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Published at 28th of July 2016 09:24:40 PM

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Sealed

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I’m sorry for the delay . I was out, and It made me not able to finish in time .

It was rewritten on 11/14

Cerise! Did the summon end?」

While the students from Class 1-A were still stumbling about Cerise’s talk, the door behind Cerise opened and someone, looking like a noble or a King, entered .

(Cerise)「Yes, father . I was explaining to the Heroes right now . 」
(King)「I see . I shall now go and greet the Heros . 」

The man called father by Cerise faced toward the students .

(Hilbert)「I’m happy to meet you, Heroes . I am the King of Ingrassia . Hilbert El Lord Ingrassia . I’ll say it once again, but we are sorry that we had to summon you . We will have you save the world with your power, Heroes . I entrust this to you」

The king bowed toward the students . His face showed a drained expression . And, together with him, all the knights, the nobles, and the Princess bowed to the new Heros . And there was one person who got excited by watching them .

(Hoshina)「Naturally! We, heroes, will definitely save the world! Leave it to us!」

That one was Hoshina . After a short while, he called out to the student .

(Hoshina)「Well, Everyone! Because we are all Heroes, let’s save the world together! Wa have power! And with this power, let’s display justice!」
(Girl #1)「Yes, like Hoshina! I will do it!」
(Girl #3)「Me too!」
(Girl #2)「M . . Me as well!」」
(Boy #1)「Because we have cheats!」
(Boy #2)「That’s right!Because we are special!」

Then, what would follow after this could only be one thing, war . However, everyone had an excited look on his face . Knowing that fights would be coming, Tetsuya became worried . As well as three other persons who were thinking the exact same things .

(Mana)「Tetsuya, what do you say?」

The head of the public moral, Mana, asked Tetsuya about his opinion with a little voice . They were next to Yuki and Yuzuha . Tetsuya also answered with a small voice . It was the start of these four’s meeting .

(Tetsuya)「I don’t know, but what everyone one said looked like a farce . 」
(Tetsuya)「Well . What I mean is, they don’t know at all what is it to go into a real battle . I think that everybody here regards this world only as a game」
(Yuzuha)「To say that this is war… Indeed, coming from the successor of the Kanzaki’s style」
(Tetsuya)「This is not relevant to the current matter . But they don’t know . But I utter,『Fighting=Killing』 . There is a big difference between a『Fight』 and a『War』 . Regardless of if they go with their cheat or not, everything ends up with them dying . It is more likely to happen when they meet an unexpected situation . I am worried that they would not be able to understand and even more worried when unforeseen circumstances had spread in the world . And about that thing…」
(Mana)「What’s wrong?」
(Tetsuya)「I can’t move my body well since I came here . I feel like something is wrapped around my body, like chains . 」
(Yuki)「On the contrary, my body feels lights . 」
(Tetsuya)「It was something like that after all… … . 」

(Hilbert)「Now, you can say 『Status Open』 and see by yourself how strong you are . Come out now and let us confirm everyone’s status」

(Tetsuya)「Everything will be over soon . . 」
(Yuzuha)「Maybe . But do you want us to bring you there, Tetsuya?」
(Tetsuya)「Before that, let’s check 『Open status』」

Tetsuya . Kanzaki Age 16
Sex M
Human Race?
Job Hero (Sealed)???(Sealed)
Sealed (effect: status reduced to 1/500, Can’t increase the Levels, can’t use any skills, no magics available (Do not include the skills granted by summoning magic), no rise of status from the job and no rise of status from the divine protection . )
Lv 1
HP 2500 / 2500 (Sealed)

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MP 450 / 450 (Sealed)
STR 100 (Sealed)
AGI 80 (Sealed)
VIT 50 (Sealed)
INT 400 (Sealed)
[Appraisal Lv A] [Full understanding of the language of all human beings . ]

Blessing of the Fighting God, Blessing of the Military Strategist God, Blessing from the Gods of the other World .
The strongest Hero who became sealed after the summon
Yuzuha Sasaki Age 16
Sex F
Human Race
Job Hero
Status healthy
Lv 1
HP 20000/20000
MP 50000/50000
MP 50000/50000
AGI 130
VIT 100
VIT 100

[Wand technique Lv . D][Body technique Lv . E][Magic manipulation Lv . B]

[Magic Power UP Lv . F]

[Appraisal Lv A] [Full understanding of the language of all human beings . ]Love]

[Five magical attributes (Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth, Light)][Recovery Magic][Barrier Magic][Holy Magic]


Blessing of the magic’s God
Title Hero
Mana Sakasaki Age 17
Sex F
Human Race
Job Hero, Master of the Sword
Status healthy
Lv 1
HP 25000/25000
MP 17500/17500

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STR 200
AGI 200
VIT 90
VIT 500

[Swordplay Lv A][Body technique Lv D][Body strengthening Lv D]

[Sakazaki fencing’s style]

[Appraisal Lv A] [Full understanding of the language of all human beings . ]

[Wind elemental magic] [Light elemental magic]

Blessing of the sword’s God
Title Hero, Master of the Sword
Yuki Hoshino Age 18
Sex F
Human Race
Job Hero, Sage
Status healthy
Lv 1
HP 20000/20000
MP 120000/120000
STR 180
AGI 120
VIT 80
VIT 1200

[Magic manipulation LvA][Aria shortening]

[Tripled Magic offensive ability]

[Magic Power consumption 1/2]

[Appraisal Lv A] [Full understanding of the language of all human beings . ]Love]

[Six magic attributes(Wated, Ice, Wind, Lightning, Earth, Light)][Holy Magic][Grant Magic]

[Gravity Magic]
Title Hero

Excessive blessing of the Magic God

Increase the status of the loved person in the vicinity by 1 . 5 times .

(Yuzuha)「This is ………」

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Tetsuya and the others displayed their status . And after noticing the abnormal status of Tetsuya, They tried to cheer him while trying to find a solution .

(Girl #1)「Unbelievable! As expected of Hoshina!」
(Girl #2)「Awesome! Hoshina!」
(Girl #3)「Indeed, it’s crazy」

Kouki Hoshina Age 16
Sex M
Human Race
Job Hero of the Light
Status healthy
Lv 1
HP 30000/30000
MP 50000/50000
STR 300
AGI 200
VIT 180
INT 300

[Swordplay Lv C][Body strengthening Lv D]

[Limit rise]

[Light armor]

[Holy elemental Magic][Light elemental Magic]
Title Hero of Light

People were absorbed by the strong feeling Hoshina’s power displayed . Tetsuya and his friends were still trying to find a solution when they heard the loud noises of the cheers .

(Yuzuha)「Tetsuya, do you have an idea?」
(Tetsuya「I have some clue……When I was summoned, I heard the voice of a Guardian, and he said something like Seal」
(Mana)「Huh!Can’t you remember anything else?」

(Cerise)「Ano, can you show us your status?」

Still trying to find a solution, The small group composed of Tetsuya and the others decided to stop their meeting when they heard Cerise and displayed their status to Cerise and the King .

(Cerise)「You guys are awesome! By the way… You are not showing me Tetsuya’s status…」
(Tetsuya)「Mine doesn’t have anything worth showing…」
(Hilbert)「Tetsuya, will you show them?」
(Tetsuya)「The King… I understand . But on the other hand, I want you to cooperate for a bit . 」
(Hilbert)「If that’s something we can do, I will work together with you . 」
(Tetsuya)「Then please, look at this」

After Tetsuya showed his status to Cerise and the King, the reaction of the two was…

(Hilbert)「That’s impressive . Your status became the same as a commoner . I got the feeling that it should be called a Curse rather than a seal… …However, according to the title, you are the strongest? And the thing you want our help with…」
(Tetsuya)「That’s it . I want you to help me remove the Seal . 」

The two were puzzled to know about the state of the strongest hero, and about the seal . They thought the same thing at the same time . Was removing the seal possible?

(King)「Tetsuya, do you remember when you got sealed?」
(Tetsuya)「Oh, I remember that . If I am not mistaking, it was something like 『Magic Guard Invocation . Deleting Target’s ability and appearance when awakening status . An error occurred . Switching with the seal . 』?Was what he said」
(Cerise)「Guard magic……」

At the same time, Cerise heard Tetsuya

(Sato)「Wow! Kanzaki’s status is so lame! Such a small fry! The same level as a commoner」

Sato had seen Tetsuya’s status

(Mana)「Because it is sealed, it is natural . 」
(Yuzuha)「That’s right ,I’m surprised that with 1/500th of your status, your still the same level as a commoner . But I think that you don’t have to mind it, Tetsuya . 」
(Yuki)「I will find the solution and remove the thing sealing Kanzaki」

Mana, Yuzuha, and Yuki came to help Tetsuya . And one by one, Jealous and murderous eyes glowed at him .
The three goddesses were not knowing yet what was occurring with those people .

〓God World, Asura〓

(Otherworld God’s children)「Grandfather!!」
(Otherworld God)「What, you’re noisy!The Fighting God, the Military Strategist God, and all the gods from Earth came here!」
(Ares)「I am so ashamed of what you did!」
(Otherworld God)「Calm down Ares . I, the God of this world can say without vanity that I am alway calm . 」
(Ares)「Oh, Maybe。But in that case, I won’t let you go! One grasping our powers had been summoned here!」
(Otherworld God)「Oh, did you mean that child?」

The God of the World pointed his finger to the ground . When Ares and the others saw him, they cried!


Tension grew after he saw Tetsuya .

(Ares)「Hey, did you seal him?」
(Otherworld God)「Yes」
(Otherworld God’s children)「Grandfather!!Please, undo that!」
(Otherworld God)「It’s impossible!Even someone who transcends God will not be able to do it . We did this because it was too early for him . He wasn’t strong enough yet . It was the instruction from our old master to help him . The Emperor God was killed because he had the same circumstance as him」
(Ares)「Well then… …」
(Otherworld God)「Tetsuya will have no choice but to undo it alone . Or … …」
(Otherworld God)「Emperor God’s 『Emperor God☆Super special !』 May manage to help him . 」
(Ares)「Where is it? I’ll fetch it!」
(Otherworld God)「It’s impossible!We don’t know where it is . It was the Emperor God’s last Will『I have hidden my strongest equipment . You need to find the location and the way to enter . Everything inside the chamber can be carried away by whoever able to go inside . I will not be angry about anything; you don’t need to worry . You can find my God Emperor’s Soul and My God Emperor’s vessel with God Growth level there . But only someone with virtues will be able to, not only enter, but also exploit it! When it happen, I will be able to leave this world without worry』 what was he said . 」
(Otherworld God)「It was like that, and it was said that the God Emperor was Japanese」

Aries and the other had been discouraged . They could only wait for Tetsuya to remove the seal on his own now . But they didn’t know yet when or how it might happen .

This is the level of Skill
EX : Transcend God Level
SSS + Supreme God
SSS Higher God
SS Middle God
S Lower God
A Inhuman
B Super High
C Top
D Expert
E Intermediate
F Junior
G Beginner

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