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Published at 3rd of August 2016 09:26:31 PM

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Story of the Abyss’s Fool 3: Floor 195 onwards .

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Tetsuya had stopped his Intimidation skill and was expelling monsters lightly .

Now, the level Tetsuya reached was 5389 .

Tetsuya walked through the 350th floor, going even faster than before . Around here, the average level of monsters was 3800 . However, they were still merely recognized as small fry by Tetsuya .
And he thought .

(Tetsuya)「Hue? Even though I’m moving faster than light, why is that I’m not doing any damage?」

. Tetsuya just didn’t do anything in particular .

What he didn’t know was that to a God, or someone close to God, they couldn’t do much damage to the world . It was because of the protection of the Celestial Dragon God whose specific skills [In opposite to the wold collapse《Impact disappear》]
By the way, Satan also possessed this ability .

Now at the 1000th floor . Tetsuya reached the floor where level averaged 10000 . And he was now level 23681 . But hopefully, the monsters from the Dungeon couldn’t go outside .

Tetsuya was reaching the 1000th-floor boss . After opening the door, He met with………The white wolf which helped him that day . It was covered in blood and collapsed right before his eyes .

The name of the boss was 『Betrayed Seraph《Touere cherry Seraph》』。The level was ……99999999999999999 . A real monster . Tetsuya threw at the 『Seraph』a warming-up strikes (with 1/200000000000 of his full powers)


But for the first time, the Seraph was intact and had prevented the attack with the sword in his left hand and counterattacked Tetsuya .
Anyone would die here, or probably give up . However, Tetsuya was different .

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(Tetsuya)「Ahahaah! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Good tut! good yo good . good good I’m good!! For the first time, I received a counterattack! If it’s a fight, it’s better if it’s until death!」

He laughed . He received a counterattack for his instant death skill, of course, he would laugh . It was because he met the best fighting partenaire . After that, Tetsuya muttered .

(Tetsuya)「Will you be able to play with my power a little……」

Tetsuya used his skills . 【Body strengthening】【Magical body strengthening】【Demon armor Art】【Demont Art】 . And reduced a certain magic . 【Gravity Magic】From 50000 times the earth’s gravity to 48000 times the earth’s gravity . Tetsuya then rapidly faced the Seraph .



Sparks flew when metal hit metal in the middle of the room . The sound of something getting torn apart echoed .

Tetsuya hit with a stab! The Seraph avoided it and slashed with the sword held in his right hand . Tetsuya shifted it using his swords but received a blow from the sword held in the Seraph’s left hand . Wearing his demon armor, Tetsuya caught the attack with a kick from his left leg .


Seraph vanished in the air, blown away, and stopped only when meeting with the wall . And when Tetsuya had gone to check .

(Tetsuya)「Trying to use magic…」

Was murmured . As if to answer a command, the Black Seraph stood up, and a black sun appeared . As soon as Tetsuya saw the magic, he shot one . Seraph had shot his magic as well .

(Tetsuya)「《Solar godly spear《Buryunaku・Zwei》Ⅱ》」

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The black sun and the lightning bolt struck together in the middle of Tetsuya and Seraph . At that moment, the room was surrounded by light .

And although the spear, ignited by lightning, had struck Seraph . Tetsuya was still intact .


It was the sound of Tetsuya cracking his fingers . Following it, the spear exploded and Seraph was now gone .

Promptly after, Tetsuya headed toward the White Wolf .

(Tetsuya)「I will heal you」
Furu furu

He was trying to revive him, but the White Wolf did not allow it . Tetsuya once again tried, but the White Wolf once again refused . The White Wolf closed his eyes and nothing worked . But while Tetsuya sought to find a solution, Lights was emitted from the White Wolf . And after a short while, he disappeared . An egg had fallen at the White Wolf’s place .

(Tetsuya)「What? What is this egg!? I don’t know how I can use it!?」

After Tetsuya had decided to study the cool thing that just appeared . He began chanting to use one of his skills .

(Tetsuya)「『The origine of all wisdom . 【World tree《Yggdrasil library》】』」

After Tetsuya had chanted the incantation, a black leathered book with golden ornament appeared . It was 【World tree《Yggdrasil library》】Each person had his particular design . And depending on the permission level, a wide variety of information could be accessed . Tetsuya was level EX . He had no limit . He could use it anytime and anywhere without condition . He could even bring a copy .

By the way, another hero had the 【World tree《Yggdrasil library》】skill . But the highest level humanity could use was only F .

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And to immediately find what he wanted to, Tetsuya opened the book .
(Tetsuya)「What are these wolves?」
And the page opened…

Ancient Fenrir

Only one of this kind inhabited the world . It was an old beast with strength stronger than God . A wolf with a beautiful Silver-White fur . It was not because the Ancient Fenrir wore the name 《Ancient》that it had a long life but because when he dies, he becomes wrapped in light and an egg appears somewhere in the world . To the one who he wants to follow, or to the one he likes, he appears before him . His strength depends on the quality of the magical power received when he is born anew . But he is nearly always something close to the existence of God . Also, at his weakest, he was already like a middle divine beast .
You should put magical power immediately inside the egg if you meet the Ancient Fenrir!


Was written in the book . Thus, Tetsuya began pouring magical power into the egg .

「What will happen if Godly magical power is inserted?」

It was a silly idea .

After 30 minutes, the egg hatched . It was a wolf with a beautiful silver-white fur . Not only was his hair silver and white, but his pupils were also displaying golden rays . Tetsuya appraised the Wolf, and discovered the race of the wolf .


Transcendental Wolf God of the Wolves . 《Transcendental Fenrir》


Fenrir became like this . But because Tetsuya didn’t understand the meaning, he asked Yggdrasil sensei . And as a result,

Transcendental Wolf God of the Wolves . 《Transcendental Fenrir》

A new species . Unreasonably strong . Grew up absorbing the magical power of the Transcendental Deity Tetsuya . It loved Tetsuya .

It was a new species . Well, it didn’t matter for Tetsuya . Then, after he remembered some of his skill thanks to consulting Yggdrasil,

(Tetsuya)「Do you want to become my follower?」

Special skills【Follower attribution】 . Tetsuya tried to give his blood . A strong bond would be created between them, and he could summon from anywhere . It was a mix between Monster Tamer and Summoning . Only Tetsuya had both of those skills .

Apart from that,

Because the wolf wanted to become Tetsuya follower, and because Tetsuya had blood dripping from his fingertips, 【Follower attribution】 started .

(Tetsuya)「『Thou, became my kin, became a follower in the name of thee《Izayoi》』」

Wolf-Chan drank his blood for sixteen days . And after 16 days, it was Friday night . Thus, Tetsuya obtained a Follower and began his Travel .

I feel like it was slightly forced .
When all my data disappeared while I was writing, I almost cried .

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