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Published at 28th of August 2016 06:59:00 AM

Chapter 23

(Book 2 Chapter 11) Chapter 23 – If you don’t have horses, take a tactical grade flying battleship 2

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Yes, I did whatever I wanted .  1)


(Tetsuya)「Teach2)!Begin the preparation to board 『Thanatos』!」

Tetsuya called out to the guys which remained in the other room and told them to come to the hangar 『Thanatos』 .

(Teach)「Huh! Begin the preparations immediately!『Everyone, gather in front of『Thanatos』And prepare for its first voyage!(It might be outside)』Well then, excuse me!」

(King Diethelm)「Oh . Are the ammunitions, offensive magic, and magic power for the fuel enough?」

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(Tetsuya)「It’s enough . We have enough ammo……… Currently, we have 9999 billion3)projectiles for the Magic Railguns, each made out of Dream Ores . 10 million4) for the Magic Cannons, whereas the ship has 100 billion5) for large scale bombs . Each magic gun has cartridges with 30 million6) ammos,1 million7)ammos each for the others .  8)As for the magic used for attacks, it amounts to 9999 fukashigi 9) . It’s the same for the fuel quantity!」

(King Diethelm)「What is the conversion rate?」

(Tetsuya)「The rate is SS . The ratio is 100 000 000 000 for a demon core used as fuel . 」

(King Diethelm)「I see . Then it’ll be better to use my magical power for it . 」

(Tetsuya)「Is that okay?」

(King Diethelm)「It’s fine, even though it seems like there are no problems . I leave the rest to you . 」


After Tetsuya was asked about 『Thanatos』’s functions, they went toward it .

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I’ll try to explain 『Thanatos』’s equipment here .
As the main weapons, 『Thanatos』 had small magical guns that used hardened magic bullets and larger magical canons . Inscriptions were used on the cartridges of the magical guns and the magical cannons . Railguns would fire bullets that disappeared with time, an electromagnetic launcher . Then, there were the beam cannons with charged particles . In addition, there was an electric shocker that was able to stop torpedos similar to the above equipment and small battleships that could go underwater to combat any enemies . To be able to fight in the sky, 『Thanatos』also had small drones .

Each of the small battleships and drones had a variety of guns . Pistols, assault rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, miniguns, and cannons .

Next, I’ll describe each type of ammunition .
First, the hardened bullets . They were hardened using magic and shaped in the form of a bullet . Unleashed with magic, they are used to strike the body of other objects .

Following is a description of the cartridges .
The cartridges are different depending of the cylinders of the various guns . They made use of magics and have semi-transparent columns of 6 * 3 cm or higher size . Letters and numbers were carved onto them instead of symbols like a normal magic formation . It’s a magic only Tetsuya was able to pull off and nobody could reproduce it . Each could be used 1000 times .
The small guns are cylindrical and use magazines like a normal gun .
But it can’t be used for the assault rifle, sniper rifle, machine gun or cannon .

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Then, the dream bullets are made of dream ores and disappear after a certain period of time . There were a lot of different sizes .

Lastly, the description of the crew .
The sailors were all produced by Tetsuya . Fighting powers for any of them was XXX . The captain himself had an immeasurable strength .
As for their equipment, they had Magic Guns as their main weapon and Railguns or Lightsabers as their second weapon . Whenever one of the users died, Tetsuya would automatically collect his equipment without him doing anything .

That’s all for the rough explanation above .

Three hours later .

Together with Diethelm, Tetsuya boarded 『Thanatos』 .

(Tetsuya)「Teach, we’re leaving!」

(Teach)「Huh!『All members sail!』」

(Tetsuya)「Well, I guess that would work . 《Kaihou》」

Thus, came the departure of the battleship『Thanatos』 .
Its destination was the king’s royal capital 『Lichtenstadt』 .
The journey of Tetsuya has just begun!

Tetsuya and the others boarded the tactical grade flying battleship 『Thanatos』towards the Royal Capital . While they were leisurely enjoying the travel inside 『Thanatos』, Tetsuya and the others had been hindered by the enemy’s attack
At that time, Tetsuya took action .

Next time 『Since the enemy has come to the hornet’s nest, then let them be!』

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