Kill the Hero - Chapter 210

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Chapter 210

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Kill The Hero – Chapter 210 – Attack (1)

Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

There are many interesting stories about games.

There were stories about users who found their way on a map with low visibility because of a bug simply by pressing a single directional key.

Or like the story of players defeating boss monsters in a week when the developers boasted that it would take a month.

There were many people who risked their lives in games like that. 

But when they were forced to play the real game, the skills that people displayed weren’t the same as in the games they played.

[The Game Begins.]

When this notification was heard, and dungeon gates, monsters and players began appearing in the world, people risked their lives to find a way to clear this game.

They risked their lives to fight monsters, then they studied the items they gained while risking their lives, and they also researched and improved how to acquire and use skills.

“There must be some pattern or characteristic to getting the sponsorship of a halo.”

In addition, the study on the patterns, methods and characteristics of receiving the sponsorship of a halo was also done.”

And it was none other than the Messiah Guild that took the lead in this study.

As had been mentioned previously, there was no one who would risk their lives as much as the Messiah Guild in a situation where they could get valuable items as a result.

“The same goes for the Emissary of the Underworld.”

The same was true when the Messiah Guild decided to back Johann Georg with all its might.

They already knew just what the Emissary of the Underworld, which was well known for its favoritism, liked.

“The Emissary of the Underworld favors players who hunt a lot of monsters.”

How many monsters could you face at once?

In other words, players who could take care of many monsters were more likely to obtain the Emissary of the Underworld’s favor.

The Messiah Guild made the decision to firmly latch on to that point.

That was the reason why they added ten players to Johann Georg’s team.

They realised that the head count was more important than anything else. At the same time, they were certain.

“I might not be certain about anything else, but with this much power I could never lose to Isaac Ivanov when it comes to the number of monsters I can handle at one time.”

[Your level has increased.]

A pleasant notification sounded in Kim Woo-jin’s ear.

But Kim Woo-jin paid no attention to the notification.

It wasn’t because he was in combat either. Kim Woo-jin’s eyes were filled with the sight of countless corpses created by his skeletons.


Lee Jin-ah was the only one there to react to this fact.

“I’m really getting goosebumps now. How the hell did you handle 2,000 monsters at once on your own?”


This was not a small number. In fact, it was almost impossible to imagine fighting such a large number of enemies.

Nevertheless, Kim Woo-jin’s skeletons had not retreated even an inch when facing such a large number.

No, it wasn’t just that they didn’t retreat.

“You are probably the only human in history who deliberately attracts all the nearby monsters to hunt.”

It was extremely rare for a single species to move together in a group so large. Therefore, Kim Woo-jin had to attract monsters of multiple species in order to amass a group of 2,000.

Lee Jin-ah said it was a large number.

‘There’s no notification from the halo.’

Nevertheless, the halo didn’t show any reaction to Kim Woo-jin in this battle.’

This didn’t mean that the halo no longer paid attention to Kim Woo-jin, instead.

‘Its attention was already grabbed by another battle.’

The halo’s attention had been taken by something else.

‘That means the number of monsters I just fought was still less than Johann Georg.’

In other words, it meant that Johann Georg had just faced more than 2,000 monsters.

‘2,000 isn’t enough.’

That was quite terrifying.

Wasn’t it hard enough to imagine fighting 2,000 monsters at once?

Moreover, it couldn’t have been that he hunted a few more than 2,000.

‘Perhaps he hunted close to 3,000.’

It was highly likely that Johann Georg and the Ten had hunted close to 3,000 monsters.’

‘And he must have prepared a way to make the Ten’s exploits his own.’

In addition, Johann Georg almost definitely had a way to make the kills the Ten gained, his own.

Kim Woo-jin had no idea what that method was.

But the only thing that mattered was that Johann Georg had done it somehow.

‘It won’t be easy.’

And it wasn’t easy to surpass such results.

Of course, that didn’t mean he would give up.

“Next time I’ll hunt 3,000.”

Lee Jin-ah was shocked by those words.

“Hey, is that even possible?”

Kim Woo-jin responded calmly to Lee Jin-ah’s shock.

“It’s difficult.”

“It’s not just difficult, it’s insane!”

When the number of monsters you’re dealing with increases by two times, the perceived difficulty increases by four.

It was in a completely different dimension.

“I know.”

Of course, Kim Woo-jin knew that.

“It’ll be hard to gather 3,000 monsters.”

“Naturally! Gathering 3,000 monsters… huh?”

Lee Jin-ah who was just about to agree with Kim Woo-jin, paused and tilted his head as he realised that there was something wrong with what he said.

Then, realising just what he’d heard, he turned back to Kim Woo-jin with a shocked expression.

Kim Woo-jin looked at him with a serious expression and said.

“It’ll take some time to gather 3,000.”

On a vast plain, over 3,000 monsters were gathered.

The types of monsters there were also quite diverse.

Orcs, Goblins, Kobolds, Lizardmen, and even Trolls!




The monsters gathered also showed hostility towards each other.

Hell… this word matched this scene quite well.

However, they didn’t fight each other.

In a normal scenario, if a group of Trolls happened upon a group of Goblins, they would attack and eat them without hesitation, but this time was different.


Instead, it was the group of Goblins who showed hostility to the Trolls without any hesitation.


And surprisingly, the group of Trolls retreated instead of roaring in anger.

After all, existing providence or food chains were nothing in front of overwhelming numbers.

The ones who made the first move were usually the ones who were eaten first.

For this reason, all the monster groups simply observed each other without making any moves.

Then, the skeletons arrived.


When the group of 100 skeletons arrived, the attention of all the monsters were gathered on them.

And all the monsters’ eyes said the same thing, ‘if you continue to act recklessly, we will crush you’.


But the Skeletons paid no heed to the fearsome appearance of the monsters, and moved without hesitation.


Then a battle began immediately.

The first battle was between the Skeleton Soldiers and a group of Orcs.


A sharp bone blade wielded by a skeleton cut into the body of an Orc, and using that as the signal, the other skeletons began cutting through the Orcs without hesitation.

Rather than a battle, it would be more accurate to call it a massacre.


The hot scent of blood swept across the battlefield on which there was nothing but combat and murder.

The smell of blood drove the monsters into a frenzy.




Various monster groups began rushing towards the group of skeletons like waves crashing against a beach.

A monster wave had started.

In the face of such a wave, the Skeleton Soldiers’ progress was bound to stop.



The moment their progress stopped, the monsters rushed over to the skeletons aiming to attack them.

Nevertheless, the skeletons endured their offensive.

Naturally, the monsters began accumulating in front of the Skeleton Soldiers. 


And it was at that moment that the Skeleton Wizards made their move.

There were ten!

 These Skeleton Wizards, whose number had reached double digits with the help of Skeleton Magician Mastery, threw the fireballs in their hands into the large group of monsters without hesitation.


These fireballs exploded upon contact with a monster and scattered their flames to the surrounding monsters.



These scattered flames then ignited the fur of these monsters, causing them to cry out loudly.

The effect was amazing.

The damage itself was high, but the monsters struggling in pain also hampered the flow of the wave.

They were like cars that had made sudden stops on a road filled with traffic.

This was invaluable assistance to the Skeleton Soldiers who had been fighting against the waves.

But the real help was on their way.


A group of Skeleton Knights appeared opposite the Skeleton Soldiers.

The number of Skeleton Knights had risen to six!

And each skeleton Knight was riding a Skeleton Wolf and was fully equipped and armored.

Among them, the most notable one was the Skeleton Knight sitting at the front.

This Skeleton Knight was sitting proudly on his wolf mount with the Nemean Lion’s skin draped over its shoulders, Aegis shield in its left hand, and Percival’s spear in its right.

Such an equipment set was something executives from top guilds could only dream of.


The Skeleton Knight then charged down to the battlefield while emitting a blood red aura, proof that it had become the Incarnation of the Battlefield.

It was impossible for the monsters, who were focused on their battle with the Skeleton Soldiers and Wizards, to properly prepare for the Skeleton Knights’ attack from behind.

The subsequent battle could only be called a slaughter.

Limbs of monsters were scattered everywhere like branches that had been pruned, and screams were abundant.

In no time at all, the battlefield had been drenched in blood.

[The Blood Cloud has begun to bleed]

And blood even began to fall onto it as a scarlet cloud released its burden upon the battlefield.

[Blood Poison has taken effect.]

Blood Poison!

It was the moment when blood filled with deadly poison had appeared.

Moreover, the bodies of the monsters, which had numerous scars on them, absorbed the blood poison like dry ground absorbs water.

Screams once again filled the battlefield.

In fact, it could be considered good that they were even able to scream.

Some monsters simply collapsed onto the group, unable to let out a single sound before their death.



The monsters who witnessed this scene, hastily tried to avoid the blood rain.

It was around that time, that the Blood Golem, which had been staying in a blood puddle, revealed itself.

The Blood Golem began a crazed attack as soon as the monsters trying to avoid the blood rain appeared.

No, it didn’t even need to attack crazily.

The moment when monsters began retaliating against the Blood Golem, it’s blood body splattered in all directions, covering any monsters nearby.

When they saw that, the monsters became shocked and terrified, completely losing their ability to fight.


Lee Jin-ah, who was watching this scene from a distance, was also shocked.

He couldn’t help but turn his eyes to Kim Woo-jin who was standing next to him.

[Merlin’s Staff continuously supplies you with mana.]

The mana from Merlin’s Staff made Kim Woo-jin’s eyes become a terrifying shade of blue-green.

Of course, while it was a bit horrifying, Kim Woo-jin’s appearance made him relax a little.

This was natural.

This scene clearly showed him that Kim Woo-jin had squeezed out everything he could. It was the limit of Kim Woo-jin’s power.

‘This is my limit with my current magic power.’

Of course, it was just the limit of his magic power.

If Kim Woo-jin had more magic power, he could perhaps summon the Hellhound, which would have certainly made the fight easier.

‘If this much is not enough then it can’t be helped.’

In any case, from Kim Woo-jin’s perspective, there was nothing else he could do if even this much was not enough to surpass Johann Georg.

[Your level has increased.]

Kim Woo-jin finally heard the awaited notification. 

However, he didn’t pay attention to it, instead, Kim Woo-jin waited to see if any other notification would follow.

[The Emissary of the Underworld admires your abilities.]

[The Emissary of the Underworld bestows some power to you.]

[The rank of the Skeleton Wizard skill has increased by one.]

Then he heard the notification he was waiting for.

‘That’s good.’

Kim Woo-jin smiled at the notification.

‘Then I won’t need to kill Johann Georg for now.’

It was a smile that said he would no longer need to get rid of the competition like he’d planned.

Of course, Kim Woo-jin didn’t forget.

‘Then all that’s left is to get the tail.’

What the real purpose for entering the dungeon was.