fear . That fucker will pay'

Theo got up and made a small bowl of ice cream for everyone . Sitting down with the other Theo decides to lighten the mood by getting them to talk about their childhood with Jennifer . Their stories were filled with good and bad moments but one thing they all represent is the strong bond they had together .

Theo got up and left for his room saying that he needed to do something . Walking into his room he sat down at his computer and said "System upgrade my Computer Science"

[Confirm the use of upgrade on the hosts skill Computer Science]

"Yes!" Theo grunted angrily

[Confirmed . The hosts skill Computer Science is now Master level]

A . I System [I recommend you buy the 'Blank I . P address' from the Shop, It costs 400 points you have 680 . This will help in your current actions and future plans]

"Buy it, if there's anything else you'd like to recommend to help, then do it"

A . I System [no but please calm yourself down or you'll become reckless]

Calming himself down he replied "Thanks and don't worry I'll find this guy and have him in jail before you know it"

Theo started with looking through the dating site's by searching his name but it didn't have any suitable information . He then checked the local police that they reported him to and found a file with name Calum Dean but it was password restricted .

Quickly bypassing it he read the file and was immediately angered . The man's name was Jason Knox . His criminal record had it all murder, ****, possession of illegal substances and weapons . But all of it was supposedly cleaned from his file by the F . B . I for his assistance in apprehending a big underworld boss .

He now goes by the name of Jason Dean . He went missing two years ago but his names turn up every now than around the world as he breaks laws to add to his new legal identity . No one is able to keep track of him .

Theo spent the whole day breaking into other countries security and looking through their data for Jason . Theo would only come out of his room to make dinner and snacks .

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Governments around the world were panicking as they found out about unauthorised access into their countries secrets and data .

. . . . . . . .

"Sir we have an unauthorised entry" Said Man in suit

"Then block him," Said boss

"We can't sir the hacker's skill is out of our league," said the man nervously

"Track his I . P address and let the local police force deal with it," Said The Boss

"That's the thing, sir, he doesn't have an I . P address it only comes up with a blank space," Said The man

Every person in the room was left to just watch as their countries collected data get thoroughly checked . Military, officials, civilians no one was left unchecked .

. . . . . . . . . .

Theo was getting pissed the more he dug the more disgusting secrets he discovered . One of those secrets being the low life officials taking advantage of their power to commit unsightly crimes . So he copied their misdeeds for when he's done with Jason .

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The time was now 3 am and Theo's room had the mature smell of coffee . His whiteboard was covered in a spider diagram about Jason . He had finally found him in Northern Ireland with a new identity and a girlfriend .

Out of suspicion, he checked on the girlfriend's family . Just like he thought this woman was in a will for a large piece of land and Theo wasn't gonna allow him to get it . So the first thing he did was alert local police . Then he went onto the local communities Facebook and post all his crimes on it .

With everything done, he went to the toilet and came back to sleep .

. . . . . . .

The next day Megan woke up at 9:10 am and left to go for her morning run with Rose and Sophia . They ran side by side, with sweat dripping from their heads . They decide to take a water break before pressing on .

After their run, they split off to go take a shower . When they were done they came back to Theo's house to chill while the news went on .

"So how're your sales doing" Said Megan

"It's great I have 5,000 books left to be sold" Said Rose

"Mine is similar . . . . " Said Sophia before freezing up as she looked at the T . V

Megan and Rose looked up at the T . V and saw Jason Knox being escorted into a police car . Rose and Sophia burst into tears of joy but Megan was confused as she had never seen his picture .

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"Is he by any chance . . . " Megan asked before being interrupted by the girls nodding . She got up and hugged them .

They turned the volume up and listened .

"The man being apprehended is Jason Knox . A man with a disturbing criminal record . Jason Knox has been on the run for most of his life and has never been caught . Police officers were able to apprehend with no prior notice to plan for such a big arrest . And all of this is possible because of someone or a group that is now being called [ ] (Blank) . [ ](Blank) provided the necessary information on the Small village's Facebook community page and also spam the Police force to arrest him . This just came in, as we speak government around the world simultaneously put [ ](Blank) on its most wanted list for it unauthorised entry into their Government's secrets" Said The newsman

They then turn off the T . V and give a loud shout .

"I'll get Theo we need to celebrate" Said Megan who ran up the stairs .

Walking up to bedroom door she realised that Theo had actually left his door unlocked . Pushing the door open she froze seeing the whiteboard that had pictures of Jason in security footage with the location written in pen .

Theo felt a draft and turned towards the door to see Megan blankly staring at his spider diagram . Megan looked at Theo with a shocked face and pointed "Your Bla! . . . . "

Theo threw his self at her with his full strength to cover her mouth and close the door . He looked at Megan and Said "When I remove my hand you're going to not shout and we're going to talk about it calmly"

She nodded rapidly . Theo then removed his hands and sighed .

"So tell me how you became every countries enemy overnight," Said Megan with her arms crossed .Please download our sponsor's game to support us!