Kill the Hero - Chapter 232

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Chapter 232

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Kill The Hero – Chapter 232 – Tripartite Conference (1)

Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

Before a plane takes off, the passengers would have to listen to some rules and tips to remember in the event of an emergency.

Most people didn’t really care and didn’t pay much attention to it, but there was no denying its necessity.

The players had something similar.

Before entering a dungeon, they would have to listen to some rules and tips in the event that they encountered bad situations.

For example, as soon as you left the dungeon, if you saw a red flag, this signified that there was a military emergency. In that case, you should immediately, and quickly cooperate with all the procedures that they were briefed to follow.

Flap, flap!

It was a red flag that first greeted Kim Woo-jin as he exited the dungeon wearing Isaac Ivanov’s face.

There was an emergency!

It was a situation that would cause anyone to feel anxious to the extent that the hairs all over their body would stand up.

But when Kim Woo-jin saw the red flag, he remained calm, and simply acted according to the rules.

He picked up a flare launcher that had been placed near the dungeon and fired it into the sky.


The bright red flare with its tail of smoke shot up into the sky! Covering the surroundings in its red glow.


Immediately afterwards, the sound of sirens shattered the silence, and the sounds of heavy machinery starting up could be heard from every direction.

From the tututu sound of helicopters, to the dragging sound that was reminiscent of tank treads.

Amid those sounds, five military Humvees approached Kim Woo-jin and his party, and the logo on their hoods was clear.

The United Nations Peacekeeping Forces.

These vehicles came to a stop in front of Kim Woo-jin, and a blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman hopped off the first one.

She was a soldier whose aura showed that she’d participated in many battles.

“I am Lieutenant Colonel Susan Glasgow of the United Nations Peacekeepers.”

After introducing herself, she then inspected the party behind Kim Woo-jin, realising that there were only three of them.

It was a scene that could be called a tragedy, but she only furrowed her brows slightly without showing any other emotions.

It seemed that she had experienced situations much worse than this one.

“Is this everyone?”

After that, she asked a short question, to which Kim Woo-jin nodded, and it seemed she had no more questions.

“There’s currently an emergency so we should move to a safer location.”

Instead, it was Kim Woo-jin who asked a question.

“What happened?”

The Lieutenant Colonel responded with a few words.

“The Messiah Guild was attacked.”

On September 1, the Messiah Guild announced surprising news.

[The Messiah Guild begin their second attack on a 7 Floor dungeon!]

[They’re challenging the C+ rank dungeon, Dragon’s Breath!]

They announced the attack after it had already commenced.

This wasn’t particularly strange.

After all, it was possible for them to be interrupted or disturbed while entering the dungeon.

Therefore, it was actually considered wise for them to not reveal it until after the fact.

-A post entry announcement?

-Well, things have been a bit restless recently, haven’t they?

-The Messiah Guild probably wanted everything to go smoothly.

Moreover, the Messiah Guild couldn’t let their guards down in a time when there had already been several terrorist attacks against players.

-In any case, since Lee Se-jun is the one entering the dungeon, they have to make sure everything is perfect.

-Honestly, since it’s Lee Se-jun, isn’t it necessary to take all the proper precautions?

Above all, the value of Lee Se-jun’s name was absolute.

No matter how much Isaac Ivanov or Johann Georg shined, they weren’t able to affect him in the slightest.

Therefore, the public never raised any doubts about him.

There were also no complaints.

-I only trust the Messiah Guild!

-Messiah Guild, please save the world!

No one dared to complain.

So, when everyone focused their hopes and prayers on the Messiah Guild’s success, the effect of what happened next increased greatly.

[The Messiah Guild was attacked!]

On September 2, the Messiah Guild fell victim to a terrorist attack.

[A plane was crashed into the Messiah Guild headquarters!]

[Hijacked, all the passengers on the plane died!]

[The Messiah Guild’s headquarters collapses!]

[982 casualties!]

It was something that far surpassed everyone’s expectations.

The world was completely shocked by this news.

-What was that? A terrorist attack?

-They hijacked a plane and crashed it?

After that horrific event, the world became buried in terrible chaos.

There was absolutely no order in their confusion.

The media spewed all kinds of stories, and the public opinion became filled with all kinds of angry and murderous thoughts.

[Massive riots in Eastern Europe!]

[The riots spread across to South America!]

And as this confusion fell, everything halted as no one knew what to do or how to proceed.

This chaos was the perfect opportunity for terrorists, anti-government groups and criminal organisations that were laying in the shadows before.

[Sudanese Rebels declare war!]

[Civil war erupts in Slovakia!]

[Martial Law declared in Croatia!]

The terrible confusion quickly began to spread across the world.

“The last days.”

The only thing Oh Se-chan could do after seeing this situation was sigh.

“The end of the world.”

The same was true for his subordinates.

No one knew what to do.

Therefore, they just collected the information and kept track of the situation without saying anything.

‘I knew they were going to do something, but I never expected it to be something like this…’

In all honesty, this situation had taken even Oh Se-chan by surprise.

He already had the assumption that they would try something.

‘To destroy their headquarters…’

But for this something to end up being an attack on themselves?

This was something that he never could have imagined.

‘No one would believe the Messiah Guild capable of self harm.’

Furthermore, even he wasn’t completely sure if this was actually a part of the Messiah Guild’s plan.

The bigger problem was that this was just the beginning.

‘In such a situation, if Lee Se-jun clears the dungeon and comes out…’

What would happen in a situation where Lee Se-jun cleared his second 7 Floor dungeon and came back to the world that was currently drowning in confusion?

Only one thing was guaranteed.

‘They would be able to do whatever they wanted.’

No matter what the Messiah Guild decided to do, the world would never oppose it.

‘If the Messiah Guild expressed dissatisfaction toward a government’s system, and asked them to reform it… it would still be tolerated.’

A new country… no, even if it was the emergence of a power that transcended a country, the world would applaud them.

The existence of a country that transcended other countries would cause existing borders to collapse and only one value would remain in the world.

Would you fight to save the world or would you fight against it?”

A world where only this value remained.

‘At that moment, those who don’t conform to the Messiah Guild would instantly become the villains fighting against the world.’

Oh Se-chan closed his eyes as he thought about the possible future.

‘Has it finally reached this state?’

Although the process was unexpected, Oh Se-chan had long expected the outcome.

So he tried to stop it.

However, although Oh Se-chan tried to stop it, but it wasn’t easy to do something like that.

‘It’s amazing that I didn’t die and actually managed to even see this happen.’

In all honesty, he had believed he would be removed before that time, and he had long prepared for his death.

Even now, he had many things prepared in the event of his death. 

‘It’s all thanks to Kim Woo-jin.’

Nevertheless, it was because of Kim Woo-jin that he had been able to hold on for such a long time.

And it was the same now.

‘Now only Kim Woo-jin can do something.’

In this situation, Oh Se-chan decided to leave everything to Kim Woo-jin.

‘I’ll do whatever he wants.’

Regardless of what he wanted, Oh Se-chan decided to help him unconditionally without calculating profits.

‘I’d even buy some beef if he wants it.’


For the first time since the current situation began, one of his subordinates shouted out excitedly.

“Kim Woo-jin is back!”

Only then did Oh Se-chan stand from his seat.

“It’s time to work overtime again.”

One thing was always obvious.

Nothing works properly in a panic.

The same was true for the world which was devastated by the Messiah Guild terror incident.

There was nothing that could stop the world from panicking.

[Johann Georg is dead!]

[Sphinx Dungeon disaster!]

But the disaster that befell Johann Georg and Isaac Ivanov was completely different.

-What the hell are they talking about?

-Oh my God, Johann Georg is dead?

-Only Isaac Ivanov’s party survived?

The world, which was in a state of confusion following the terrorist attack, paused in the face of this new disaster.

-What happened to them?

-Wait, Isaac Ivanov’s party survived and only Johann Georg’s team died? Is that even possible?

-Did they fight and kill each other?

Moreover, there were even those who looked at the situation, which appeared to be a simple disaster, with suspicious gazes. And naturally, these people began to spout all kinds of conspiracy theories.

[Did Isaac Ivanov kill Johann Georg?]

[Dungeon disaster, or dungeon massacre?]

[What really happened inside that dungeon?]

Rumors began to come out that Isaac Ivanov’s party killed Johann Georg’s party.

Naturally, everyone began to wonder.

[When will Isaac Ivanov reveal the truth?]

-Why isn’t Isaac Ivanov saying anything?

They wanted Isaac Ivanov to say something about the situation.

And tell them what to do in the future.

“It’s been a long time.”

Then Isaac Ivanov finally talked to someone.

-It’s been so long that it feels like forever.

Of course, the one he was talking to was not the media, but an individual. It was none other than Oh Se-chan.

-Did you hear about the situation?


-To be honest, I don’t even know what to do right now. If we let it continue like this then the Messiah Guild will win eventually. And even if that’s not the case, we will still have to fight an even tougher battle.

In any case, Oh Se-chan was more curious than the world.

-What are your plans?

He also wanted to know what Kim Woo-jin planned to do in the future.

“There’s no plan. We only have about two months before the Messiah Guild clears the 7 Floor dungeon.”

-That’s right.

“And the first thing that I need to do in that time is already clear.”

-What do you need to do?

“Eat Thunderbird.”


The world’s number one private military company created by the Lightning King.


The meaning of his ‘eat’ was simple.

“Right, I’m going to get rid of the Lightning King.”

To kill the Lightning King.

It was very extreme.

There was no simple way to kill the Lightning King, however, killing him was one of the conditions for taking over Thunderbird.

Of course, this didn’t mean that he would be able to do that simply by killing the Lightning King.

Obviously, it was a plan that required a lot of troublesome preparation.

The probability of failure was also incredibly high.

However, Kim Woo-jin didn’t seem to pay any attention to that.

“It’s time to prepare for war. The Messiah Guild can’t be stopped, so our only option is to fight. Furthermore, neither side would actually want to join hands with Isaac Ivanov.”

After clearing the 7 Floor dungeon, it could almost be guaranteed that the Messiah Guild would not leave Isaac Ivanov alone.

-That’s right, after they come out of the dungeon, there’s a really high chance that they’ll pick a fight with Isaac Ivanov.

Rather, it was highly possible that Isaac Ivanov would be the first target of the Messiah Guild who would acquire the right to create a new order due to this event.

“Right. So at least we need to get enough power to even the scales before the Messiah Guild makes a show of force. Not just player power, but also military power that can be used in real life.”

So before that, he needed to get his hands on more power, and the easiest and most attractive option was Thunderbird.

No matter how great the Messiah Guild was, it would not be able to direct military power at will, nor would the forces it can move be as powerful as Thunderbird is at this moment.

-Well, good.

Because of that, Oh Se-chan didn’t ask any more questions.

-Then tell me what you need.

“I need to meet the Lightning King.”

-As who?

“As Kim Woo-jin.”


And just like he had decided before, Oh Se-chan simply accepted KIm Woo-jin’s words.

From that point on, he would do his best to create a stage for the Lightning King and Kim Woo-jin to meet as soon as possible.

The conversation was practically over at that point.

-By the way, if Park Yong-wan finds out that you met the Lightning King, he would be very upset, wouldn’t he?

That was why Oh Se-chan was able to make a little joke.

They had already finished talking about the Lighting King so he decided to end the conversation with a joke.

“Right, so Park Yong-wan will take part as well.”


However, Oh Se-chan was surprised by Kim Woo-jin’s response to his joke.

-What do you mean? Park Yong-wan will attend the meeting as well?

“The Lightning King, Park Yong-wan, and Kim Woo-jin. These three will sit at one table.”