Kokugensou wo Item Cheat de Ikinuku - Volume 1 - Chapter 1.2

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Chapter 1.2

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I requested to leave from the Roddo’s Family who took care of me.

I said my gratitude and they gave me my wages for the one week that i worked there.

by the way, my wage for one one week is seven copper coin which is now on my palm.

One large copper coin and two pieces of copper coins. (TN: So apparently 5 copper coins = 1 large copper coin)

By converting to Japanese currency, one copper coin is equivalent to 50 yen, Even though i was given three meals a day and a place to stay, my desperate work for one week is equals to 350 yen.

A farmer’s earnings is not that much but this kind of wages is too cruel.

labor wage is too low. A minimum wage law and a bureau of labor and employment doesn’t exist in a Shirejie Kingdom.

「Oh well, it ‘s good to have another job.」

「Yes, Thank you so much.」

After that, the Wife/Madam of Roddo family saw me off with a relief face.

It’s vague but i was probably employed by Roddo family because Louise has a strong influence in this Village.

That’s right. Though it’s still not a busy season i was employed as a part-timer.

living in a farm house and working all day long for one copper coin a day, is insufficient after all.

My body was decently shaped.

i really can’t live in this world if i didn’t know how to write.

While being aware, Sara-chan took me to the village office.

「Teacher, I brought the person who can write.」

The village office where small shopping center and inn are lined up in in the village square.

With a securely reliable stone it was an especially remarkable building in this village. On the door a nameplate is hanging on it. 『Ross Village Office.』 (TN:『ロスゴー村役場』)

When we went inside, You’ll notice that the wooden flooring was done neatly. It’s a luxurious building w/ neat flooring.

By they way, even the moderately rich Roddo Family has a large house and a big farm. there are also stones on the floor painted with lacquer, since its cold in winter it will help them keep warm.

A room with a wooden floor but it’s a considerably luxurious one.

I was a luxurious building in such village, The woman inside was alone.

Umm, Is it a Woman?

The person sitting while writing on the desk was dress as a man.

The suit has a black design that a clerk wears in the modern-age, but not actually looks like one.

There’s a ties in the nape of the neck which was fixed tightly, the person gives a gentleman and an aristocrat feeling.

It’s clearly different from the villagers poor clothes. There a beautiful jewel attached into the tie, beautiful embroidery and sewing can be seen, it might be one of this country’s formal attire.

Because this is the village office, I wonder if that’s the official uniform.

Although she dressed in a formal suit, A beauty with a brown hair i could only see her as a woman.

「I’m a man.」

The beautiful person that’s wearing a man’s clothes said so in a melodious voice that sounds like a bell rings. Did he understood by looking at my eyes? (TN: gonna be using “He” For now)

He has a wonderful slender chin. He’s so beautiful like a model.

The government official-san who calls his self a man, Is at at least at the age of early 20’s. if it’s a teenager, a girl can be seen as a good looking boy but it’s impossible for an adult man to be seen as a beautiful girl.





Of course it can be, because this is a fantasy world.

「Well, errr .., Hello. My name is Sawatari Takeru. Nice to meet you」

「I am Lyle Laertius. I am serving as a secretary in this area」

He corrected his necktie and responded to my introduction.

「You’re a secretary?」

How high is the position of a secretary?

「Yes. I’m also the teacher of Sara-chan, the one who teaches her letters.」

「Then, i’ll call you teacher.」

after saying that Lyle-sensei raise the corner of her mouth a little.

「Then please don’t make anymore mistakes because i’m a man.」


It’s harder to believe if you say it so many times.

even though how much he say that has a delicate body line and very smooth white skin. A very beautiful person, Probably he’s an Elf?

However, the ear is not pointed out, so he’s a human.

The fair skin which is transparent that i thought that i may never see from the day i was born. What kind of lotion do you use?, it’s amazing, let’s stop…… but i really wanna know.

I don’t know what kind of circumstances he have but the person insists that he’s a man so many times. I might possibly offend him if i mix it up.

My life depends on Lyle-sensei.

「Lyle-sensei is amazing, he was dispatch as secretary by the kingdom, the village head and I are small fries compared to him.」

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Sara-chan who is next to me is proudly boasting.

「Ahaha, Sara-chan that is an exaggeration 」

He was giving a cold expression in our first encounter, but she laughs at Sara-chan.

I thought that he’s a a beauty and her cheerful is cute too.

When i look at him, he didn’t rebuke Sara-chan, It’s will be reliable if Secretary is higher than a Village headman.

Yosh, I’ll do my best to be an influential person.

「Secretary Lyle, Umm err…… I have confidence in my literacy.」

「Yes, I’ve never heard a person who『has confidence in literacy』 then let’s test it. 」

As expected of a teacher. It was a test immediately.

Sara-chan watched with a bitter face as i took the test, she seems to have a bitter memory of it.

Even though i hated taking tests i’m already fed up taking care of the cows, so i became desperate and listed all the characters as many as i can.

Yes, i put down the pencil (It’s not a pencil but actually a quill.) signaling that i finished the test.

「Hou….. This is interesting. Excuse me, but I don’t think that young people can write this far Where did you learn the sacred letters?」

「 Ahm, Somehow i already know it, i don’t have any memory of it.」

I think that she wouldn’t believe it if i say that i came from a different world so i decided to pretend for the time being that i have an amnesia.

This is a theory of the different world person.

they might treat me like a crazy person if i tell the truth. I need to be cautious.

「Hou, Takeru-dono is a lost person. This is indeed rare. No wonder, it reminded of the eastern wind when hearing your name」

「What did that lost person mean?」

The person who loses his way will surely have no significance.

「What is a lost person? It means you’ve been transferred here from a distance. though the possible causes are accidental discharge of summoning magic and space transposing magic, but a detailed reason is not yet understood.」

「You don’t understand the details?」

however, being able to gain knowledge about magic summoning and space magic is a godd harvest.

「It’s because summoning magic and space magic are rare. it’s also rare phenomenon for it run out of control. i heard that a transported person would have a memory loss and will also acquire a mysterious knowledge, it is also very difficult to find the cause.」

「is that so…… you’re rather knowledgeable, indeed」

Lyle-sensei has deep knowledge about magic , he seems to be an intermediate magician. Sara-chan is also amazing, i should say they’re both great

I was impressed by his wide knowledge.

But according to sensei’s story, a lost person doesn’t generally means he was transported from another world. anyway, i guess that it’s a fact that i wasn’t the only one who got transported into another world.

「Lyle-sensei, please employ me.」

I must not miss this chance.

I must be employed at any cost.

「I only work alone in this Village Office but i can efficiently do the work , because Takeru-dono is a valuable lost person……… Because you’re a person with precious literacy, I’ll appoint you into assistant secretary.」

「Thank you.」

I feel like it’s like a sheriff employs a gunman as his assistant in some western movie. I have been appointed as assistant secretary.

Deep inside, i’m excited. A sheriff is different from a secretary after all. My role is not a village officer but a government officer.

Even though i’m just an assistant secretary it is still splended. I was appointed on the spot, is there and Administrative organization where you can ask permission to, i wonder?

though public office is near in a village like this, no matter how you see it isn’t Secretary Lyle, has too much Authority?

What kind of person is he?