Kokugensou wo Item Cheat de Ikinuku - Volume 1 - Chapter 1.3

Published at 19th of April 2016 07:18:22 PM

Chapter 1.3

The work of an assistant secretary is quite boring .

I am the assistant of secretary Lyle, I’m making a copy of official documents and detailed reports, the quantity is not a big deal for me .

The village of Ross has the quantity of almost 200 located on the edge of the mountains .

There is also an iron mine managed by the country in the outskirts of a village, Mineworkers and blacksmith lives there, there are around 300 people including the adventurers like Louise .

It’s a really small miniature village .

It’s also safe to say that the official documents of the village is a small matter .

Lyle-sensei who had a free times also work as a teacher of the students .

However, there is also a benefit working in these boring documents .

By checking the reports to the King and various Feudal Lord, i was able to know the geography and the feature of this village .

I thought that it was a remote country side but the distance to the capital is not that far from the village if you ride a wagon it would only take you four days .

I want to go to the imperial capital of Shirejie, sometime soon .

But, i’m more interested in…… .

「Secretary Lyle, is there a hot spring in the village?」

As a Japanese, i love taking a batch and something like that cannot be overlooked .

「You can enter the hot spring if you want to, but you must dig it with a shovel . 」

I was told that the hot springs are not convenient . Nevertheless, If i want to enter the hot spring by the river located in the outskirts of the village i have to dug a bath with a shovel .

Something’s strange . A hot spring by the river .

「Then, shall we go together nest time?」

「Wel……, it’s a little bit unpleasant for me to enter together a bath with other person . 」

Oh, he made an unpleasant face . I see, so it’s impossible to enter together huh .

Lyle-sensei is hiding some secret about his body, isn’t he?

I’ll stop since our secretary’s mood has worsened .

leaving that aside, what’s bugging me isn’t that thing .

「 Secretray Lyle, is there a sulfur in the hot spring area . 」

「oh, i know well . there is an area where sulfur is exposed . 」

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Is that so . A hot spring always comes together with sulfur, that means the heat pressure being release is from a volcano where a sulfur mine is naturally made .

Lyle-sensei who has a full desire to learn seems to be also a beginner class alchemist, seems likes he also studied the mineral resources in this area .

Let’s listen to details of the location later .

「Is there also a saltpeter mine?」(TN: Saltpeter is another term for Potassium Nitrate . )

「Saltpeter? I don’t think there is in this place . If you want it by all means, you have to obtain it from the capital, or make one yourself . 」

If i’m going to order the saltpeter from a distant place, i think it will be over my budget .

No, I shouldn’t be limited into different mineral resources . Saltpeter can be use for fermentation . I should be able to create it by boiling dirt or human urine . (TN: Click to see how it’s possible )

Sulfur, Saltpeter(Potassium nitrate), and if i can make charcoal it will be possible to create a gun powder .

「By any chance… . . do you intend to make a black powder?」

「Oh, you noticed?」

As expected of an alchemist . The gunpowder isn’t popular in this world but he knows it .

Well, I will quickly make gunpowder, i expect the development to be great, Could it be popular in places where they use gunpowder?

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thoug, i thought i could jump into fame with my original technology .

because i don’t understand the circumstances of the locals, i want Lyle-sensei to tell me .

「I have not made gunpowder or either seen one . It was used in the war of a far empire, i know it because i’ve read the history book . 」

「I see, it was used for war . 」

Lyle-sensei who knows about the gunpowder doesn’t have an experience in making one so that means the black powder isn’t being use in Shireijie Kingdom .

Even if it has been invented, they are not aware of the effectiveness of it .

If that’s the case , then it can be good as an original project .

I was afraid to obtain the idea by fraud, so I decided to completely talk about it with Lyle-sensei .

Lyle-sensei took care of me very much and i don’t mind if Lyle-sensei will be the one who gets the acknowledgement .

「A big bomb can be made with gunpowder and i think i can sell in the iron mine . Do you know about dynamite?」

I rip a part of an old document and began to explain the diagram .

「I see, it’s the reason them makes them explode and make a hole on a bedrock . An amazing idea…… I’ve never heard of such method . Did Takeru-dono think of this?」

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That’s right, it’s an original craft .

The materials for the gunpowder is all in a mine . It’s natural to think of it if you know some engineering .

So stop looking at me with a sparkling eyes filled with respect, i feel embarrassed Lyle-sensei .

It’s the knowledge of a different world, well, i can’t afford to say that .

Of course, production of it also takes time and effort, and i also don’t know if it can be sold but if it goes well, it should be profitable .

「Lyle-sensei . If it’s okay could you help me with the production and sales of the gunpowder product? I would like to express my gratitude for helping me 」(TN: not sure on the last part of the sentence . )

「I don’t mind . I’m able to have free time and manufacturing gunpowder is interesting . I don’t particularly need the money . 」

I wanted the knowledge than money that was Lyle-sensei trying to say .

Well, he’s a person higher than the village head . so he doesn’t have any trouble with money .

But of course, the one who owns the iron mine in this area is not the feudal lord of this place, it belongs to the [Shirejie] kingdom . So i want to use the popularity of secretary Lyle who was dispatched by the kingdom when i sell it in the mine .

It will be good if i’m not doubted as a person of unknown origin .