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Published at 30th of August 2016 07:46:33 AM

Chapter 24

Chapter 24 – Since the enemy has come to the hornet’s nest, then let them be

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(Book 2 Chapter 12) Chapter 24 – Since the enemy has come to the hornet’s nest, then let them be


Chapter 24 – Since the enemy has come to the hornet’s nest, then let them be!

The tactical grade flying battleship Thanatos was slowly drifting at 4500 meters high in the sky .

Tetsuya, who was on the deck, was leisurely sleeping like he was in his own room . An invisible barrier strong enough to stop gales, stretched around the battleship and only let fresh air in . Moreover, it was even capable of adjusting the temperature within its domain .

(King Diethelm) 「Tatsuya……… is there even anything you cannot do?」

Diethelm was looking at the statues Tetsuya had made at the deck on Thanatos then paid attention to the necklace he was making .

(Tetsuya)「I can’t do everything, only the things I can do . 」

When Tetsuya answered like some cat, he started making a ring .
The materials used were mithril, orichalcum, and a red crystal . The ring was made by fusing the two ores and the red crystal was used as an ornament . Tetsuya wasn’t done (As per his standards) as he added Recovery Magic and Exhaustion recovery .

(Tetsuya)「Elena, do you want this?」1)
(Princess Elena)「Wow, thank you! I’ll cherish it……… Tetsuya’s gift… . . Fufufu///2)」

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(Tetsuya)「No, it’s just a cheap trinket . 」

He hands the ring to Elena . Although Tetsuya said it was cheap, ores and metals like mithril are considerably expensive .
To be exact, the prices of a 1 kg ingot are:

Mithril = 7,000,000 Zr = 700,000,000 yen
Adamantite = 1,000,000 Zr = 100,000,000 yen
Orichalcum = 1,300,000,000 Zr = 13,000,000,000 yen
Scarlet crystal = 1,100,000,000 Zr = 11,000,000,000 yen

That’s how it is . Because the quantity produced is small, it justifies the price difference between the different ores . But there exists a metal that’s far more expensive . And that is:

Ancestral Dragon’s horn =100,000,000,000,000 Zr = 100,000,000,000,000 yen

The horn of an ancestral dragon came from Ancient times, a time before the age of gods . However, such an item has never surfaced on the market . The reason was because they couldn’t be subjugated . That’s why this price is as expected .
And now Yamato, the 『Aurora Dragon God』and one of the Ancestral Dragons, became the follower of Tetsuya . In addition, detailed records of the failed subjugations are almost non-existent that the people have no idea that he was the same person (dragon) back then .
Nevertheless, according to Tetsuya, this legacy was only known by a few gods since they inherited knowledge from their predecessor . In his eyes though, the values of Yamato were only his cool-looking appearance and the fact that he could be used as food in case of emergency .

(Tetsuya)「Thanatos, situation report?3)」

(Operator)「Nothing unusual and out of place at the moment!」

Tetsuya, Diethelm, and Elena went into a room inside Thanatos . This room is where all battleship’s systems connected to and served as the CIC 4) from where everything could be commanded . 5) If you have to call it something then you can use『 The Iron Heart of the God of Death』maybe? But that doesn’t mean that Iron was used . The CIC, which was as large as it’s supposed to be, had a variety of magic devices that added to the feeling .

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(Operator)「Tetsuya-sama! We are seeing reactions on the radar!」

(Tetsuya)「Put it on the monitor . 」

(Operator)「Acknowledged . Displaying through the primary monitor . 」

When Tetsuya verified Thanatos, a voice confirmed . Radar — a Demonic Monster Core Scanning System — Seems to have detected enemies . When Tetsuya gave the order to the operator, images appeared on the monitor . Because the monitor was 4K, the display was quite crisp . Tetsuya had planned to watch Star wars on it .

Looking at the monitor, 3 wyverns and a storm dragon were shown .

(Tetsuya) 「 Good, time to try out our weapons . Get ready for the battle!」

(Operator)「Affirmative!『Everyone, ready for battle! The enemies are at north-east, 320 km out, and flying toward this place』」

(Tetsuya)「You can use the second particle cannon . 」

(Operator)「Roger!………………… . charging…… charging complete . Standby and ready to fire . 」

(Tetsuya)「Four consecutive shots?…………Well, it should be easy . 」

Tetsuya decided to experiment on the storm dragon, he issued his instructions for that purpose .

(Tetsuya)「Yosh! It’s about time . Shoot it with the second particle cannon . 」

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(Operator)「Second particle cannon, Firing」

—————————Pichun 6)

(Operator)「Target silenced . 」

(Tetsuya)「Okay, the experiment is complete . 」

The shot from the particle cannon, which didn’t make a sound (Tetsuya removed this aspect), eliminated the storm dragon who didn’t even hear it coming .

Tetsuya who confirmed the result muttered in satisfaction .

Because I wasn’t that familiar with battleships, there may have been quite a lot of incorrect terms . In such cases, kindly let me know if you find any errors .
Next is the particle cannon .

Due to my insufficient knowledge, I truly sweated and soaked quite a bit of tissue paper…… . .




1 . Author wrote “this is done”, I figured that “this is for you” was a better fit . ED: Since Tetsuya saw it as cheap, I think and offer like “do you want this?” instead of a straight out statement would be even better .
2 . /// means that she is blushing
3 . He said doing as a military
4 . CIC = Combat Information Center
5 . In this phrase, the author used the acronym CIC, I think Combat Information Center held the closest meaning, but there are 212 different significations for it
6 . SFX for hitting

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