Kill the Hero - Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

Kill the Hero Chapter 39

TL: Uncle Choi

Editor: Bait


“We are here”

Park Yong-wan’s item storage was located under his mansion .

A nuclear bomb shelter previously built by a chaebol was renovated into a warehouse by Park Yong wan .

Countless items were displayed in the warehouse .

‘It’s just a storage . ’

There were no legendary rank items .

He didn’t expect it in the first place .

The fact that the premises were sound was the clearest proof that there were no legendary items in the warehouse .

‘I can probably only pick something I can wear . ’

Kim Woo-jin was limited to choosing items that he could wear .

Park Yong-wan was only giving Kim Woo-jin items so that he could survive in the dungeon . He definitely wasn’t intending to give him free items for to take away like snacks .

‘I guess I’ll just pick the most expensive ones I can find . ’

Of course, Kim Woo-jin planned to use the items like snacks, so he chose the most expensive items he could equip .

Weapon, armor, helmet, gloves, and boots; he chose them carefully .

“It looks like you really like expensive stuff . ”

At the sight of such a thing, Park Yong-wan spoke in a slightly prickly voice .

Kim Woo-jin replied to the remark .

“They are expensive because they’re good . ”

“I guess you have a point . ”

Park Yong-wan, who replied back, was faintly frowning .


From Park Yong-wan’s perspective, this kind of situation was extremely unpleasant .

I mean, wasn’t it his money that Kim Woo-jin was spending?

Nevertheless, there was one reason why he put up with it .

In order to exploit the Skull Guild’s weakness, there was no bait as effective as Kim Woo-jin .

‘In order to make the Skull Guild give in, this much of an investment is only natural . ’

Park Yong-wan, of course, did not intend to wage a war with the Skull Guild .

‘Who’s behind them?

From the beginning, Park Yong-wan was not even sure who was sponsoring the Skull Guild . On the contrary, that was also the reason why Park Yong-wan was investing in Kim Woo-jin . Currently, Park Yong-wan had a very close relationship with the powerful people in Korea .

However, Park Yong-wan could not find who the sponsors of the Skull Guild were .

‘They must backed by foreign powers . ’

This meant it was likely that powers outside of Korea has invaded the country .

In order to negotiate with them, he needed to establish a connection .

Well, if I keep stabbing them, they’ll eventually come see me with their heads down .

Naturally, Park Yong-wan did not intend to negotiate on an equal footing .

Park Yong-wan used Kim Woo-jin to provoke the Skull Guild, ultimately leading to the Skull Guild’s surrender and their cooperation .

In other words, the more difficult of a situation of the Skull Guild was put in, the better it was for Park Yong-wan .

That was why he opened his storage to Kim Woo-jin .

‘This is?

And that was also why Kim Woo-jin was given a chance that he would never receive again in his lifetime .

Kim Woo-jin’s footsteps stopped at the corner where the accessories were collected .

His eyes laid on an ugly necklace inlaid with a black stone that was a size of a newborn’s fist . Kim Woo-jin grabbed the item in his hands .

[Cursed Stone Necklace]

Item Rank: Unique Must be level 10 or higher to use
Item Description: Stone that is cursed by something . Contains a mysterious power within . When equipped, Mana +10 When equipped, Mana Regeneration increases by 10 percent .

Item option window appeared right away .

However, Kim Woo-jin did not put such options in his eyes .

‘Is it a sealed item?

The important thing for Kim Woo-jin was that the stone necklace may contain a sealed power of some kind .

It was as stated .

This rugged black stone contained the sealed power of some sort .

Kim Woo-jin had no idea as to what sort it was .

‘And it’s even a unique rank sealed item . ’

The most important fact was that the item was a unique grade sealed item . This meant one would be able to obtain an item that was more valuable than a unique grade item .

Since the lowest rank one could obtain was that of a unique rating, it mean that one could expect something higher than that as well .

Naturally, Kim Woo-jin took the necklace .

“That one has a bad option . ”

Looking at Kim Woo-jin’s choice, Park Yong-wan gave a word of advice .

Kim Woo-jin replied to the advice .

“It’s because I don’t have enough mana . Especially, the Blood Sucking skill you gave me uses up way more mana than I expected . ”

It was a flawless answer .

“Well, it’s good if you like it . ”

‘At least I saved some money . ’

Most of all, from Park Yong-wan’s perspective, he was glad that Kim Woo-jin chose the cheapest accessory .

‘Like I thought, Park Yong-wan doesn’t know it’s sealed . ’

Park Yong-wan didn’t know it was sealed .

There was no way he could know .

Not only were there no signs that it was a sealed item, one had to find a suitable method to remove the seal .

‘Well, it’s impossible to melt a unique ranked seal unless it’s something like the fluids of a golden dragon . ’

Something like the gastric juice of a golden dragon .

It was after 2025 that Kim Woo-jin discovered the concept of sealed items .

“Are you done picking?”

Of course, Kim Woo-jin didn’t have much to complain about .

“Yes, thank you very much . ”

He just had to smile and express his sincere gratitude .


After the appearance of monsters, the businesses that collapsed the quickest was none other than golf courses .

With the possibility of monsters appearing at any time, there was no fool who would leisurely go outside to play golf . The further one was from the city, the worse the situation became .

The golf course in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province faced the same situation .

A golf course whose membership cost was once over 100 million won and was filled with luxurious foreign cars whether it was on a weekend or a weekday, was now unmanaged and overgrown with weeds .

Visitors came to the golf course once again .

The parking lot was once again crowded with expensive foreign cars .

If you paid attention to the surroundings, you would have noticed that this place became a stage for players . Then a car appeared among the group of expensive foreign cars .

It was a light car with a dented bumper .

The owner of the car was obviously Kim Woo-jin .

Kim Woo-jin appeared, charged in, and ignored the expensive foreign cars that surrounded the area .

But then Kim Woo-jin stopped in front of a car he remembered .

Of course, it wasn’t because the car he stopped next to was more expensive or rare than the cars he saw before .


Five cars, which were parked in a row, were Lexus brands .

Even if all five of them were combined, it couldn’t be compared to the Bugatti that Kim Woo-jin almost smacked with his car door .

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There was some other reason for him to stop .

‘Really amazing patriots have showed up . ’

He only stopped due to the fact that he had a very good idea of who the owners of those vehicles were .

His steps quickened right away .

As soon as he entered the clubhouse, the guests who already arrived were gathered in a few places .

“A new member . ”

Then one person raised his voice and approached Kim Woo-jin soon .

He was a friendly-looking man in his early 40s .

“Nice to meet you, I am Jung Hoon-young . Let’s finish the dungeon well . ”

Kim Woo-jin smiled and shook his hand as Jung Hoon-young extended his hand .

“Yes, I look forward to working with you . ”

It was not unusual .

It was rather common for guild members to greet each other ahead of the dungeon .

Such was the case . Preparing for a 2 floor dungeon was vastly different from preparing for a 1 floor dungeon .

Those with groundless confidence were already filtered out at this point . The people who survived such a filtering process were the only ones eligible to attack a 2 floor dungeon .

Those who were targeting a 2 floor dungeon had to have some common sense .

Just running around with one’s pride wouldn’t help extend one’s life .

Of course, the atmosphere was calm .

There were no instances of open hostility or aggression .

Rather, players gathered together to chat and familiarize themselves with one another .

“Have we met before?

“No, I think this is our first time meeting each other . ”

“Oh, I’m sorry . ”

“No, no . I hear that often . ”

For the first time, everyone started to familiarize themselves with one another and learn each other’s faces .

Kim Woo-jin held back while observing their interactions .

‘They must be dying inside trying to act like they don’t know each other . ’

Kim Woo-jin barely managed to hold back his laughter in front of such a ridiculous performance .  

There was no one here that they did not know .

Everyone was in leagues with one another, and what they were after was simple .

Eliminating Kim Woo-jin .

The Skull Guild drew their best cards for dealing with him .

Of course, Kim Woo-jin knew the reason why .

‘That’s the price of touching a pupil of the God Archer . ’

Park Yi-yeon and her death, a student of the God Archer, had definitely shaken not only the Skull Guild but also the Yamato Federation .

Furthermore, the Skull Guild must have deduced that there’s a strong individual behind Kim Woo-jin .

It was not just an issue of just killing Kim Woo-jin .

The reason they want to take me into a dungeon is so that they can torture me and get information .

It was more important for the Skull Guild to find out the details through Kim Woo-jin’s mouth . That was why this stage was set up .

This was the reason why the Skull Guild was willing to show their cards in order to hunt Kim Woo-jin .

‘When this is over, it will practically be a war against the Skull Guild . Then I guess I should try to make this as heated as possible . ’

“Which way is the restroom?”

At that moment, Kim Woo-jin asked Jung Hoon-young where the restroom was .

“That way . ”

“Thank you . ”

As soon as he heard the directions, Kim Woo-jin left his seat and headed for the restroom .

Although the water was already cut off, it was better to urinate in there than on the street .

Behind him was Jung Hoon-young . He was following him .

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“Let’s go together . ”

Kim Woo-jin nodded and the two of them went into the restroom together .

However, neither of them took care of their business .

“Kim Woo-jin, right?”

“Yes, you’re my escort, aren’t you?”

“We should be called assassins rather than escorts . ”

Jung Hoon-young’s eyes were indescribably sharp .

“We will speak in detail once we are in the dungeon, so let’s keep it brief . Your role is being the bait . Move by yourself . Then we’ll take care of everything and watch over you . If something really urgent happens, blow this whistle . ”

With those words, Jung Hoon-young handed Kim Woo-jin a whistle that seemed to be made of some creature’s bones .

“Unless they are stupid, it is likely that the attack will take place on the second floor . So on the first floor, let’s just focus on clearing the dungeon . You should avoid contacting with us as much as possible . If they find out that we’re on the same team, they’ll confront us directly in an all-out fight . ”

Kim Woo-jin was handed a whistle . He tapped on his glabella while tightly holding onto the whistle .

Jung Hoon-young spoke with a stiff expression on his face .

“Are you worried?”

“Umm… can I give up on this operation now?”

Kim Woo-jin spoke pitifully .

In surprise, Jung Hoon-young asked .

“You want to give up?”

Jung Hoon-young asked loudly, reflexively moving his hands to block his mouth . “Whoo…”

Instead of answering him, Kim Woo-jin let out a long sigh .

It was not difficult to guess what that meant .

It would be weird for someone to be calm when asked to play the role of a bait in their first 2 floor dungeon with those who wanted to kill them .

‘I’m screwed if this happens, huh?’

On the contrary, it was a headache for Jung Hoon-young .

He had to get Kim Woo-jin into the dungeon gate no matter what .

‘Damn, I already spent all the money I got from the Skull Guild on a building…”

Otherwise, he would have to cough up the money he had already spent .

“You said you name was Kim Woo-jin?”

“Yes . ”

“It’s not as difficult as you think . It’s a 2 floor dungeon but it’s only a D+ rank dungeon . Honestly, although it’s a 2 floor dungeon, it’s laughable compared to the A- dungeon you have cleared . So there’s no reason to be scared . ”

That’s why Jung Hoon-young persuaded Kim Woo-jin .

“Most importantly, what about the next time if you give up now? We have to take the first step at some point anyway . ”


“Are there any other problems?”

“I can’t die like this . At least not until I pay back my debts to those who have helped me . ”

Debt .

The word flashed in Jung Hoon-young’s mind .

“I see that you are a very responsible friend . ”

Jung Hoon-young continued .

“Then let’s do this . I’ll pay off your debts for you . ”


Kim Woo Jin acted surprised .

Jung Hoon-young spoke while smiling at him .

“Instead, you will owe me a debt . ”


“You will be going in the dungeon for my sake . Of course I will not force you . So how much is the debt?”

Kim Woo-jin carefully stretched out three fingers

“30 million won?”

“No, it’s 300 million won . ”

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“300 million?”

It was an amount that was bigger than he had expected .

It was an extravagant amount .

‘Gathering that much amount together right now is…’

A normal person wouldn’t be able to collect such an amount of money right away, but for a player whose level was over 20, it was not too difficult to do if necessary .

‘It’s not an unaffordable amount compared to the pay we’ve received for this . No, if we handle his items as stolen goods… there won’t be a loss . ’

That’s why Jung Hoon-young was able to make a decision right away .

“Good, I can help out if it’s that much . ”

“Tha, thank you . ”

“Now then, is your problem gone?”

After being asked again, Kim Woo-jin replied while looking impressed .

“Yes . ”


“Excuse me, it looks like 300 million won was deposited into Kim Woo-jin’s private account . ” Oh Se-chan frowned after hearing his subordinate .

“300 million won? Damn, we shouldn’t have bought him that beef short rib soup . Next time he asks you to buy him a meal, buy him only udon . Just the basic one as well! Not even a single yubu or fishcakes! Also tell him to chug cold water if he’s thirsty!”

“Um but…”

“But what?”

“But the deposit was from someone else’s account . ”

Oh Se-chan tilted his head .

“Someone else?”

“It’s from Jung Hoon-young’s credit account . ”

“Jung Hoon-young? The PK specialist? Are you sure?”

“Yes, it’s the account we made for him . ”

“What the heck is Jung Hoon-young doing putting money from his credit account into Kim Woo-jin’s private account?”

Oh Se-chan asked as if he had something in mind .

“Jung Hoon-yong recently did money laundering through us, right?”

“Yes . ”

“Where was that money coming from?”

“I was only from the Skull Guild . It’s been laundered multiple times, so I’m not sure about the details…”

“So you’re saying that the person who got the money from the Skull Guild to kill Kim Woo-jin spent that money for Kim Woo-jin’s sake, right?”

Only then did his subordinate seem to have realized something .

“Kim Woo-jin is in a trap . ”

There was no specific context, but it was clear that he was not Kim Woo-jin’s ally .

“Kim Woo-jin is in danger . ”

Oh Se-chan frowned after hearing his subordinate’s warning .

“What are you talking about?”

“Isn’t it dangerous? Kim Woo-jin is trapped right now, isn’t he?”

“How many people like Jung Hoon-young will it take to clear the 2 floor A- rank dungeon that Kim Woo-jin cleared in a week?”

“I don’t know . Around thirty I suppose?”

“The side who’s in danger is Jung Hoon-young’s side . ”

Oh Se-chan closed his eyes .

‘Kim Woo-jin has been attacked twice by the Skull Guild and has blocked both attempts . ”

He figured out the relationship between Kim Woo-jin and the Skull Guild to a certain extent .

‘In such a situation, if the third attack is completely blocked as well, then it will be like declaring war against the Skull Guild . ’

He knew what would happen if Kim Woo-jin was able to stop the Skull Guild’s plans once again . And now, Oh Se-chan could also see what kind of signal Kim Woo-jin was sending him .

‘The enemy of my enemy can be a friend . ’

Oh Se-chan smiled .

“After checking Kim Woo-jin’s location, send someone there . Send a bottle of champagne . ”