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Chapter 10

KENS Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 The God Slayer and Orc (5)

The Goddess declared .

That she would give the power to save the world .

The Goddess wished .

Please save the world .

The Goddess smiled .

The world shall be saved .

The Goddess asked .

What do you wish for?


The Brave said .

I want an undefeatable will .

To never lose to anyone no matter what the time .


The Grand Magus said .

I want God-like power .

Magical energy that could even create miracles .


The Sorcerer said .

I want an eye that can see the future .

An eye that can change whatever unreasonable future that may come to them .


The Sage said .

I want to use every magic that exists in this world .

I want to become an existence that can use all kinds of magic .


The Monster Tamer said .

I want friends .

Friends that will never betray me and will always believe in me .


The Swordsman said .

I want a sword .

A sword that cut apart any and everything, even fate itself .


The Warrior said .

I want the power to fight .

To be able to use all kinds of weapons, I want to be the strongest warrior .


The Saint said .

I want power to save others .

A power that can heal any wounds, I want a gentle power .


The Wiseman said .

I want knowledge and techniques .

I want to create convenient items, magic items that don’t exist in this world, I want the knowledge and techniques to build them .

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The Cook said .

I want to cook food that will bring upon smile to everyone’s faces .

I don’t want the power to fight, I want to cook meals that can save a person’s heart .


The Knight said .

I want power to protect my comrades .

A power that can protect even the world, I want to become the strongest shield .


The Avenger said .

I want power .

Simply pure power to defeat all of my enemies .





My, Yamada Renji’s, wish was very simple .

Yet it was a complicated, cruel and unbelievable wish that made even the Goddess laugh loudly .

That’s why I was provided with, the strongest partner, Ermenhilde .

That might have been some sort of pity on me .

Me, who could never become a Hero, to have to live along side many Heroes, she might have wanted to give me something that would listen to me and understand me at all times .


Black flames approached . Black, dark, flames that could easily swallow a human .

Miss Francesca’s voice resounded, maybe she was worried for me or she wanted me to do something about this .

Letting go of the iron knife in my right hand, I put my left hand inside my pocket . What I grabbed was my strongest partner, Ermenhilde .

My weapon, my partner, my trustworthy weapon could only be this one .

[Three of the covenants have been released . ]

From the hand that grabbed Ermenhilde, a jade coloured magical energy gushed out .

Seven Covenants that bind my [God Slaying Power] . Seven conditions that activate it .

The method of the Goddess to fulfil Yamada Renji’s wish was truly distorted and beyond saving .

A power that did not suit a Hero yet specialised in killing Gods .

Conversely speaking, it was a power that had no use except when fighting against Gods .

Against normal monsters, it was nothing more than a slightly sharper weapon .

Even though it was a power to defeat the Demon God, it couldn’t cut even low-level monsters properly .

“That’s more than enough . ”(renji)

But, against a [God]I was not inferior to even any of the other God Slayers .

Three have been released .

Probably they are, [To Protect someone], [My own will to fight] and—–[Fighting against the Demon God] . These must be the conditions that have been cleared right now .

Against a mere Orc, it’s more than enough .

A blew away the incoming black flames with simply the hade magical energy coming out of Ermenhilde .

Furthermore, the magical energy took shape and took the form of a sword of the same colour .

It’s not simply a beautiful gem shaped like that . It’s a divine sword that could cut apart even a Mithril Golem……… . that’s only if it’s being affected by the Demon God, that is .

Against a normal Mithril Golem, it’ll probably break .

“Alright, it’s been three months, right?”

[……Don’t say it . I’ll feel like crying . ]

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3 months ago we had fought against an Ogre in a rural forest to complete a request, my feelings were excited like that time now .

The blade of the sword was jade green . The material it was made of was unknown . It was a mysterious sword whose strength changes depending on the number of covenants that have been released .

The handle and grip were golden . Underneath the grip was a lump of big jade . Inside it, 7 small gems of different colours were studded .

Among those 7 gems, 3 were lightly shining right now .



As I looked back, I saw Miss Francesca who was restrained by the Orc .

Her dumbfounded expression looked truly amusing and though it was rude, I ended up laughing a bit .

“Sorry . I made you face something dangerous . ”(renji)

When I said that, the Orc that was restraining her let go of her and ran away at full speed .

Probably it was afraid of the attack that was about to envelop even him as well . Or maybe it was simply afraid of me .

I ended up smiling wryly . Even though, normal Orcs pose a bigger threat to me than that black Orc .

Facing its back, I threw daggers of the same jade colour made out of magical energy towards it .

Without missing, the daggers struck into its head as if they were being sucked to their target .

I gave an apology inside my mind . I had no reason to let it go alive from here . At the same time, while scratching my head I turned towards the girl who had fallen on her bottom .

“It’ll be helpful if you don’t get too surprised . ”(renji)

“A, eh……yes . ”

[No, that’s impossible . You’re a Hero, you’re like an ‘idol’ to normal people who can never reach them . ]

“Where the heck did you learn that word……… . ”(renji)

It must be him, that chunnibyo patient wannabe Sorcerer .

I sighed . I might have to complain to him one of these days .

Well, it’s been an year since we met though . He must be energetic as usual . I thought of such things .

From Miss Francesca’s expression, she must have realized my identity so I didn’t try to hide my conversation with Ermenhilde either .

The name Renji was rare but it wasn’t like there was no other with that name .

But, Ermenhilde’s name was famous . [The God Slaying Weapon] . The Sword of the Goddess .

Well, its not actually a sword but there’s no need to go and correct them .

It is the sword that’s easy to use, I looked towards the jade sword in front of me . And it’s true that this is the most common form in which I use it .

“I don’t know the reason but if you can use the power of the Demon God then even I can fight . ”(renji)

Why is it an Orc?

Why on the Imnesia continent?

Why was it born in such a rural place?

What was happening?

Does it have a connection with the defeat of the Demon God?

There are too many questions but I doubt my opponent can answer them .

As expected, understanding an Orc’s words is impossible . That’s why—–

“Die . ”

I doubt it even understood what I said . I swung the jade divine sword . I’ll have to tell him by my actions . ——Black Orc, I’ll kill you .

Showing my will with my words and actions, I closed the distance with it .

As the cheat in my body became even stronger, I ran even faster than normal .

At my full strength I was able to clash swords on par with the Demon God, a mere Orc who can use magic wasn’t even able to react in time .

It was a miracle that it was able to even generate the Demon God’s flames in the same direction as me .

But I couldn’t simply ignore it either . Flashing my sword, I cut away four of its fingers .

The fingers that were cut away without any resistance flew away in all directions .

And then, it screamed . The pig’s squealing resounded in the forest that had been covered in the silence of the morning till now .

The pain caused its concentration to waver and the Demon God’s flame dissipated .

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Frowning due to the loud scream, I cut away its throat with the return swing of the sword .

That was it . With just that, it was over . The screams disappeared and the Black Orc fell on its knees . The blood spray dirtied my cloak . Oh damn .

And, then it sunk in its own pool of blood . A heavy gloomy sound *zuun* marked the end of the battle .

After this, all that’s left is to take care of the orcs fallen in the pitfalls .

Fuu, as I exhaled, the divine sword turned back into jade green magical energy and dissipated .

“I’m tired . I feel like I worked enough for another half year . ”

[You barely did anything at all…… . . ]

The amazed voice sounded really comfortable .

As expected, it suits me more when I’m not fighting .

Maybe it sensed my thoughts, Ermenhilde silently sighed .

“Ah, um………”(fran)

“Ah…oh right . ”(renji)

I hid my face with my right hand .

[Give up . You wanted to protect someone, right? That’s why you got me, the God Slaying weapon . ]

Yes .

That was the cheat, the [Power of God Slaying] that I wished for .

I wished for a God Slaying weapon .

And, I wanted to protect someone with that weapon .

That was what Yamada Renji had wished from Goddess Astrarea .

To protect someone with the God-Slaying weapon .

That was a truly distorted, cruel and a hopeless wish . An unreasonable wish that was like a contradiction in itself .

…… . . Why did I wish for something like that? If I were able to return to the past, I’ll go punch myself .

No, that’s not it .

I was simply, affected by the youths around me .

I can say it now, if I got the chance . A power that would make me comfortable or give me absolute fortune or something like that . I want such a power .

That’s why, I sighed .

The words I had easily said, its extremely complicated implication, by the time I realized it, it was already too late for me to do anything .

“Shall we return?”(renji)

“So suddenly!?! Um… . the Orcs?”(fran)

We can’t carry them back even as corpses . Let’s go back and ask the villagers for help . ”(renji)

The weight of an Orc was about 200Kgs . We couldn’t even carry one of them with us .

We’ll have to get a carriage from the village or it’ll be too difficult to move them from here .

But still, it’ll be many round trips before we finish this .

If we leave them as corpses, other beasts would come after them so we’ll leave them just as they are inside the holes .

“It’s a good haul this time . With this much it’ll be easy for quite some time . ”(renji)

“U, Um…… . ”

Hahahaha while laughing loudly I tried to move away with the momentum but from behind me a timid voice came .

[It would have been nice if she had been fooled with the momentum, right?]

“Don’t say it like it doesn’t involve you, stupid . ”(renji)

[Who’s stupid?!]

I looked towards the sky .

How should I fool her?

Suddenly, my gaze moved towards the corpse of the Black Orc .

As if it was mud, it was disappearing into the ground while melting .

Miss Francesca also looked towards it while following my gaze .

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“…… . Wh, what is that, that black orc?”(fran)

“Who knows? It should be either a mutation, new species, or a hybrid or something . ”(renji)

Or was it the revived Demon God? Or did it eat the flesh of the Demon God? Or was it a descendant of the Demon God?

Though I have no idea how the Demon God that had been defeated on the continent of demons had arrived to the Imnesia continent .

[It looks it’ll turn into something troublesome . ]

“Don’t say it so happily . ”(renji)

[If Renji would work seriously, then even troublesome things are happy things for me . ]

“Are you my mother?………”

What kind of philosophical things is this medal trying to say?

Also, I am working seriously! It’s fine as long I can spend everyday while enjoying it .

While sighing, I began to walk in the direction of the village .

And, Miss Francesca began chasing after me .

“Umm, Renji-sama?”(fran)

“You’ve got the wrong person . I’m just an adventurer, Miss Francesca . ”(renji)

Denying her instantly, I shrugged my shoulders .

I mean, an adventurer that has simply killed a God and a great noble . She’s the one with the higher status right? (T/N: Right……… . . c’mon dude… . )

[Kuku, Renji-sama, eh? Kukukuh…… . ]

“Yeah, it’s funny . Laugh as much as you like, it doesn’t suit me I know, goddamn it!”

I’m not a hero .

I can never become a hero .

That’s because my wish was a wish that is unreasonable as well as contradictory .

My cheat, [Power of God Slaying] can only work when someone else is in danger .

A man who can’t fight without putting someone’s life in danger can never be called a Hero .

And that too, without fulfilling many specific conditions, a power that can’t be used at all can only be considered as weak .

That’s why I’m weak . Weaker than any of the other God Slayers .

I looked towards the sky where the sun had begun to rise .

[An Orc with the power of the Demon God, eh?]

“Problematic things are special rights given only to protagonists . ”

[And you’re also one of them . ]

“No way . ”

I flicked the medal, Ermenhilde, with my thumb .

As it fell down on my palm it was, Tails .

Aah .

“I really hate trouble . ”

A sigh leaked my mouth .



“By the way, to whom have you been talking to?”(fran)

“ . . … . . I’m just mumbling to myself . ”(renji)

“I, I see…”

[Like I said, it’s impossible . Well, if Renji is fine with this, I won’t say anything though . ]

As expected it will be painful to treat it as simply ‘mumblings to myself’ .

Again, I could only sigh .

This is why I hate fighting monsters . Unexpected things always happen .

…… . Well, it was my bad to have used the [Power of God Slaying], I guess .

It’s really my bad habit to depend on Ermenhilde every time I’m backed into a corner .

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