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Published at 3rd of August 2016 03:41:34 PM

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Story of the Abyss’s Fool 2 Intimidation 「FunーFun fuーFun♪」

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Chapter 9 – Story of the Abyss’s Fool 2 : Intimidation 「FunーFun fuーFun♪」

Creak! Doshiya



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(Tetsuya)「OhーSo much~」

In the second floor, Tetsuya sneered . He wanted to advance toward the boss room but small fishes, around level 350, kept rushing at him, one after another . Then, Tetsuya leaked a few words out .
It was something he finally remembered…

(Tetsuya)「I can intimidate them!」

Tetsuya used the Orignal Skill 『Transcendental Deity Intimidation』 . He lowered to the minimum the power output of『Intimidation』 . And as a result,

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(Tetsuya)「Finally, the boss room! I wonder what kind of enemy will appear inside… Diiieeeeeeee!」

And the Boss had died, just like that . In fact, he instantly died from the 『Intimidation』 .

Tetsuya repeated the process until the 25th floor . The time elapsed since he entered the 2nd floor was about 4 hours . And although a lot of monsters came out, none of them could survive against Tetsuya 『Intimidation』 . If any of the monsters here were to attack a country, he would be strong enough to destroy it .


Regarding how the monsters ended, Tetsuya was irritated about that . Tetsuya had never noticed it (?), but he was somehow like a battle maniac . However, this kind of feeling was only harbored toward the strong and not toward the weak . It was only natural that Tetsuya felt frustrated from it . Nevertheless, monsters who could withstand Tetsuya 『Intimidation』were not many .

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On the 80th floor, Tetsuya was overjoyed to reach the boss room . It was because the monster here could withstand Tetsuya’s aura (0 . 00001% of his full power) . The name of the monster was Dragon Grizzly . He was the floor’s boss and harbored the level 927 . His face and his body were that of a Bear . His arms, legs, and tail were the one of a Dragon . Tetsuya used the Unique Skill 『Demon Art』 . His arm and his Katana became imbued with magic . Then, he approached the Dragon………


The neck dropped from a single stab .
No matter how well he could hold against Tetsuya’s intimidating aura, he could never match Tetsuya’s strength . Only a corpse was now standing in front of Tetsuya .

About Tetsuya’s new skill .
Here is a short description .

『Demon Art』
The body infused with magic is then used as a weapon . Unlike 『Demon armor Art』 .
As for the image, it was like「Body become sword」。The image was needed because it was a unique skill . It’s something like Taijutsu . You can put it in the Body technique category .
This magic is easy to use . But you need a strong image in your mind to use it .
Regardless, it’s easy to imagine 「Body〇Magic〇Result」 .

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