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Published at 2nd of August 2016 06:05:26 PM

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Story of the Abyss’s Fool .

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It’s short .
Slash……… . Kung

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At the bottom of the 『Abyss’s fool』 were Tetsuya fell, the average level of the first floor averaged 300 . The man clothed in black waved a shiny sword rapidly, bringing death everywhere .

(Tetsuya)「Tiiimes to reeturrnnn ♪《Unlock《Open》》」

When the man Tetsuya said the incantation, a black gate appeared in front of him . He walked through it . The scenery inside was nothing like what you could find inside the Dungeon . The grassy plain was spreading everywhere (until 25Km away where it would hit an invisible wall) . The place had a lake, a little mountain, and a Japanese house . (Not only was the house three story tall, it also had a chaotic appearance . It was simply 《Chaos》) . This place was created for Tetsuya . Of course, you could see the sun here and rain .
After going into the plain, Tetsuya entered the house and headed straight for the bath . He ate rice and went to bed .
By the way, he could enter the house from wherever he wanted because it was a magical item .

(TL: If someone has a better translation for the part where the author says  “Chaos” or “chaotic”, it could hold a meaning I’m not aware of

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On the next day .


Slash… . Pong… . Kushukushukushu



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Today, Tetsuya repeated the massacre . One head dropped from a single slash and disappeared into nothingness after getting burnt by magical power .
And finally…

(Tetsuya)「Boss room huh…?」

He arrived at the floor which had a boss room . Oh, and Tetsuya level was now 1350 . It would be evident that he was now much stronger than when he was level 1 . With the help of skills, he climbed the level quickly .

The boss room was now right in front of Tetsuya . Without exercising all of his strength, one kick opened the door . Then, he charged with his Katana in hand and hit the Chimera boss .
The Chimera couldn’t resist and become an instant death .

(Tetsuya)「So weak!」

Words of surprise were raised from Tetsuya after he saw such a Chimera . On the back of the room was a massive door .

Just saying but, the Chimera’s level was 423 . Treasures and artifacts of the national level were necessary to defeat a monster like this aloft the ground .
The calculation of the level is okay . I’m weak with math . Please don’t get offended .

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