Konjiki no Moji Tsukai - Chapter 136

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Chapter 136

Chapter 136: Invitation to the Castle

When Hiiro left the room, the shock of his words left Shinobu Akamori and Shuri Minamoto speechless for a while . All that they could do was continuously overlap their sighs continuously .

Following this, Shinobu sat on the floor with her hands on her knees while quietly muttering .

“……just what should we do……?” (Shinobu)

Whether those words were actually directed towards someone, or if she simply wanted to voice out those thoughts, even she herself did not know the real reason why she said that .

She wanted an answer as to what she should do . She wanted someone to answer that . Because that would be easier . In particular, since she had come to this world, she had obeyed the orders of another and lived without having to seek out any answers .

It was possible to say that their environment had been manipulated . Even so, like Hiiro said, it still would have been possible to hold their own opinions within that and move while thinking on their own . That was something that they had not done .

That was exactly why she had been incapable of refuting Hiiro’s lecture that could have been thought to be too severe .

Those feelings were similarly held by Shuri as well, who, upon realizing it after being told, truly felt that she was quite shameful .

Although what Hiiro said didn’t have an exact basis, it was correct……yes, it was possible to judge it to be correct .

On one hand, it could be said that, because they were words he could say due to how strongly he had lived in this world, they had persuasive power .

And so, she felt that they couldn’t continue being like this . While Hiiro’s words had been relentless, she could somehow feel that he had told them so in order to open their eyes .

That was exactly why she felt that, this time, they had to think carefully about what it was they should do now and reach the answer on their own .

“…… . Shinobu-san” (Shuri)
“Hm? What is it Shu……ri…… . . cchi?” (Shinobu)

Upon raising her face to look at Shuri, Shinobu was involuntarily rendered speechless upon gazing at Shuri’s serious expression .

“Shinobu-san, I’ve decided . ” (Shuri)
“…… . decided what?” (Shinobu)

Upon hearing Shuri’s decision, Shinobu stiffened with an astonished expression .

A person that seemed to be an 『Evila』soldier approached Hiiro and co . outside of the inn . The reason he had come was to extend an invitation to come to the castle to Hiiro, who had made many great achievements in this war .

Hiiro had at least been told by the Maou, Eveam, that once the war settled down, she would send over someone to call him over . Although she had said ‘once it settled down’, they had only managed to expel the beastmen from the country so far . It seemed that the beastmen still remained hidden near the country, but, for now, the immediate threat had been removed .

From what he had heard from the soldier, currently, the eyes of the soldiers deployed in the surroundings of the country were sparkling with motivation . Thus, even if something happened, they would be able to move immediately . As the situation had calmed down in comparison to earlier, Eveam wanted to invite Hiiro and co . to the castle so that she could also introduce them properly to her subordinates . Therefore, she had decided to have Hiiro follow the soldier there .

“Ah, what are you guys gonna do?” (Hiiro)

Hiiro turned his eyes towards Liliyn and co .

“Umm… . would they happen to be your companions?” (Soldier)

Amongst them were ones that couldn’t be seen as 『Evila』, so the soldier gazed at them with doubtful eyes .

“For now, I suppose” (Hiiro)

Upon hearing that, the soldier gave a thoughtful look and said,

“If that’s the case, then there shouldn’t be any problems . If they are Hiiro-dono’s companions, then I will guide them with all my being . ” (Soldier)
“I see . You guys wanna come?” (Hiiro)

The first one to bite into that offer was Mikazuki .

“If you’re invi~ted to the castle, does that mean there’s gonna be a meal!?” (Mikazuki)
“Eh, ah, that… . well, it is being prepared but-“ (Soldier)
“Waa~!” (Mikazuki)

At the soldier’s words, Mikazuki’s eyes shined radiantly . A shameful amount of drool also began to spill out as well .

“Th-then I want to go as well! I’m so hungry!” (Nikki)

It was Nikki who jumped on the bandwagon .

“Fumu, then what do you guys wanna do, Aka-Loli?” (Hiiro)
“Hmph, there’s no way I wo…… . ” (Liliyn)
“Nofofofofofo! Of course we will accompany you! By all means, we would love to join you in going there! Nofofofofo!” (Silva)
“Feeeeeee! C-Can someone like me go too!? H-H-How gracious! B-B-B-But, I’ve always wanted to go at least once!” (Shamoe)

As if they were obstructing Liliyn’s words, the two attendants unanimously fired off words as they liked .

“Give up Aka-Loli, they completely intend on going” (Hiiro)

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“……… . . haaa, even though I don’t want to go” (Liliyn)

As Liliyn scratched her head, she displayed absolutely no desire to go .

“Do you hate it that much? There might be some delicious food you know?” (Hiiro)
“Hm…… . . iya, mu……there’s a fellow I don’t want to meet at the castle” (Liliyn)
“Hou” (Hiiro)

Looking at her, it certainly seemed like there was someone she didn’t want to meet as she frowned reluctantly . For an existence like her, who wore arrogance like clothes, the existence of a person that she hated this much sprouted a bit of interest to Hiiro . However, coercing her would be troublesome .

“Then do you want to stay here alone?” (Hiiro)

After being told that by Hiiro and thinking for a bit, Liliyn looked at how merry Silva and co . were being as she heaved a large sigh .

“Iya well, I suppose I’ll just try going for now . I don’t know if I’ll actually end up meeting them after all . ” (Liliyn)

It seemed that it had ended with everyone accepting the invitation .

“Then shall we go?” (Hiiro)

Just as Hiiro said that,

“Please take us as well” (Shuri)

Seeing the person who had said that, even Hiiro was momentarily at a loss of words .

The person in question was Shuri . Behind her, Shinobu could also be seen . The question of why they had decided to appear at that place, at that moment, emerged within him .

In front of them stood the 『Evila』soldier . If he was someone who knew their faces, then another troublesome event might occur .

“……are they your acquaintances?” (Soldiers)

Naturally, it was the soldier who had asked . It seemed that the soldier didn’t know that the two girls were heroes . But he honestly worried about how exactly he should respond . This was because the two of them had the external appearance of 『Humas』 .

If he said they weren’t companions, then it would lead to a discussion about why exactly humans were here . Because of their appearance, it would become obvious that they were humans who had come to participate in the war . Upon judging that, the chances of a battle resulting were high .

If he said that they were his companions and they were investigated later, it’d be revealed that they were heroes . At that point, it’d be annoying to explain why he had said they were ‘companions’ .

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(These guys… . . they’ve really done a troublesome thing now) (Hiiro)

As he instinctively turned a displeased face towards the two girls, upon seeing Shuri’s expression he went, “Oh?”

(She……) (Hiiro)

On Shinobu’s face, although it was a bit cloudy, it seemed to be coloured with determination as well .

(………I see . So they’re trying to move a bit forward) (Hiiro)

However, as their method involved dragging him into it, Hiiro became sullen . Realizing Hiiro’s feelings, Shuri lowered her head .

“I’m sorry Okamura-kun!” (Shuri)
“………… . ” (Hiiro)
“But right now, we do need Okamura-kun’s power after all! Please take us with you!” (Shuri)

It seemed that they felt bad about dragging him into it . Shinobu similarly lowered her head .

Seeing the two of them lowering their heads, Hiiro thought,

(…… . I don’t have any obligation to do what they want, but it’d be annoying to have to think of an excuse . And I’m also a bit interested in seeing what kind of answer that Maou will give……) (Hiiro)

More importantly, he didn’t want to waste any more time here . He wanted to enjoy the delicious meal as soon as possible .

“…………… . fine . But I won’t take responsibility for whatever happens at the castle, alright?” (Hiiro)

As he said so, Shuri, who had been vigorously lowering her head, beamed .

“Thank you very much! Really!” (Shuri)

As she seemed to dislike the smile Shuri sent to Hiiro, Liliyn’s eyebrow twitched as she made an unhappy face .

“Oi! We’re going to the castle, right! Let’s get going already Hiiro!” (Liliyn)

Liliyn aggressively grabbed Hiiro’s hand and brought him to the soldier, as if she were tearing him away from Shuri .

“O-Oi, let me go! I can walk on my own!” (Hiiro)
“Aaa~that’s sly, Liliyn-dono!” (Nikki)

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“Yeah, yeah! Mikazuki should be the one holding hands with master!” (Mikazuki)

As Nikki and Mikazuki said that, they attempted to take Hiiro’s other hand but,

Pokan! Pokan!

The pitiful two each received a punch on the head from Hiiro . And as he swung off Liliyn’s hand-

“I told you that I can walk on my own” (Hiiro)

His mouth made a displeased look and he headed towards the soldier .

“Ahh Shishou! Please wait!” (Nikki)
“Don’t leave me behind!” (Mikazuki)

Even after being hit, the two of them didn’t want to leave Hiiro’s side . They each stayed on one side of him and walked together with him . Seeing that, even the soldier somehow had a peaceful feeling .

“Ahaha, then please follow me” (Soldier)

The soldier guided them as they walked to the castle .

Having had her hand forcefully torn away, Liliyn stared at the hand she had been grasping with a red face . Even though he was capable of reading that mood, but dared to ignore it, the butler then said-

“Nofofo, Ojou-sama, would you like to hold my hand? It can be my right or left hand, ah, or if you’d like, I can even piggy-back and hug you!” (Silva)
“Why don’t you just go and hug the wall!” (Liliyn)


“Ugaahh!? (Silva)

Silva received a tremendous slap and was sent flying into the wall of a nearby building .

“Feeeeeee!? Are you alright, Silva-sama!” (Shamoe)
“Leave that pervert alone, Shamoe! Let’s hurry up and go!” (Liliyn)
“U-u-u-u-u-u-understood!” (Shamoe)
“Oi, you two as well, hurry up and come!” (Liliyn)

As Liliyn said that in a displeased manner to Shuri and co . , the two of them, who had been gazing at the scene in a dumbfound manner, hastily began following after the group .