Kaettekite mo Fantasy!? - Volume 1 - Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

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The significant impact of the revelation of the boy’s identity as Nakamura Shinichi resulted in the suspension of any further investigation. Instead, he was subjected to a physical examination and a health diagnosis so they could see if there are any injuries or illnesses. Naturally, they were worried about otherworldly bacteria and wanted to prevent it from spreading. In reality, the underlying reason for the examination was to verify his identity. They had to know if he was truly 『Nakamura Shinichi』.

In the end, from their viewpoint, he was drifting in another world for 8 years, but his physical form has only went through minor changes as if only 2 years had passed. In other words, the change was that the 13-year-old boy looked like a 15-year-old, but in their timeline he is a 21 year old. He couldn’t lie about his appearance since it’s clearly that of a 15 year old. His hair is longer now, but his face was pretty much the same as in the picture that was posted. He wasn’t satisfied with that fact as 「neither his stature nor his looks grew」. However, that is trivial, considering the amount of shocks that are bound to happen “now”, after the test.

「Okay, we’re done. You can get dressed. Please wait until the check ends.」(Doctor)

He came down from the pedestal he was sleeping on until now, following the instructions of the woman in a lab coat that’s in charge of his inspection. The device that was used to examine him, much like a CT scanner, was now displaying information to the screen in the doctor’s hands. His result didn’t interest him in the least, so he unconsciously glanced at the woman and frowned. Her hair colour was green. A different type of colour from the usual ones he remembered. He could tell it was an original colour she was born with as he saw it multiple times on Farandia. It brought him great discomfort seeing that in the ranks of the usually black-haired Japanese.

—–That’s not impossible, we had exchanges with a different world.

It’s the only logical explanation. They described it to him before, but his head still hadn’t processed the shocking fact.

「Kyu, Kyuu……」

「It’s alright. It’s just a testing device」(Shinichi)


A creature with a perplexed feeling that wasn’t showing on its face ran up to him. It was gold, in the shape of a fox, but it had three tails. However, the doctor was at a loss for words so its cries were completely misinterpreted.

「………Taming that, really. Isn’t that an Amaryllis Fox?」(Doctor)

Looking in anticipation from afar, the green doctor and the staff were quite surprised. Mixed impressions of fright and disbelief were written all over their faces.



「Stop it, be quiet」(Shinichi)

People around him were visibly frightened. Some even cried since it seems the sight before them intimidated them too much. Shinichi strongly remonstrated, after which he conveyed his gratitude by patting her head. After all, proceeding this far without him revealing much was thanks to “her”. She was hiding in his clothes but after hearing the facts her lord was left in a shocking stupor. It was only natural for her to jump out because she had been worried. Her revelation caused the building to temporarily fall into a state of panic. However, this subsided quickly because she showed no hostility and obeyed Shinichi. Originally, she was Farandia’s living organism called Tenkorius. Her similarity to another world’s creature that was known to Earth has caused her to be mistaken for it. Fortunately for Shinichi, this helped them draw the conclusion as to where he’s been.

「Doctor, are you sure there are no big injuries or anything else?」(Rinko)

However, that had given another big worry for the female officer here.

「Yes, he has a healthy body. Actually, he’s too thin but that’s nothing big.  When placed in a “nature reserve“ I think it’s only natural for him to be this way.」(Doctor)

Nature reserve. From what they told him, he understood it was some kind of danger zone in the other world. Rugged terrain, land of mysteries and natural remains where fierce creatures, hostile to humans, roamed. Amaryllis was one of the most intelligent creatures there. That is what led them to believe he was there.

「There’s no mistake that you’ve been under the protection of the Amaryllis there.」(Doctor)

Even if Shinichi didn’t know nearly as much as they did about their other world, Garesuto, it did not seem unnatural to them for him to live, considering his status was low all over the place. Since it would be difficult to deceive them, considering his lack of information, he hopped on board with their story.

「That’s why. It’s not possible for an all D to survive the nature reserve」(Doctor)

「Eh, what all-D, Eeh!?」(Rinko)

Satisfied with her deduction, the doctor exclaimed it with a smile. On the other hand, the female officer, Rinko, was surprised. He was surprised as well, but he had little difficulty hiding it. Actually, he was mostly surprised about the direction in which this is going.

「Surprising? Look for yourself, here’s the result of the test. Strength D, stamina D, spirit D, endurance D, agility D = all D. Moreover everything is at limit.」(Doctor)

「It really is, but……such……」(Rinko)

「That’s all?」(Shinichi)

Looking at the results screen, the two of them had different reactions. She was surprised by his low values, while he was surprised that the most important one is missing. Out of this surprising turn of events, he whispered something, but fortunately for him, she hadn’t noticed.

「It’s troublesome, you know. Even if a child of this degree returns, he’ll just be obstructive」(Doctor)

「……No need for concern. I don’t care as I’m an Earthling」(Shinichi)

The tone of his voice quickly dropped, responding to the doctor’s conclusion that showed what she really meant when she said low scores. It was his best effort to keep calm since he was supressing his irritation. It turns out the other one in the room, Rinko, is not adept at hiding her negative emotions.

「……Um, what was the result of the test? Have you found out if I’m Nakamura Shinichi?」(Shinichi)

Sensing the growing disturbance in the air, he reminded them of their initial objective. At the time he didn’t understand it, but he was happy she got angry for him since they were only in-laws.

「Y-yeah……DNA examination, teeth mark inspection, facial structure and whatnot. It’s 99.999999% positive that he’s the Nakamura Shinichi from 8 years ago」(Doctor)

Talking about his status she stated the results while being not even a little bit interested in them. The female officer let out a voice of relief following this affirmation by scientific means. He had a surge of joy, even more than when he returned, after hearing the confirmation that this is truly the world he originated from. However, some feelings of anxiety also welled up within him.

With a certainty of almost 100% in the results, it was proven. The child that was dimension drifting for 8 years came back aged by a mere 2 years, so naturally, the organization that arrested him was struggling to comprehend.

「I’m sorry. I’ve dragged you around the station here and there. This is the first time such a case appeared……everything just went hectic.」(Rinko)

「Ah, no, it’s alright」(Shinichi)

Therefore, it was necessary to go through some fine procedures at each department to prevent any unwanted circumstances in the future concerning his identity. Since Shinichi himself was surprised, he understood their perplexity and surprise perfectly. In any case, he didn’t think a trip around the organization would be bitter or troublesome. In fact, there was a department that had the authority to respond to his special case, so all kinds of legal issues and feedback were cleared just by traveling around the organization. Shinichi was truly grateful. Just.


「A short while ago your family register was revived, so next we’ll go to the immigration bureau. It’s worthless on the surface, but since you performed an illegal act of world travel, they may ask you various questions, but I’ll follow up, so don’t worry.」(Rinko)

Leave it to me, the female officer smiled and clenched her fist tightly. However, her “enthusiasm“ just didn’t sit well with him. This female officer who was assigned to guide him personally. Her name was Nakamura Rinko. She’s also the lady who falls under the stepmother category in his family register because she’s his fathers “present“ wife. She was the one who discovered the truth and also the one most visibly shaken by it. The male officer who was there had a bitter expression and was against her being the guide, but Rinko was stubborn and did not concede at all until he folded. Her declaration aside, she took care of all the troublesome procedures and hearings, even though she was a member of the organization, she stood by his side and performed perfectly. That’s why he was confused at her mysterious behaviour.


「E-erm, I might be unreliable, but this is great since I have acquaintances here and there in the department. It’ll be okay. I’ll make it so you can live a normal life immediately.」(Rinko)

She must have felt his anxiety. Trying to encourage him, he nodded with an ambiguous expression.

「I-I’ll be troubling you……」(Shinichi)

Although from her expression you could tell she was dissatisfied, she bitterly smiled in order to disguise it and told him to follow her. Shinichi quietly shook his head a little, looking at her back and followed.

——calm down, this is not the time to be confused

After all, every fact has been confirmed. It has been 8 years, and not 2. From his observation, this facility he toured was no joke. Everything from the equipment to personnel was real, credible and even the advanced technological level stunned him. Considering various medical equipment they used on him to check him that produced results in mere minutes, the technology to project a picture in space and interact with it by touch, he was once again reminded that this was real. Truthfully, before the investigation he was boy A that returned through illegal means. There are no magnificent performers or mechanisms that could trick him. The magnitude of it meant it was real. No matter how many doubts arose in his mind, his surroundings confirmed it everytime, 8 years have passed.

Assuming that in 2 years he spent on Farandia he made no mistake in counting the days, the only reason for this discrepancy he could think of was a different time flow in the other dimension. There was also the possibility that one of the trips to or from there took 6 years since there is no concept of time in the space between worlds. Before he returned to Earth from Farandia, the idea of a phenomenon that caused the passage to amount to 6 years on this side was not impossible, theoretically speaking.

「……………am I stupid?」(Shinichi)

——calm down, this is not the time to be confused

He stopped this train of thought right there and shook his head. It’s pointless to ponder it at this point, and he was desperately thinking about it. Just thinking right now is useless as well. He can’t find a solution to it, so there’s no point in thinking about it now.

What he had to think about, is a personal thing he wants to hear.

2 years ago for the boy, his parents were a happily married couple. It was a combination of a strong mother and a pussy-whipped father, his home was peaceful and his father wasn’t dissatisfied. His mother is a cheerful and easy-going person, whilst his father was strict in education but a gentle person. They did fight sometimes but it was childish, a heated lover’s quarrel.

That’s why.

He could imagine them breaking up after losing him if he was the only child, but he has a younger brother and sister and their relationship with their parents was as good as his. Shinichi doesn’t know the reason behind the breakup of his parents. Maybe his family was having problems he didn’t know about.

I have to know. This lady knows the answer. Being the current wife of my father, she might know the reason for the divorce. He also wanted to ask where his mother and siblings were.

Without knowing, he wouldn’t know where to go.

He had imagined that they weren’t waiting for him, but he never assumed that his family broke up. For him his house was a stable place to return to. I want to return. You may not be able to. They might not be waiting. He was prepared for all these possibilities, but not for the one where his family was broken. He couldn’t even imagine it at the time. Thinking about it now, he noticed he never thought of the possibility of someone dying as well. He went dizzy for a moment, thinking about how much he was convinced that they remain unchanged.

And so, from that day when he went missing, 8 and not 2, years have passed. This was shocking, but not as much as his father marrying another woman since it implied divorcing his mother. To top it all of, he now has a half-brother.

He has to hear it.

What happened in these past 8 years. As their son and elder brother he has the right to know.

—–I have to ask, no matter what!




「Shinichi-kun, you’re not sleepy?

The procedures are pretty much done, I can arrange a room for you to sleep if you want.」(Rinko)

「Ah, it’s okay. It was morning when I was over there.」(Shinichi)

After various procedures were done, he noticed it was already “the next morning“. When he came back, it was daytime in Farandia. For the sake of the farce, he firmly slept the day before so now, he wasn’t sleepy at all. Lying that it was morning was better as it was more convincing.

「Oh, I see. That kind of time difference also occurs.

In Shinichi-kun’s case we still don’t know where time slipped.」(Rinko)


What are you doing, he thought to himself. If she knew the truth, not even in her wildest dreams could she guess there were other worlds and that that’s the reason for the time difference. Her speculation was the same as Shinichi’s, that the time difference happened during the trip to or from.

「Ah, you must be hungry. Sorry, I did not notice.

Since the cafeteria is closed, I’ll go buy something from the convenience store.」(Rinko)

She stood up, but Shinichi stopped her. However, since he put it so meekly, she went out saying 「don’t be shy」.

「……………what am I doing」(Shinichi)

He was now alone in the room, sitting at the desk in the waiting room, muttering to himself with his head hung low, he had a lot of things to think about, but what he most wanted to say was something about his misery.

「I couldn’t ask anything………」(Shinichi)

About his father, mother, the cause of the divorce, everything. He had to stay with her, here, overnight. There was plenty of time to ask. The person who nonchalantly surprised Satan in front of the whole world, even though it was only a farce, now, couldn’t ask anything. Seeing his state, “she“ stood with her mouth wide open. This stunned her so she tried to encourage him.

「Kyu, kyuu?」(Fox)

——-What happened master?

She was questioning him with cries, so just in case, he smiled wryly. He didn’t understand at first, but seeing her confused expression, he could guess it.

「You think it’s not like me right?

My bad. But even I can become nervous or shaken……I can」(Shinichi)


His mind can’t cope with the reality of what happened while he was away. So from his self-analysis he concluded that he subconsciously doesn’t want to know more facts. He knew it, but his mouth was quicker than his brain.

「Ah I don’t know anymore, how should I say it」(Shinichi)



Surprised by her suddenly appearing so close in front of him, he panicked and almost fell down from the chair. He quickly soothed his rough breathing and looked at her.

「Ah, I’m sorry. I’ve surprised you?

When I came in I noticed you were mumbling so I thought there’s something here.」(Rinko)

「N-no. Don’t worry. But, you were fast」(Shinichi)

If he’d followed the time from the clock in the room, he’d see that not even 5 minutes have passed. Her hands were full of bags filled with food and drinks.

「Un, there’s a kiosk on site and the paid amount will be automatically deducted from your salary. On duty officers have no idea when will they be finished so the cashier was omitted. Just in case, here’s a sandwich and various drinks, eat eat.」(Rinko)

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「……Ah, thank you. Itadakimasu」(Shinichi)

He was worried for a moment, but he wasn’t one to refuse things offered in good faith. To be more precise, he didn’t know how to act with her, so he ended up answering with maximum courtesy possible. He’s not supposed to say stuff like that. “Her“ open mouth was now open as wide as possible.

「Kyuu, Kyuaa?」(Fox)

Her anticipation and surprise at hearing her Lord’s words and deeds have left her blinking and rubbing her eyes. He was not the type of person that isn’t polite when speaking, but this was the first time she saw him being polite while he’s tense. He didn’t even notice her feelings and continued opening the package.

「……It’s something to remember, the way to open」(Shinichi)

He started feeling nostalgic. There was no hesitation in his movement, pulling down the arrow following the instructions on the package. In these 2 years, he hadn’t touched one at all and while doing so, he actually felt surprise and smiled.


「Hamu………!? The bread is soft! The egg is sweet! Aaah, the sandwich was like this. Like this, un!」(Shinichi)

Being a little excited, Shinichi was absorbed in his egg sandwich. It was on the Farandian menu, but the ingredients were different. This nostalgic taste made his eyes swell with tears. He thought he shouldn’t cry over something like this that’s mass produced and available in any convenience store, but he couldn’t stop.

「………There’s more, you don’t have to rush. Which drink would you like?」(Rinko)

Without describing the drinks, she pointed to some PET bottles. His eye colour changed as he trembled while taking the green package in his hand.

「This is………green tea! Aaah, how nostalgic!」(Shinichi)

He opened the lid, took a bite and poured the liquid down his throat. He could remember the movements to open like it was yesterday, it was still familiar to him. She watched him gently and a tear dropped from her eyes. Since she chose her profession, she watched countless people come back and enjoy the food after a long time, but when she thought of his situation she couldn’t help but feel like crying. In the same room, there was another reaction, “her” jaw was likely to come off her stunned face. They lived a travelling lifestyle, so they always enjoyed decent meals and towns but this was the first time she saw him crying. That made her disturbed.

「Puhaa……this taste. The taste of tea!

N, ah, my bad. I was the only one eating and drinking. Here, you too」(Shinichi)

He noticed he forgot about her being here and apologized, holding out the bread. She was still confused, but she won’t decline food offered to her.

「Eh…Kyu, Kyui!?」(Fox)

She was surprised at the softness and tast which differed completely from the ones she ate until now.  She spoke almost involuntarily.

「You like that. By your taste I’d say this tuna sandwich is your preference, want to eat?」(Shinichi)


Shinichi and Rinko smiled at her cries and her becoming captivated with the food after a bite. The fox sensed the reason why her Lord wept. “If he always ate food that tasted like this, I’m convinced.”

「You’re close. I heard they are creatures that don’t like humans」(Rinko)

「Hahaha………thank you very much for getting her a residence permit to stay here」(Shinichi)

He laughed and bowed his head to avoid questions about how they became close. Shinichi was surprised that she readily went and got a permit, instead of separating him from her, since she’s a creature widely recognized and feared.

「Eh, ah, raise your head. It’ not like I did something! Because Amaryllis is a highly intelligent  creature we have to protect its wishes. Well, if we made an enemy out of it by being cruel, it would be troublesome for us.」(Rinko)

Shinichi nodded with a bitter smile, knowing it was the truth. He didn’t know if Tenkorius and Amaryllis were the same, but what he did know is that “her“ combat capabilities were quite high. After all, he trained her and he knew about her abilities more than anyone. The judgement to establish a friendly relationship rather than a hostile one was correct. To mess with this race for which it’s said that one can destroy a whole country, would be a foolish response. After finishing her tuna sandwich and asking by gesture for another one, terror effect was reduced to nil.

「……you may eat」(Shinichi)


It’s like she’s saying “Then I won’t hold back“. While struggling to imitate him, she skilfully opened the package with her forefoot and became absorbed again. Rinko had a smile, watching him from the side looking at her warmly. Soft and warm gaze. It’s something she knows well.

「When you’re doing that you look like “Nobuhiko-san“. Ah yeah. Can you turn around Shinichi-kun?」(Rinko)

The moment she mentioned his father’s name, she didn’t miss the slight reaction that he made and prompted him. Without understanding why, he did as she said. That’s when he felt her touch his grown hair from behind.

「Ah, um, what are you doing?」(Shinichi)

「A little. I thought I could cut it here. Together with the food I bought a hairclip……and we’re done!」(Rinko)

Even though she wore a short hairstyle, she was a lady. She casually arranged and lumped together his grown hair.

「Un, I can see your face better than a while ago. It was difficult to tell it was you, but everyone will recognize you immediately with your hair raised.」(Rinko)

He had grown his hair because he was too lazy to cut it and it also doubled as part of a camouflage to change the shape of his face. Hiding eyes or changing hairstyles is something people unexpectedly miss.

「Eh, ah,  thank you very much」(Shinichi)

But at the same time it had gone to the level that even his own family couldn’t determine it was him. It was, after all, 8 years ago for them while only 2 years have passed for him. 8 years have really passed, but the time difference causes confusion. Shinichi was really thankful that she was concerned and provided for him.

「You’re welcome」(Rinko)

Rinko smiled happily at his words. It was too dazzling and warm that he unconsciously averted his gaze. Knowing it would be bad if he left it at that, he looked at her and started talking seriously.

「………There is something, I want to ask」(Shinichi)

「Yes, I’ll answer if I can」(Rinko)

Hearing his serious tone, she corrected her sitting position. Rinko couldn’t calm down, she was wondering when he was going to ask her. In this instance, he felt that cutting to the point would be wrong so he started slowly.

「I was surprised by a variety of things and various things happened, but what astonished me the most was……um, that……」(Shinichi)

He decided he has to know. Her marriage with his father. The cause of the divorce and the current state of his mother. That was most important for him, so he would know where to go from there. Making up his mind he started talking again. There was slight hesitation in his voice.

「………When did the exchange with the different world start?」(Shinichi)

「……………Un………that, I think, is something that makes me anxious.」(Rinko)

Although both of them were prepared to ask and to say, but Shinichi’s subconscious was more of a coward than he realized. Guessing, it was hard to ask, Rinko kindly diverted the topic. Even “she“, fascinated with a sandwich, was stunned by his behaviour again.

「The first contact was 38 years ago. Government officials and diplomats around the world entered negotiations. After the preparations were done secretly, 8 years ago it was announced to the world. It……was the day after you fell into a dimension hole and ended up on Garesuto.」(Rinko)

「The next day!? So, the reason why I disppeared was……」(Shinichi)

「Yes, at the same time as that of the announcement, the people drifting started returning and people who were suspected missing or disappeared were being investigated. Because Shinichi-kun disappeared just after, it was authorized as a special missing person case and it was suspected you fell into a dimension hole and a search in Garesuto started. However…」(Rinko)

「I could not be found.」(Shinichi)

「………I’m sorry」(Rinko)

「Ah, I’m not blaming you, I just wanted to confirm!」(Shinichi)

After all, he was in another world so it was natural. There was no way he could be found in Garesuto where they had conducted their search. He felt a little guilty since it was an useless search. To say the least, he knew the outcome.

「Please don’t worry, I was the one in a strange place!」(Shinichi)

「………Thank you. You’re as gentle and kind as what I heard, Shinichi-kun」(Rinko)

He was confused at being praised after he followed up out of selfish reasons. How did father describe him? He sincerely wanted to know. Somehow, he also felt insecure. There was also an inevitable mystery in the conversation they had, that they have yet to come to. If the presence of another world was unexpected, then what caused him to disappear would be beyond unexpected.

「But the Nature Reserve you were at, wasn’t searched at all. The truth is, we were unable to. Our technology could not cope with the organisms and environment there.」(Rinko)

「………Even if someone is there, survival is hopeless」(Rinko)

More so if a junior high school student from Japan wandered in. That place couldn’t be searched even if someone thought of the possibility of him being there, or if they ordered it to be searched. It was determined that it was a waste of resources to even try. Rinko remained silent after she said it, but that was a statement in and of itself. He was relieved that they didn’t devote personnel to search for him, but his downcast face and sorrowful expression made it apparent how he felt about them giving up.

「But! Nobuhiko-san believed in your survival! He had always been waiting!」(Rinko)

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She leaned closer in to the point of falling from her chair. This sudden outburst of hers, while staring at him to believe her, surprised him.

「So, I’m really glad. That Shinichi-kun is alive, really, uu, aa, I’m sorry」(Rinko)

Looking at that same face from the many photos she’d seen all those times, a variety of emotions welled up inside her and hot tears leaked from the inner corners of her eyes. The strong feeling of it really being him and really coming back welled up inside her.

「Ah, no……」(Rinko)

The boy was confused. Why is she so glad I’ve returned? She wept in joy, but she didn’t actually know him from before and he did not know what to do.

「Sniff, uhhh, actually. About a month ago, simultaneous searches for non-returnees have been performed. A device that can scan the entirety of Garesuto has been used to do it. It had been extensively advertised that it is meant for recovery and search……」(Rinko)

She said so with a hint of regret and anger. She felt that they did an unnecessary thing, because his father Nobuhiko entrusted his last hope in the search. Consequently, many non-returnees were found in regions with low or no people at all, excluding the Nature Reserve. The simultaneous search was a plan formed to find such people.

「But I was……not found」(Shinichi)

「Yeah, you could not be found. He behaved cheerfully in front of us but he was always bitter. Sometimes I even found him in the middle of the night crying while looking at your picture. That’s why………I’m glad that Shinichi-kun is alive!」(Rinko)

She kept repeating the word thanks with her eyes full of tears. He was finally convinced about her true attitude. This person seriously appreciated his comeback. She had seriously thought about his father. She must really love his father. He felt pain in his chest thinking about his father believing in his return for 8 whole years. Her being so considerate towards him and crying was no act. He was ashamed of his suspicion towards her kindness.

「A little while ago I finally contacted Nobuhiko-san. He was very happy, he should be here soon.」(Rinko)


Wiping off her tears, she told him happily. However, this resulted in the tension rising up again. The fact that they’d be meeting so suddenly made him fearful, even though it was something he wanted to hear. It’s because of the large time difference and the changes in his family in those 6 years that he did not anticipate meeting them so soon. Rinko saw through his fear, so she sensitively told him:

「Umm……I think it’s strange for me to speak about these things. But I think it’s better to let you know in advance——」(Rinko)


She was abruptly interrupted by a person. There was a loud sound of opening the waiting room’s door that was made by a large man in a suit. A man in his forties sweating profusely.



Both of them stood up in surprise since he appeared much earlier than expected. Catching his breath, the man’s appearance looked slightly older than from his memories. Nevertheless, it was indeed, without a doubt, his father, Nobuhiko Nakamura.

「Ah, ahhh, Shinichi!」(Nobuhiko)

The hair length was different, but he wasn’t mistaken about his sons face. Unable to express himself with words, he hugged his son.

「Uu, aa, I’m glad! You were alive after all! Shinichi, Shinichi, Shinichi!!」

「F-Father, hey……」(Shinichi)

It was the first time he heard his father’s feeble cries and felt his strong embrace and it made him confused. It was obvious that he wasn’t accustomed to such intensity but he couldn’t shake off his father. He felt warmth and his mind relaxed.

「……Looks like it will be okay」

「Captain Kayama」(Rinko)

Peaking from the entrance, her senior officer said it in a low voice. In case Shinichi’s family came, it should’ve been reported to Rinko, but Nobuhiko rushed here and the report was slower.

「My bad. I said that some time is needed for the mental preparation, but I didn’t know your husband was such a forceful person.」(Kayama)

No, there’s no need, she shook her head looking at her husband hugging Shinichi. She smiled brightly because she knew how much he waited for this moment.

「Oh, ah, sorry it’s in use……」(Kayama)

He didn’t last long, there was no stopping them. Kayama was standing in front of the door, but a woman with two children pushed him away. When Rinko noticed them, she froze immediately.

「It can’t be, I even ordered them not to inform them yet.」(Rinko)

Unbeknownst to her, either by mistake or coincidence, during the procedure of reviving the family register the information slipped and got into their hands. Looking at the results, the first report was probably sent yesterday.

「Ah, mother……」(Shinichi)

Shinichi noticed them late because his line of sight was blocked by his father. He was now cursing his self-developed observational skills. Why wouldn’t it remain dull a bit more? He was displeased with it and wanted to tell himself it’s a misplaced grudge, but after saying “mother“ he locked up.

「Eh, ah, you guys also came! Look here, it’s Shinichi! He’s still alive!」(Nobuhiko)

He was in seventh heaven so he couldn’t see that both his son and ex-wife were upset. He pushed his son in front of her.


Shinichi’s breath was clogged. In front of him, it was definitely his mother and his siblings, but her face which was supposed to be the same age as his father’s was visibly more tired and older while his siblings emitted a sense of “hostility“.

That is why in those faces of his mother and his siblings he found no feelings of joy.

Instantly, it was like a cold wind blew in his chest extinguishing the warmth his father gave him with his embrace. He felt that he should say something but his voice wasn’t coming out. His mother’s face did not accentuate the same feelings that his father’s did. Passion started rising within her, visible on the face that was calm upon entry. It’s not a good kind of passion since her lips are trembling with feelings.

Something is wrong. He knew it but couldn’t bring himself to speak. Under the influence of the maximum amount of embarrassment, agitation and fear, he couldn’t move as freely as he should have.



The surprised voice came from Nobuhiko. Shinichi did not say anything. That’s why he heard these fatal words while on his feet.

「There’s no way that child is Shinichi! That child is already dead!! Shinichi, there’s no reason he could still be alive!!!」(Mother)

There was visible madness in his mother’s dark eyes but before his brother or sister could react, it was her former husband that reacted faster than anyone.

「What!? You’re “still“ saying such a thing!! He’s right here, it’s Shinichi! He’s our child, he’s finally back!!」(Nobuhiko)

「What do you understand! You “don’t know anything“ about Shinichi! That child went to a different world, there’s no reason for him to be alive!!」(Mother)

「Look at his face! Even the DNA is the same! Who else can it be but Shinichi! And you call yourself a mother!!」(Nobuhiko)

「But he’s an all D! What’s with that?! Garesuto isn’t a place where such a weak child can survive! Are you trying to make a fool out of us!?」(Mother?)

His mother that wouldn’t recognize him and his father trying to make her admit it’s their son. In the heated quarrel between the former spouses there wasn’t a speck of the feelings for each other that were there once before.

「Why is it!? You’re a parent too, why is it that you’re not happy your child is alive!!」(Nobuhiko)

「The same goes for you! You’re a parent, why can’t you understand that it’s impossible for that child to be alive!?」(Mother)

「Saori-san sto-!?」(Rinko)

Rinko who knew the circumstances, knew it would turn out like this. That’s why she tried to stop them, as the person in question was present, but she was stopped. She restrained herself when she recognized whose arm it was that grabbed the hem of her jacket.

「Shinichi, -kun?」(Rinko)


Quietly looking at his quarrelling parents, he was contemplating their state. He quietly shook his head with an expressionless face much like the one he had during interrogation. If you’d looked at the other arm, you could see he was suppressing a creature that was ready to attack at any moment. Seeing that, Rinko’s eyes became hot again, but for another reason. However, if she thought about it calmly, she couldn’t afford to cry. This ruckus was too much.

「………Both of you, calm yourselves in front of the children. There are also various procedures remaining so you’ll talk there. I’ll leave the rest to you.」(Kayama)

Kayama also noticed the boy’s attitude so he took the former spouses to a separate room. Maybe it was the words of the third party that calmed them down and made them obediently follow, but their eyes were full of mistrust and denial.





Four people and an animal were left. “Her“ mouth is being suppressed and she couldn’t raise a voice, but no one started talking so the room was filled with silence. The image in front of him of his brother and sister that grew in 8 years, was that of full-fledged boys and girls. In his memory, their childish and uneasy steps that followed him were now gone. Above all, the girl’s face was full of rage.

「It’s because of you」(Sister)


A curse-like voice that sounded like it crawled out from the bottom of the Earth. It was filled with rage and resentment that immobilised an already frozen Shinichi. This statement was the intro to an outburst of her feelings that were kept inside for so long that it felt like a dam had collapsed.

「How could you! She finally returned to normal! Finally she started laughing like back in the old days! Because you came back after all this time! Why did you have to come back!!」(Sister)

「M-My God!?」(Rinko)

Her words were no longer thorns but straight out drawn swords. It was far from being painful. It was like someone cut his flesh from his chest, that’s how deep it struck him. It left him breathless. Rinko tried to stop her but he wouldn’t let her so it continued.

「Just how much do you want to torment us!? The family falling apart, mother’s suffering, it’s all your fault! Moreover, all D, what’s with that!? How dare you come back with such a shameful rank!!」(Sister)

Her angry eyes filled with murderous aura disturbed him more than anything that has happened until now. However, his facial expression remained unchanged, rooted at “nothing“. If he were to be tipped from this precarious balance he was holding himself at, even he didn’t know what would happen to him, but to her watching him, it seemed like he was having a nonchalant attitude.

「………Hey, say something! What’s with that face!? Don’t play with me!! After tormenting us now you’re ignoring me!? Someone like you, someone like you……should have died!!」(Sister)

The words flowing from her mouth pierced him heavily, but still there was no reaction – he couldn’t react – and so the girl fled from the room. With the corner of his eye he thought he saw something sparkling in the air left after she stormed out. Must have been his imagination.

「Ah, wait, sister!」(Brother)

Unconsciously, the boy tried to chase after her, but stopped himself near the entrance. He looked to his elder brother who didn’t move an inch and chose his words carefully, putting his feelings into it.

「……Bro………everyone knows it’s not your fault. But, but, you know……from that day our family was finished!」(Brother)

Even if it wasn’t anyone’s fault it couldn’t continue. Even if Shinichi didn’t disappear, something would break. After he had finished with his monologue, his brother stormed off after his sister.

「Ah, wait a minute!」(Rinko)

Up to this point, Rinko was stopped by Shinichi, so now she silently called out to them, but to no avail. The girl vigorously ran out while the boy went after her. She was intensely emotional, while he was relatively calm. It was dangerous to be in such an emotionally unstable state. But even so.

「Please go. It will be scary if you leave them alone.」(Shinichi)


Out of all the people, you’re the one to say it. Rinko caught him by the shoulders from the front and looked straight into his face. It would be easier if you’d just let your emotions out, yelling and scattering and crying your eyes out. You can’t even see any emotion on his expressionless, masked face. It was a painful thing to look at that made her want to cry. However, staff members, other than hers elf, do not know the circumstances of the – former – family and the facility itself is complicated. This was making her more anxious. She knew it was appropriate for her who was familiar with them, to go looking for them. If only the boy in front of her eyes wasn’t the most dangerous one.

「Both of them, at their roots, are the wild type. Locate them quickly, if you bring them together they will settle down.」(Shinichi)

「Wait, wait Shinichi-kun! It’s different! Many things have changed in these 8 years, and it was a hard time for everyone to get used to it, so!」(Rinko)

It’s not your fault. She was desperately trying to prove that that young girl’s words were not her true feelings. It’s just that his luck was bad, even on the day he fell into that world. The day he returned as well as the location where he returned, he was just unlucky.

「I know.

…………..I’m sorry, but to tell you the truth I want to be『alone』for a little while」(Shinichi)

「……I get it. I’ll be back right away, so do not leave this place!」(Rinko)

When a person with such a smile told her he wants to be alone, the only thing she could do was withdraw. However, she ran out of the room only after making her point clear. In the end, he was left standing alone in the room consumed by silence. Immediately after, he collapsed on the chair and leaned on its backrest. His expression remained unchanged, but he lost all strength in his limbs.

「………Where are you going」(Shinichi)

The voice he addressed her with sounded heavy. She was moving without a sound so she wouldn’t be noticed, but upon hearing his voice, she was startled and her body trembled. Looking at the ceiling, he was still able to grasp her movements.

「I’m thankful for the feeling, but restrain yourself」(Shinichi)

「Tsk, bu-but, I cannot forgive them for such a protest against you! They don’t even know how much master thought about them!」(Fox)

The voice that was restrained up until now, exploded with feelings that were kept in check. Raising her voice in this place, he felt her strong feelings and it made him smile faintly. He knew what cowardly words he had to use to stop her.

「Thank you, but………please, don’t leave me『alone』 now」(Shinichi)


It was requested of her, so she couldn’t leave him now. She jumped on his shoulder and leaned her body on his cheek so her body temperature may be transmitted. His expression became gentle upon feeling the soft warm fur along his cheek. His feelings were stirred in the process—— while gently stroking her head, he reminisced about how it became like this.

Half of the reason why he listened to their outburst was to hear their emotions. That is because the truth lies in the words that come out of raw and bare emotions. He could guess the current state with information obtained in that manner. There was no clear explanation from anyone – the attitude of the staff, the course of the investigation, the quarrelling of his parents, changes in his mother, words from his brother and sister and the exchange with the other world. Connecting the fragmented information he had, he could have a rough estimate of the situation and what happened over the years. He hated that it was all possible due to his rich imagination…..or his deplorable stupidity that he didn’t even think this turn of events possible.

———After all, it’s my fault

Everything happened because of him falling into a dimension hole, the start of his life in Farandia and the end of his family as it was. Shinichi had no choice but to return immediately if he wanted to return to the “home” he knew and hoped for. He fell into a different world and couldn’t be found, the difference in his parents’ behaviour towards him and the newly flowing knowledge and common sense from this connected world of Garesuto. The current situation was because his parents couldn’t fit together. The luck of Shinichi’s former family was just bad.

The other half of the reason why he remained silent was that he must have subconsciously guessed it. It seemed it would be better if he accepted their anger. If he didn’t which side would really get broken?

It’s all so ironic. Precisely because she understood and deeply loved her child, her mother couldn’t believe he could survive the harshness of another world. The father who couldn’t understand her pessimism was constantly fighting and swearing with her like now, without supporting her. These were the reasons that led to the divorce and the destruction of his mother’s balanced spirit. It was needless to say anything about the feelings of his sister who has been desperately trying to make his mother recover only for it to all crumble down by his return.

———Ahh, really, I always do the unnecessary things

Author’s notes(TL: I summed up his notes):

If I were to follow up, the mother’s side actually rushed over immediately to fix things. The reason for it would be his brother’s words.