Killer of MC’s - Chapter 40

Published at 22nd of August 2019 09:40:12 AM

Chapter 40

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Kurama kept running at full speed, only to suddenly stop because a man stood in front of him .

"Hey Kurama, and Naruto . Where do you guys think you're going?"

Fear crept up on Kurama . He knows that the one in front of him is the leader of that group, so that makes him the strongest .

"You! YOU KILLED SAKURA!!!" Naruto was finally free from the Commandment of love and could finally move .

"So what if I did? She deserved to die looooooooong ago . In Fact, she did not even deserve to be born . "

"YOU… I WILL KILL YOU!!!" He activated his sage mode and proceeded to use his strongest move on him .

He conjured two giant resen-shurikens and flung them towards Alex .

Alex merely stood there not moving an inch . The attacks managed to hit him .

"I killed him . " Naruto said, but he did not stop there . He conjured a beast bomb and threw it at Alex, followed by many other attacks .

After a while, he felt that he had finally killed Alex .

"Naruto… are you okay?" Asked Kurama .

"I'm fine . Why did they have to die, Kurama? Sakura… why?" This was still the time when Naruto still had feelings for Sakura . And seeing her die is no different than stabbing him in the heart .

Kurama could not find any words to console Naruto, he was never good at these type of things .

"Do you want to know why they died?" Asked Alexander .

Kurama and Naruto widened their eyes in shock . How can he still be alive after all those attacks?

"Truth is, they did not have to die . But if I were to kill you they would have retaliated and they would still have died in the end . It was also a good way to earn SP and raise our powers . "

Alexander did not fear Naruto at all . With his immortality, what is there to fear in this world? Pain might have had soul based abilities, but he's dead .


"On it!" Kurama joined forces with Naruto once again, making them stronger .

((Naruto 10,000,000 PL))

Alex felt pity for those two . They might be powerful, but they are still too weak . They don't even come close to the Mother of Chaos .

Naruto once again launched an attack, but it was redirected by Alex using his perfect counter .

After that, another Naruto appeared underground beside Alex for a sneak attack . He thought that using a rasengan infused with nature could damage Alex, but he was wrong .

Alex already knew about the sneak attack, he had sensed him and used the Library of Heaven's path to know which attacks he was going to make .

The Naruto who appeared underground was the real one . But, he got kicked in the stomach by Alex before he could connect his attack .

"Dammit! How did you know?" Asked Naruto .

"You have many flaws, Naruto . It's not that hard to predict your every move, even if you are the most unpredictable ninja in the world . "

"Then how about this?" He summoned a bunch of shadow clones and charged at him .

"Is he going to-"

"Sexy harem jutsu!" All those clones turned into sexy, young, naked girls .

"I fucking knew it . " Alex said .

He was not affected by them, no man would after they had spent a thousand years with two beautiful twins .

"Bankai!" His entire surrounding burned brightly, which forced all of Naruto's shadow clones to disappear, and forced the real one back .

"Crap! The sexy harem jutsu didn't work!" Naruto couldn't believe it . No man could ever resist that move .

"Don't put me in the same rank as Jiraiya, Naruto . "

"If that move didn't work, then how about this technique . "

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"The rasengan won't work either-"


A bunch of sexy, naked men appeared before Alexander .

(He really is the most unpredictable ninja in the world)

Alexander was confused, before he started to get pissed off at Naruto .

"I AM NOT GAY!!!" His voice echoed throughout the lands, that even Linlin and Lili heard him .

Out of all this time, not one person has even thought that he was gay . Naruto is probably the only one who thinks that he is gay .

Which is understandable, most people might think that men who are immune to the sexy harem jutsu are gay .

"Oh… so he really wasn't gay . " Linlin and Lili thought . All this time they thought that he was gay . If Alex were know what they thought of him, he would spit out blood .

"You are very lucky, Madara . I was worried for you, but not anymore . " Lili said as if her worries for Madara were gone .

"What do you mean?" Madara had no idea what she meant .

Alex punched the real Naruto and send him flying back . All of his shadow clones disappeared as well .

"Dammit! How can I bring him down?" Naruto was in deep thought . How can he deal with an enemy like that?

"I do admit Naruto, out of all the main characters that I have met, you by far have pissed me off the most . Now prepare to die . " He has nothing against gay people, but he himself isn't one .

Alex did not give Naruto any chance . He stabbed Naruto in the stomach with his finger . Once he did, Kurama was somehow forced out of Naruto .

"Kurama! How did you do that?"

Alex aimed for a specific spot in Naruto's body . If he hit that spot, it would force Kurama out, which is exactly what he did .

"Magic . "

A spear impaled Naruto's heart, killing him instantly . He stood no chance against Alexander Anderson .

He took his soul, and offered it to the System .

{Naruto soul confirmed . Total is 900,000 SP}

"Neat . "

Alex saw that Kurama was just standing there, unable to move or do anything .

"Sorry it has to be this way, but your powers are required for my benefit . "

After pummeling Kurama like it was nothing, he returned back to Madara and Lili . Steven was trying his best not to eat the tailed beasts .

He dumped Kurama's body on top of his brothers and sisters . They were not dead . They were just beaten to the point that they could not move .

"System, how much power would I gain if I absorbed their chakra?"

{Not a bad amount . Your powers will rise by several million}

"Great . Time for me to become the Jincurikee of all the tailed beasts . {Snatch}"

He used his Library of Heaven's path to look at their flaws, and he found out that he could actually absorb their powers by using snatch .

If he used his snatch power correctly, then he will really become the only one with all the tailed beasts inside his body .

He started with the weakest one, Shukaku .

It didn't last one minute before Shukaku was sealed in his body .

((Alexander Anderson 7,800,000))

Usually, it would be hard to absorb all the energy from a soul, but thanks to his newly acquired system, it wasn't impossible anymore .

Each tailed beast had one million power level depending on the amount of tails they had . Kurama has 9,000,000 PL where Shukaku had only 1,000,000

When Alexander absorbed the power of the Demon King, he had fully absorbed his power only because of the 10 false Commandments he had already absorbed . If it hadn't been because of that, then Alexander's power level wouldn't be that high .
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If he hadn't gotten the Library of Heaven's path today, then he would have been

Alex then started with the second, third, fourth and so on .

Until he finally absorbed Kurama, Alex finally got the power he had always aimed for .

((Alexander Anderson 51,800,000))

Madara had also absorbed the ten tailed beast, but even he had never been this powerful . Maybe Kaguya was that powerful, it's hard to say .

"System, why don't I feel any sort of chakra in me?"

{The energy of chakra has been absorbed by your demonic energy . It's hard to believe it, but just imagine that those two energies are alive, and the dominant one will consume the weaker one}

"I see . My energy is so evil it doesn't let other energies exist within it . But then how is it possible that my hollow powers have merged with my demonic energy?" That was one thing Alexander could not get .

{The two powers back then were on equal terms of power, so it wasn't possible for them to destroy one another . So it's was only reasonable that it could merge with one another, giving you a more powerful version of it, just like 'The One V2'}

{Unless you find other energy sources as evil or as strong as the one you possess, then you cannot absorb it into your body}

Alex thought he could absorb chakra and the natural energy, but it seems it won't work . He wonders if that would also apply to other energies like Nen .

"Other energy sources as evil or as strong as the ones I possess . I can think of a few . "

Then, he suddenly heard voices inside his head . It was the voices of the tailed beasts in his body . They were shouting and yelling for help .

What was strange is that they were now connected to his Library of Heaven's path .

When Alex first entered the Library of Heaven's path, there were only books and shelves . But now, on the far side of the room, was a place that looked like a prison .

The tailed beasts were bounded to his malevolent energy . It was so strong that not even they could escape from it .

Their tails, necks, arms and feet were bound by his energy .

What was even more strange, is that Shukaku was being slowly absorbed by his energy .

"The hell is happening here?"

"Oooohhhh . I am impressed . " Satan popped out of nowhere .

"What's happening here, Satan?"

"It seems the Library is absorbing the conscious and wills of the tailed beasts . "

"How is that possible? And for what reason?"

"I think… it's going for an upgrade . "

"Upgrade? Was there such a method in the light novel?" Alex was amazed by this . There might have been an upgrade on chapter 763, but that was it .

"No, there wasn't . It's strange and yet amazing . Your demonic energy somehow fused itself with the library, and now its gonna do the same with the tailed beasts . But, your energy is not strong enough to fully absorb all the beasts . "

"Not strong enough… flaws . " He wanted to see what was wrong with his energy, and how he could improve it .

{Dark-Demonic energy: A combination of Hollow energy and Jet-black energy}

{First flaw: It is not as pure as it should be . You need to absorb more dark energies}

{Second flaw: A fruit of Darkness is needed to strengthen this power}

{Third flaw: The power of a creature who grants wishes and is also from the Dark continent is also needed}

{Fourth flaw: An extremely rare spirit from the Asura world is needed}

{Fifth flaw: The purest bloodline of an otherworldly demon is needed}

{Sixth flaw: The strongest magic known to mankind, destruction magic is needed}

{Seventh flaw: True vampire bloodline is needed}

There were seven total flaws in them, six technically .

"Fruit of darkness… wishing creature, Asura . I can guess most of these powers, but a creature that can grant wishes? Does that mean shenlong or…?"

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"I am afraid I cannot say . You will have to figure that out yourself . " Satan left after that .

"Damn . " Alex left after taking one last look at the tailed beasts .

He was back in the real world . Linlin has yet to be back with those books and scrolls .

"Lili, teach Madara how take a soul . I need some time to think things over . "

"Of course . Madara, please follow me . "

Madara did not say anything . He had some idea on what he means by soul . Pain also had similar powers as well .

Alex was excited that he could further improve his dark powers, and with huge leads . He has already planned on which worlds he is headed to .

"But first…" He summoned his sun, it was beautiful and more powerful than ever . If he can find the flaws in it and fix them, won't he get a better boost in power?

"Flaws . "

{Sunshine V2 a unique power by merging "Sunshine" and "Ryujin Jakka"}

{First flaw: It's full power has yet to be awakened}

{Second flaw: Needs the fruit of the sun to improve its power}

{Third flaw: You can only use its power for 12 hours when . A fire dragon is needed to increase the time of its use}

{Fourth flaw: A black fire that can burn even fire itself is needed to further improve its powers}

{Fifth flaw: Flame-based Alchemy is needed to further strengthen its powers}

"Interesting . It's gonna take some time before I can gather those powers . "

Alex began to fall in a deep thought . He is gonna take some time to plan this thoroughly .

"Saviour, your books . " Linlin brought back a mountain of books from the five villages each containing bits of knowledge about everything .

"That was fast . Thanks . "

"With pleasure . " She said with a warm smile .

Alex took one look at those books and muttered 'flaws' nothing happened . It seems his library still needs to absorb enough books to go through an upgrade .

Alex was about to read the books, but he was quite curious to see how many flaws Sakura has .

Taking out her soul from his storage, he muttered 'flaws' and only two flaws were present .

{Sakura Haruno: Look up Useless in the dictionary and you will see her picture}

{First flaw: EVERYTHING!}

{Second flaw: EVEN MORE SOMEHOW!}

"How expected . How much for this soul?" As much as he likes to eat souls, he does not want to eat this one .

{-500,000,000 SP}

"What does the negative sign do?"

{Instead of giving you SP it takes away SP}

"Oh god . Her soul is so useless . " He stuffed her soul back, and began reading the books . There was no rush at all . While Lili teaches Madara how to use his new powers, he is going to start reading .

Linlin was interested in reading as well . It has been a while since she had read, so they began reading to their heart's content .

-In hell .

Satan was playing his favourite game, God of War 4 . He was enjoying killing Baldur until he got a message from God .

He stopped playing and read the message .

{It seems our deal is almost up} -God

"Ah shit! I forgot . "

He scratched his head in frustration . Only they know what was going on here .

"System, tell Alexander I will be gone for a while . "

{Of course, master}

"DING!" Then another message popped up in his computer .

{Check out this new movie trailer coming out . It looks amazing} -Jesus .

There was a link below his message . Satan was curious and he clicked on the link .

However, that was the biggest regret in his life .

Satan was so traumatized by the trailer that he gouged out his own eyeballs . He even charged at the wall like an ox to hit his head, he thought if he hit his head hard enough it would cause him amnesia, and perhaps he would forget what he had just seen .

"How can a movie that bad exist?! HOW?!?!"

On the computer, it was none other than the 'Cat's trailer'

You know a trailer is that bad if it can make the king of hell regret ever seeing that trailer .

"What the hell is the use of having omnipotence if it can't warn me ahead of these things?!"

-In heaven .

"Did you send that link to him?" Asked God .

"Yes, Father . " Responded Jesus .

"That's my son . "

-Back in Naruto .

Oblivious to what was happening, Alexander had almost read every single book and scroll Linlin brought him . His reading speed was quite fast .

Alex only needed to flip a page and it would enter the Library of Heaven's path .

After a while, Lili came back with Madara .

"We're done, Saviour . Madara memorize everything he needs to know . "

"Good . Did you guys also collect the souls from those cocoons?"

"Actually, on my way here, I collected them all . " Linlin said still reading the book in front of her .

"Good . Now onto the next world . System, bring us to the One Piece world . "


Another portal opened, which shocked Madara . So many things are happening in one day that are hard to believe .

But still, he was actually looking forward to this . A world with no chakra, but with different powers that can rival his own world in power . How can he not be excited?

Linlin stored the book she was reading in her storage ring . Alexander did the same thing with all the books .

"Okay, everybody . Let's do this . " They all entered the portal .

The only ones left alive in the Naruto world were those who were innocent or children . Many died in the war, and the survivors have no idea that Alexander and the rest had killed the strongest ninjas in the world .

Of course there was one original member of the Naruto cast that survived, Hinata . Linlin actually liked the shy girl, because she reminded her of her sister .

She could have killed her, but didn't . One would have to be heartless to kill such a cute girl like her .


(Funfact: If you look up 'uselessness' in youtube, you will find Sakura in top of the descriptions . If you don't believe me try it . I laughed so hard when I found this fact . )

And just to remind you guys, the wife candidate is only Eggy from Martial God Asura .

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