Kokugensou wo Item Cheat de Ikinuku - Volume 1 - Chapter 1.6

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Chapter 1.6

「This time it’s  soap making? Though gunpowder is still on the way of developing, you think a lot of things . 」

When i went to the village office, my story to start making a soap amazed Lyle-sensei .

When i thought of the gun making, various ideas popped out and it doesn’t stop .

When the materials are collected the production is on the way various of problems comes out so i’ll have Lyle-sense help me there .

「I heard that there is a town that uses olive oil and rapeseed oil to make soap . I don’t understand about the alkali that Takeru-dono talks about that but it’s certain that if combine with lime it makes the substance solid 」

「The Olive oil is still not available but the fat of the monster is available . 」

The oil extracted from the animal would be free in Ross village, then there’s only the fat of monster .

The main monsters inhabiting around the village are crazy dogs, gray ratman and vampire bats .

When a monster increases too much, a subjugation quest comes out from the guild and that’s where Louise-san goes out to hunt and we can squeeze the oil from fat .

I’ll mix the oil with a strong alkali solution, so far i failed to do it at this point .

Though a soft soap can be made but it would look like a clay and have a bad smell . Even if i make them dry the bad smell wouldn’t decline .

I won’t go for a high quality product with olive oil . If i make a cheap soap that an ordinary people can use, it will certainly sell . Since the basic idea isn’t wrong, what remains is to perform trial and error .

「In other words, Takeru-dono called me to help him with the production of soap . 」

「Well, to be honest, please do so . 」

Even i establish the manufacturing method, there should be a way for the product to be mass-produce, as expected i would need the help of an alchemist .

When i sat up straight and put my hands together, Lyle-sensei began to laugh with (Fufufu) .

「Even though you still have to collect the materials for compounding a gunpowder, Takeru-dono is quite a hard worker, huh . 」

「I’m sorry, since the production of the Saltpeter is tough . 」

Though i also asked her to help me with it, i only caused trouble to Lyle-sensei . The delicate sensei is not used to a hard labor so i must work hard .

「No no, I’m just kidding . If my skill will be useful then i would be very happy . There is no other person who can do alchemy here in the village, Soap and gunpowder, right? I wouldn’t thought of that if Takeru-dono hasn’t come to this village . 」

He’s giving me advice with a smile during our discussion, such a good person is here to help me with the production .

It’s difficult not to fall in love .

The proposal to let me wash his back in the hotspring to show my gratitude was immediately rejected .

Because of that joke, Lyle-sensei’s expression turn into a serious one .

For now, the prototype of the dynamite has been completed .

Gunpowder is packed inside of it, it’s a very simple one, connected with a fuse and paper . Dynamite is famous for blasting mines but producing nitroglycerin without any preparation makes the risk high . The black powder should be sufficient for this .

The bomb is finally complete . I’ll leave out the story of my thorny process of hardship because it’s a long story .

Oh, but may i speak one of my difficulties?

Sulfur aside, the creation of saltpeter is very hard . Frankly speaking, the ingredients are dirt and urine of human and animals .

I built a container for the Saltpeter and bury it under the ground with grass, and picked it up after i waited for a while after the micro organisms was done with their job . Feces and Urine, if i don’t have those then a corpse would also be fine, but anyway it stinks .

It would at least take 2-3 years to refine this method . Because i can’t wait for it, apart from making the container of the Salpeter, I took the dirt of the animal from the Roddo family and extracted the Saltpeter .

I boiled the the feces and soil many times, the smell really stinks……

still, the feces of the animals is still better . I actually took the soil in the toilet and judging the circumstances of the restroom in this world, it was terrible when i examined it .

If this is Japan in medieval-era, they would use human feces as fertilizers, but for some reason this world doesn’t use human feces as fertilizers .

in other words, i’m criticizing it, when the jar was almost full, i would like to throw it away …… . . but i won’t get the Saltpeter .

Oh, i remember it, after coming to this world i can say that the toilet is the most severe . because there is no toilet paper, they use leaves to wipe the ass . leaves! I used to sing mi-chan michi michi when i was a kid, but i never i thought that i would really wipe my ass with a leaf . (TN: It’s this song .  link )

I want a toilet paper by all means, i consulted Lyle-sensei about paper making . well, i think that there is a paper manufacturing method in this world . the quality is bad, but the village offices use it .

Because the quality of the paper is bad, they use a preserved animal skin for important contracts .

When i asked why a decent paper isn’t produced, it seems like it’s because the shortage of the wood materials is the main reason .

is it because of the dry atmosphere? In Japan, trees doesn’t grow up again after they were cut down . That’s the reason that the mountains became bald .

There is no person in this world that plants trees, the more the region become crowded more deforestation will happen .

Even if i know the production technique, i can’t do anything about the lack of materials even with my modern knowledge .

As expected, the power of money is needed .

By the way, Lyle-sensei blushed after i asked him how he do it in the toilet and he said 「Water Magic」

He’s tricky . I had Lyle-sensei examine me and it turns out that i have a zero talent for magic, it’s hopeless .

If i use a magic gem accumulate magic, then even i who has a zero magic power can use magic, but the price as expected is expensive .

As expected even in this world is all about money, money, money .

Getting back to the subject .

…… Therefore, In order to make money Lyle-sensei and I went in to some iron mine in Ross village with the dynamite .

Though it was a state owned mine, it was smaller than i thought . Some part of the caves have became vacant .

In a small tunnel there are some workers who are carrying minerals . All of the workers have chains attached to them and all of them have tattered clothes .

「Are they possibly a」

「Slave mine workers, they’re the ones who work here . 」

I’ve finally saw a slave……… After all, this a fantasy world’s medieval era .

Some of the slave miners who have dug minerals were transported by trolley .

A soldier is also observing the slaves who are throwing rocks and sand in the cart .

The chains on their feet are taking their freedom of movement away making it more complicated to escape .


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「Because working condition in a mine is server, those who can no longer work will be thrown away . Are there any slaves in Takeru-dono’s country? 」

Lyle-sensei worryingly calls out to me who fell silent . Is he worried because i was making a complex expression?

Their freedom was taken away and they’re working in the worst kind of environment, as a person who witness that, i’m honestly speechless .

The gentle Lyle-sensei calmly accepts slavery, it seems like slavery is common in this world .

In my era the slaves has been liberated a long time ago, it is a very shocking scene that the same human like me was me robbed and abused from their own human rights . Is it because they’re criminals?

According to Lyle-sensei’s explanation, the slaves were not criminals, they fell down because it’s impossible for them to pay their debts .

So when i become penniless and have a debt, then i might also become like them . It gives me shiver when i think about it .

I’m living in a society supported by slave labors .

In order to live, it’s necessary to submit to it .

Therefor, i’ll print this scene into my eyes I’ve been looking at the slaves while Lyle-sensei is waiting for me in silence .

「I’m sorry sensei for taking the time, let’s go . 」

「Takeru-dono their is a magistrate in the mine」

Located near the entrance of the mine is like a small village .

A hovel is where the slaves resides and the tenement house is where the soldier and engineer resides, there is also a blacksmith who is processing a metal . The big build is where the magistrate of the mine resides .

Firm wooden building, we were guided by the maid into the guest room .

All the firm furniture are made of wood . Stuff animals with vivid color are lined and displayed .

There is also a decorated knife and a long sword, a halberd and a platemail . Seems like the blacksmith made it . In this world that is what an adventurer need, It is sturdier than i imagined .

Through technological strength i might have power .

it’s not a very good taste and it’s too rustic as a decoration of the room, I wonder if they’re also a product sample . There are so much item lining up, the magistrate of the mine might be having a lot of profit . It’s because Louise who is a professional Adventurer didn’t have such good equipment . My business partner is hoarding wealth fairly, as i expected .

Then the door opens, a half-naked muscular man entered .

The man is a middle-age man and his head is getting bald, his body is way larger than Louise . It’s a macho man .

「It seems like i kept you waiting . I’m Nataru Dakuro acting as the Chief Administrator of this mine . 」

Eh, This person is the magistrate of the mine? He is half naked and wearing a fustian pants, so i thought he entered the wrong room .

Even so, Nataru is a brawny muscle man . With the muscle of the upper arms and with a bald head, this middle-age man looks lie a character of one of the Hollywood movies .

With admiration i’m looking at the muscles of the upper arm which is swelling, he somehow misunderstood and he lowers his head .

「In front of the guest, i apologize that i appeared with such appearance…… . . 」

「No, It’s because of my sudden visit……Oh, i-i’m I am Sawatari Takeru . I’m glad to meet you . Your Excellency magistrate Nataru . 」

I also lowered my head in a hurry and introduced myself .

「Please stop with ” Your Excellency” 」The magistrate seems embarrassed and scratching his head .

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The magistrate of the mine Nataru and I both lowered our heads to each other .

A middle-aged mine . I deeply appreciates that even though he’s a man with a high position, he’s polite .

The upper body which is filled with muscle, a good respective attitude with fortitude and vigor . Although he’s a local magistrate, he’s a great person to work with .

Secretary Lyle and Nataru are both government official, so it seems like those two are acquaintance .

Nataru was informed beforehand that I have come to sell a dynamite . We’re interacting each other with unnatural politeness, Possibly it may be a trick which is going to push forward a good business talk .

Even if that’s the case, i can’t help but have a good impression of his gentle attitude . Moreover, his beautiful bald head resembles Bruce Willis .

I am weak to a beautiful woman, but I am also quite weak to a cool adult .

「Then, can you immediately show the bomb?」

In order to demonstrate it to Nataru, the new tunnel will be excavated, I moved at the edge of a tree .

The long fused is prepared, i light it up and left, then an intense explosive sound hit my eardrum from the side like breaking it, i’ve created a frightening thing

When i look at it a big hole can be seen . I found out that the black powder was enough as i expected . It is possible to calculate the force by looking at the place where the explosion occurred .

Nataru got excited from witnessing an explosion for the first time, he raised a 「Wooooo!」cry while waving both his arm in excitement .

It seems like i pleased him, I’m honored . it appears that i made a good demonstration to my business partner .

「How is it?」

「Takeru-dono you made something wonderful! If we use the bomb then it will quickly save us a lot of time . 」

A large hole was created after the explosion, i picked up the ores that flew away due to the blast and check it one by one .

Nataru likes it i hope he’ll set a high price to it .

「1 silver coin per bomb……No, one gold each . 」


I hold my breath . The value of one piece of gold coin is approximately 10,000 Yen . If the dynamite sells one a gold a piece, then this would be a splendid profit .

i didn’t think that it would sell this high .

No no, i don’t need to sell it at that amount, because gun powder and dynamites are rare in this world, i could possibly raise the price more………

「Don’t increase the price any further, This way we can have a good faith between us who serve the same country , that is the limit of the amount we can give . 」

「Haha, by all means…… . One piece of gold coin . 」

I broke out a cold sweat while laughing, my thoughts was seen through by him .

As expected of a veteran magistrate, he’s good at negotiation .

「I want you to make it a deferred payment with the condition of 1 gold a piece . 」(TN: A deferred payment is having a debt which has been incurred and will be paid back at some point in the future . )

「Err, what’s that supposed to mean」

「I’ll be troubled if you deliver product are defective . I’ll pay the amount after you deliver the goods properly . The reason is that because there’s a rumor in the village that the you fairly failed in your experiments . 」

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「Ah, well, yes, that’s true . 」

Lyle-sensei smiled wryly when is i looked at him .

Certainly before we succeed there were a lot of failures, even though the smoke goes up it didn’t explode . 70% saltpeter and 10% charcoal, i intended to compound 10% sulfur, there is a chance for it to misfire . After all it was made by an amateur .

Because i am now used to compounding . I should think about the possible reason of the misfire .

Because I’m not going to sell someone a defective product, there is no problem with deferred payment .

「There is one condition . 」


I wanted to complain, but the person is my business partner that’ll buy the dynamite by 1 gold per piece so i endure it .

「The Ross mine owned by the country is small . To sell us the bomb…… . I don’t understand it . 」

「Well, err……」

I don’t know even if you ask me with suggestive voice .

Being unable to stay indifference, Lyle-sense whispered in my ear .

「You’ll have the monopoly of contracts with the Shirejie kingdom it . I don’t mind since there is no other place where to sell the bomb . 」

Umm, I see, it’s as Lyle-sensei said . Lyle-sensei is a national secretary, I decided to accept the contract by thinking about the situation .

「A condition that will make you monopolize the contract other national mines, we’ll sell it to the place where the bomb is necessary for public projects . There is no loss to that」

「Well then, i’ll look forwards working with you . 」

While bowing, I reflect on myself for being careless .

I’ll do my best to make the gunpowder product, I never thought the market channels would broaden .

Because this is a rural area, they won’t miss the chance to sell it to the other areas of the kingdom .

On the other hand, should i have an independent store, because i won’t be able to sell consumer products if I’m under the monopolization of the country .

Is there any other method? Let’s consult Lyle-sensei later .

I should’ve said this by now .

「You might get involved in an accident, please be careful because there’s a possibility that the cave might collapse due to the explosion . 」

「Haha, to say something like that . I’m a mining expert, a careless mistake won’t happen, but certainly i’ll be careful in handling it . I’m thankful for your advice」

Even if it’s neglected by Nataru, it’s still necessary to give that advice .

In modern Japan which I lived in, a person buried alive due to mining accident and dies are a lot .

I have been involved in a bomb making, i’ll feel guilty if the miners i saw a while ago will die .

the safety degree of a gunpowder when blasted is low . It is necessary to give caution to Nataru .