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Juvenile Medical God - Chapter 100

Published at 20th of July 2016 05:44:33 PM

Chapter 100

Chapter 100 Slapping again

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In the blink of an eye, three days passed by .

Inside the classroom, the seat which was originally Luo Bin’s, also become someone else’s seat .

Occasionally, Qin Lang would gaze at that front seat and have a moment of distraction, because he felt Luo Bin’s rear view was still there .

She was already gone, Qin Lang ought to have forgotten about it, but he didn’t know why, because of Luo Bin’s departure, those previous memories became even more clear and that feeling even more intense .

One only understands to treasure, after they lose it .

There really was some truth in this sentence .

Jiang Xueqing frequently showed up in front of Qin Lang, Qin Lang also could feel her concern for him, but right now, Qin Lang didn’t have the mood to accept her feelings, even though this feeling was within his reach . Even when Zhao Kan reminded Qin Lang that someone was seriously pursuing after Jiang Xueqing, and told him to not lose this opportunity, Qin Lang actually dismissed him .

“Qin Lang, please go to the principal’s office . ”

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Before the class began, Sun Bo came beside Qin Lang’s seat, he was anxious Qin Lang would again start to argue with him, so he used ‘please’ . If Qin Lang didn’t go, Sun Bo was afraid he would be lectured by the principle .

“Okay, I will go . ” Since Sun Bo was so polite, Qin Lang also didn’t intend to argue with him, so-called ‘don’t fight a smiling person’ precisely indicated to this .

As far as Seven Mid’s students were concerned, many of them had studied here for several years, but they hadn’t received the opportunity to take a single step inside the principal’s office . Because, even for an important matter like expelling students, there was no need for the principal to personally deal with it .

The principal’s office was located at the central area of the fifth floor of the classrooms building . Fifth floor was the top floor of this building, there was a saying since the ancient times ‘respect of 9 and 5, honor of the Emperor and of the Imperial throne’, so the ninth and fifth floors were considered to be the most majestic positions, and the central rooms naturally belonged to the leading person’s . Of course, this was only an unwritten rule, and if someone went to interview about this, the authorities would definitely not admit to it .

The principal’s office seemed to be very big, there were many photographs that showed the glorious history of Seven Mid on the corridors . One photograph was recently stuck on the wall; it was the picture of Luo Bin, she looked very beautiful and arrogant in the photo, giving people a distant feeling, and written below the photo was ‘Harvard student Luo Bin’ .

After pausing for a while, Qin Lang knocked and opened the principal’s office door .

Seven Mid’s principal’s name was Wang Zhixiu, she was an about forty middle-aged woman . She was wearing glasses and gave people an intellectual and graceful feeling .

However, Qin Lang’s attention was not at this principle, but rather at the woman who was sitting on the sofa . This woman had extravagance and domineering aura

“You are student Qin Lang?” Wang Zhixiu said to Qin Lang, in an amiable manner, “This person is my superior, superintendent Song from the Provincial Education Department . ”

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“Principal Wang, I am not here to supervise today . If it is okay, I would like to talk with this student, alone . ” Luo Bin’s mother, Song Wenru indifferently said, but her tone would accept no refusal .

Wang Zhixiu nodded her head, and walked out of the office, closing the door .

Song Wenru stood up, and approached Qin Lang, then she indifferently said: “You are Qin Lang?”

Qin Lang nodded his head .

Song Wenru suddenly raised her hand, and ruthlessly threw a slap towards Qin Lang; such a close-distance slap, without any signs at that, usually would be very difficult to avoid, but Qin Lang merely bent his body backward and easily evaded the slap, moreover, his legs hadn’t moved even a little!

This was the benefit of the pillaring .

Song Wenru didn’t think Qin Lang would evade her slap, so she again threw a backhand slap, but Qin Lang lightly evaded it as before .

“Superintendent Song, I am not the little kid from over ten years ago, there isn’t anyone who can slap me . ” Qin lang moved his hand and grabbed Song Wenru’s wrist, his hands were like iron pincers, making Song Wenru unable to move at all .

However, for good or bad, this woman was Luo Bin’s mother, so Qin Lang released her hand .

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“You …… you …… you are that wimpy kid from over ten years back?” Song Wenru suddenly remembered, thinking to herself no wonder this kid’s face annoyed her; over ten years ago, during her daughter’s kindergarten period, a wimpy kid unexpectedly had dared to kiss her daughter’s lips, this made her immediately rush to the kindergarten school and slap this wimpy kid . After that, she took away her daughter from that kindergarten school .

Song Wenru didn’t expect, after over ten years, this kid unexpectedly appeared once more before Luo Bin, and moreover, at the crucial time when Luo Bin was going to Harvard University, seriously …… . did she commit sins in her previous life!

“That’s right, I am that wimpy kid . ” Qin lang calmly said, “Over ten years back, you slapped me, that was because I was still young at that time; but now, it is different, now, there is no one that can slap me!”

“Is that right?” Song Wenru said with disdain, “Just one word from me, and you won’t be able to study at Seven Mid anymore! Let alone Seven Mid, you won’t be able to study within the whole Pingchuan province!”

“Superintendent Song really has great authority . ” Qin Lang was not moved at all, “However, superintendent Song, you are so busy, so you definitely didn’t look for me just to slap me, right?”

“Right, I also don’t want to waste time with you . ” Song Wenru coldly said, “Three days ago, did you send a bunch of flowers to little Bing, to our house?”

“Flowers?” Qin Lang couldn’t help frowning, “I haven’t sent her any flowers!”

“You are still quibbling!” Song Wenru furiously said, then she took out a card from her purse and threw it to Qin Lang’s face .

Qin Lang moved his hand and locked the card between his two fingers . Sure enough, the card showed three words ‘By Qin Lang’, but looking at the handwriting, it simply was not Qin Lang’s; because for good or bad, Old Poison had forced Qin Lang to also practice calligraphy, and his sign was especially more exquisite, it absolutely was not so chaotic like this one .

“Cat got your tongue?” Song Wenru coldly snorted .

“I didn’t write this, and I also didn’t send any flowers . ” Qn Lang calmly said, “Whether you believe me or not, is up to you!”

“You —— forget it, I originally also didn’t want to come bother for this trivial matter . However, Luo Bin’s mood became bad due to the flowers, and she has suddenly fallen ill these two days . She is already admitted to a hospital ——”

“What!? Luo Bin fell ill!?” Qin Lang was aghast, “Which hospital is she in? I want to see her!”

“That is not necessary!” Song Wenru coldly said, “What you need to do now is to sever all your connections with her, whether it is telephone, internet or cell phone . I don’t want you to become an obstacle for her, interfering with her studies and career! If it were not for you sending the flowers and influencing her mind, how could she have fallen ill!?”

“You …… . Please let me meet her, I understand medical arts, I can cure her illness, you need to believe me . ” Qin Lang lowered his attitude, he would swallow his anger for Luo Bin .

“No need!” Song Wenru resolutely said, “My daughter will receive the best treatment! Don’t even think of taking half a step towards her! I came here today, because I don’t want you to try to influence my daughter’s mind again, and affect her treatment . In my view, scums like you are a type of virus yourselves! This young puppy love is the root of the trouble …… . In short, I will not let you approach my daughter!”

After finished speaking, Song Wenru turned around and left .


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